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How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in College: Opinion Essay

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All Colleges across the country try to fight the increasing stat of sexual assaults happening. It is rather a shame that everyday women and teenage girls are always in danger of being sexually harassed. As men, it is our duty to educate each other on how we can prevent the increasing number of sexual assaults in colleges.

It is important to know when a guy is given permission to have a sexual entanglement with a woman and when he is not. Educating boys at an early age about learning to respect other people's bodies as much as they would want their bodies to be respected too. Unfortunately, you can teach someone as best as you can, only for them to learn habits that weren't taught to them. As picked up from the Washington Post, For, sex to be consensual, there has to be a 'yes' at every point. This is something teenagers in college struggle to understand and respect. Young men should be told only to participate sexually with a person who has clearly given them consent to be sexual with them, no matter what principles they've learned or whether they are perpetrators or not, it is important to educate every young man about this.

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Alcohol and Drug abuse is one of the big factors that lead to young women being sexual victims in colleges. It is not only blame but a lot of young people in colleges indulge in party lifestyles that are full of alcohol and drug consumption. It is important for colleges to educate both parties about the responsibility of being careful around this lifestyle, as The Washington Post speaks about this, we as young men and women have to take care of each other especially if there are terrible guys lurking around waiting for their next victim. A summary of key points from the article on why college guys commit assaults they don't realize is assaulted helps us understand furthermore about the Red Zone. It wouldn't exist if it has been only composed of terrible guys and alcohol. Even people who understand higher are appearing inside a culture that too regularly treats the matter of consent as a joke, teaches straight females that their first sexual preference is captivating men ( to the factor of struggling pain), and presumes guys are sexually aggressive and women as sexual gatekeepers. Also that intercourse is something too private and embarrassing to discuss, with our children, students, and even with prospective sexual partners.

We have a responsibility to learn from past events and from each other in order to educate people about sexual harassment in colleges. Just as it was quoted in the article, ' Perpetrators are to blame for their actions, but all of us are responsible for changing the culture. Even those of us who think right. ' So even though the perpetrators should be rightfully punished for their actions, it is still in our hands to try and teach others or look out for those who are in danger of being sexual victims.

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