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Causes And Effects Of Expansion Of Sexual Harassment To Women

Did you know according to a survey of the United Nation one-in-three women experience physical and sexual abuse?(United Nation). Sexual harassment can be defined as a heinous act characterized by the forming of unwelcome sexual advances or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in a social situation or workplace (Edlan, 2017). Although there are many strict laws against sexual harassment, 70% of victims of sexual harassment didn’t report it. Major causes behind this heinous act are- have...
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Ways to Improve SHARP Program: Analysis of Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention in Army

As a fellow Soldier and a former victim of sexual assault within military, this paper will discuss the improvements that can be done to the Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention program (SHARP). SHARP is the military active effort to end sexual harassment/ assault in the military ranks. Why does SHARP occurs? What is the training we are doing? How are we ending it? These are the sub topics that we will go through to show why the program is...
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Sexual Harassment at The Workplace: Conditions, Effects And Preventions

Introduction Sexual harassment is generally characterized as unwelcome sex-related actions which are considered offensive by the victim and which surpass one’s coping abilities or endanger one ‘s health. This includes unwelcome verbal and non-verbal sexual activities, as well as unwanted physical actions that are difficult for the individual to deal with or handle. Sexual assault also involves attempted sexual assault, attempted rape and rape. Sexual harassment and assault at work bring an enormous personal impact on women’s lives. Women who...
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Sexual Harassment And Violence In Athletic Programs

Introduction With the increase amount of student athletes, sexual harassment and violence has increase in athletic programs across the country. Sexual harassment and violence in athletics increase the risk of student athletes, athletic directors, and institutions to be held liable in a civil suit. There should be a more active role for athletic directors in preventing sexual harassment and assault in athletic programs. The purpose of this research paper is to emphasize the seriousness of sexual harassment and violence in...
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Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention: Role of SHARP Program

To lead, you need to motivate and positively inspire others whenever called upon, striving to improve the enlisted and your peers. The military constantly hears that Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) lead from the front and set the Standard but how can we improve and lead our Army when there is turmoil within itself. This is the reality that every soldier and leader faces when it comes to the Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program. The SHARP program has brought...
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Anger Trait As A Predictor Of Sexual Coercion

Sexual coercion (SC) is among other sexual assaults that have created public concern in the United States. SC is the use of pressure on another person which causes them to submit into a sexual act. SC can vary from persuasion to a forceful contact. Whichever form it takes, SC is in the continuum of sexual offences since it takes away the other persons consent to the act. In most instances of SC, studies have revealed that most of them have...
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Sexual Harassments In The Workplace: The Impact Of Ready-Made Garment Industry On Women Empowerment

Have you ever witnessed someone in a workplace setting being abused sexually due to their type of sex? The majority of people who work in offices and workplace settings have said that they have witnessed first-hand harassment of the female sex from the more dominated male sex (Johnson). Over the course of many generations, women have usually been seen as to stay in the home and only cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Usually, in these situations, the...
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Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation Discrimination And Harassment

Gender Identity is how one identifies himself from within. In many cases, one’s gender identity can correlate with their assigned sex at birth, but in some cases, it can differ. Sexual orientation, on the other hand, is your sexual attraction to other people (Human Rights Campaign). Some common sexual orientations can be described as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. Within the last few decades, we have seen various changes regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. In 2015 same-sex marriage, which...
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Sexual Harassment And Stalking

INTRODUCTION Sexual harassment a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. It is any unwanted sexual attention a women experiences like leering, pinching, patting, repeated comments, subtle suggestions of a sexual nature and pressure of dates. It constitutes a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. On the other hand stalking is defined as a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment made against the expressed wishes of another individual, which causes that individual...
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Sexual Harassment: Laws Insufficiency And Avoidance Of Reports Reasons

Although there are laws in the USA that protect women in their workplace, some women still suffer from sexual harassment mainly due to the insufficiency of the law that should protect them and women in some situations tend to avoid reporting sexual harassment cases. Introduction ‘The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the constitution – nor by the courts – nor by the lawyers – but by the men and women who constitute...
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Psychological, Mental Health, And Emotional Side Effects of Harassment

Psychological Effects of Harassment:- Sexual Harassment is globally perceived to be an offensive act aimed at violating the fundamental human right of women and also violating their dignity. This negative trend has a very adverse effect when it occurs within an organizational setting. This is because apart from the physical and psychological trauma it exposes the victims to, their productivity are greatly affected.[1] Sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new, but the issue is seeing a tidal wave of...
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Sexual Harassment, Not Just Women: Implementation of SHARP Program

Introduction According to an article in Forbes online in 2016 the pentagon released a statement that there were 20,500 instances of unwanted sexual contact last year. That represents a 38% increase on the 14,900 cases uncovered when the survey was last conducted in 2016. Incidents ranged from groping to rape and the total was made up of 13,000 women and 7,500 men. Now just to be clear, the number of formal incidents reported is far lower than the estimated total...
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A Sharp Lookout at Army’s SHARP Program: Benefits and Drawbacks

I.A.M Strong. Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Not in my Army. Does this remind you of anything? These are the Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program mottos. They are on every poster that are seemingly everywhere in the Army. If we are constantly Reminded by this, then why are there so many incidents of sexual harassment and assault in the Army? Is the program flawed? In this essay I will discuss the Army’s SHARP program, what it does correctly, what the program...
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Essay on SHARP Program: Mitigation of Sexual Harassment through Education and Communication

Through Education and Communication, we can Mitigate Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment is a problem throughout the Army that needs to be addressed with additional resources to improve unit cohesion, capabilities and training. Knowing the elements of SHARP will ultimately reduce sexual harassment and sexual assault to improve the command climate. “The Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault through awareness and prevention, training, victim advocacy, reporting, and...
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Rise of Sexual Assault Violations despite SHARP Program: Analytical Essay

Why do sexual assault (SHARP) violations keep rising despite all the training? SHARP stands for Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention. Sexual assault has captured the attention of the media for a long time. It is persistent in the Army and does not seem to stop soon. SHARP violation rises in the army regardless of all the training. The report has indicated that the most incidences of sexual harassment occur in the military and the airbases. Workers in this field experience...
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Improving the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program: Analytical Essay

Sexual assault within the ranks has been a silent threat, ruining the careers of many who had no way of reporting it. According to the New York Times, the Department of Defense had released the annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military showing an increase of 38% from 2016. The report states that the number of incidents not being reported has increased by over 6,000 since 2016 (2019). Now, service members receive repetitive face to face classes throughout the...
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Reviewing the Effectiveness of Programs like the Army SHARP Program and SARP

In the film “The Invisible War” Which is a huge problem in all the branches of the military which is affecting our members. From the article that inspired the documentary “Many female soldiers say they are sexually assaulted by their male comrades and can’t trust the military to protect them. ‘The knife wasn’t for the Iraqis,’ says one woman. ‘It was for the guys on my side.’ (Benedict). In the course of this essay, it’s going to cover possible solutions...
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Analytical Essay on the Role of Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) Program

As the years go by, the number of sexual assault reports continue to increase throughout the U.S. Army. According to the biannual Department of Defense Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military, the prevalence of sexual assaults reported has risen for female Soldiers from 4.4% in 2016 to 5.8% in 2018; and 0.6% in 2016 to 0.7% in 2018 for male Soldiers. Campaigns, such the U.S. Army’s “Intervene, Act and Motivate (I. A.M.) STRONG,” and...
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Effectiveness of the Army SHARP Program and Pertaining Solutions to Increase Efficiency

Imagine ten people raise their right hand and pledge their loyalty to their country. Of those ten, three of those individuals will face social injustice. In the best-case scenario, they face unwanted sexual harassment which causes them to feel discriminated and isolated, severely decreasing efficiency. In the worst-case scenario, they experience sexual assault which traumatizes them and possibly end their careers. To prevent this, the Army implemented the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) to educate and protect service members....
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Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness of SHARP Program

SHARP: Effective or Not? Sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents may be an apparent flaw that the Army is trying to eliminate, but it is a flaw that is nationwide. According to the Department of Defense (DoD), the military service received 7,623 sexual assault reports and 932 formal sexual harassment reports in FY18. In comparison, one in five women and one in 71 men will be sexually assaulted in their life nationwide according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center...
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Impact of Sexual Harassment on Adolescents: Analysis of Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development

Review of literature Cited Research Articles A website article by The Advocates for Human Rights’ project on Stop Violence Against Women (SVAW) defined, discussed, and gave examples of what street harassment is. An online study regarding street harassment was conducted by Stop Street Harassment. It was conducted in 2008 and it surveyed 811 female respondents. UC San Diego Center on Gender Equity and Health studied street harassment and the statistics behind it in 2019. They presented their findings in a...
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Analysis of Sexual Harassment Based on Sigmund Freud's Theory of Psychological Development

​According to The Advocates for Human Rights, street harassment is unwelcome or unwanted verbal, non-verbal, physical, or visual conduct based on sex or of a sexual nature which occurs with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person. Street harassment can also be based on race, disability, class, gender identity, or other social identities. Acts considered to be street harassment are as follows: sexually explicit, racist, ableist, transphobic, and other derogatory comments; unwelcome comments about one’s appearance,...
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Harassment And Gender Discrimination In Business

Executive Summary Currently, harassment and discrimination are one of the unethical activities happening in most companies in the world. Nowadays, there have been many cases of harassment among female employees in the globe. Some of the common cases of harassment include verbal harassment and sexual harassment in workplaces (McDonald & Charlesworth, 2016). 21st Century Fox has been currently in scandal due to cases of sexual harassment. Also, currently, women employees have been facing verbal harassment, whereby supervisors call them a...
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Sexual Harassment Issue And Its Impact On The Society

INTRODUCTION Sexual harassment and assault are widespread issues. They cause limitations to people’s lives, cause pain and impact communities and society. Sexual harassment and assault cause a significant problem, especially for women. Women with disabilities are more likely to be the victims than women without disabilities to report experiencing assault. Men in socially narrowed groups are more likely to experience sexual harassment and assault than other men. Sexual harassment incidents begin often in a younger age group people. It takes...
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Being An Upstander - Prevent Bullying

“When you’re not fixing the problem, you’re part of it!” delivers a meaningful message to teach people to act. In the specific subject of bullying, this slogan is informing us that if you are or have witnessed bullying, and don’t do anything in your power to fix the situation, you become part of the issue. The main message of this slogan is to always step in, always stand up for what is right and never doubt yourself. It is communicating...
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Essay on Institutional Sexual Harassment and Me Too Movement

The MeToo movement is a movement started when an activist named Tarana Burke came out with her story of sexual harassment. The Story reached a lot of people making them want to join the movement and talk about their own stories and cases of when they were sexually harassed. Enough Stories built up where eventually it was involving high-profile celebrities. The men who commit these crimes are not apologetic at all and don’t understand the trauma they cause. The hashtag...
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Human Trafficking In Sexual Exploitation: The Effects It Can Have Individually And Globally

Human trafficking can have an effect physically, psychologically and economically on anyone involved (Fair Trade Winds, 2014). This major criminal enterprise has the power to impact someone’s life forever. Sexual exploitation in human trafficking is, ‘the recruitment, harbouring, transportation of persons whom under threat, force, coercion, fraud, deception or abuse of power are sexually exploited for the financial gain of another’ (End Slavery Now, 2019). It is currently a major global issue, seen as under the guise of ‘modern slavery’....
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Overview Of Hong Kong Women Sexual Discrimination In Workplace

Feminist thinking became more prominent since the 1960s, focuses on the promotion of women’s rights and interests. After many years ago, the rights of diverse women and girls become empowered, however, Discrimination against women in the society was still common. According to a Survey Findings from Women’s Commission, discuss the Perception of the society towards women’s functionalism at society and found out that Women still commonly stereotyped as family carers and Discrimination against women in the workplace was still common....
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Workplace Discrimination And Harassment

Apart from daily issues regarding production and sales, ethical issues within organizations can be difficult and unforeseen for small and big businesses. Discrimination laws and other regulations have gotten formulated and implemented by governments to keep employers and workers responsible. However, these statues and laws do not completely prevent employees within an organization from acting unethically. This paper focuses on ethical issues within a workplace regarding workplace discrimination and harassment. Discrimination usually arises when any treatment within the workplace negatively...
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Sexual Harassment At Uber Company

Uber is a transportation company established in 2009. Uber provides transportation services in many countries around the world like the United States, Bratina, Paris, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Uber communicates with customers by an app that is available on both iTunes and Android phones. Of course, since it is a huge company mistake will happen. The San Francisco company faced many problems like, they have to pay taxes, the incredible risks that could happen to the drivers, and unethical behaviors...
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