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Sexual Assault Prevalence In Females Attending College

Introduction The social ecological model is a fundamental part of public health and is used across the field to understand a variety of health issues. The social ecological model displays and describes the overlapping and interactive characteristics of an individual and their environment that will ultimately effect and contribute to their overall health (Golden & Earp, 2017). In 1988, Mcleroy, Bibeau, Steckler, and Glanz, presented five levels of influence that were specific to health behavior, the five levels include intrapersonal...
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Dignity And Respect In The Army: Sexual Assault And Harassment Prevention

There are values the army uses to ensure all soldiers are treated with dignity and respect, the values are guides for soldiers to follow. The army values are a base for all soldiers to live their lives. Sexual harassment is detrimental to teamwork and creates a fractured work place. Sexual assault is a criminal act and does not fall in line with army values. The army has given guidance on the importance of dignity and respect for all soldiers by...
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Why Males Are More Likely To Perpetrate Sexual Assault

According to Long and Butler (2018), sexual assault is any un-consensual sexual act, endeavour to perform an undesired sexual deed, unwanted sexual remarks and/or advances using intimidation. Sexual assault is a harm to society as it creates a sense of fear in individuals as this criminal act is unwanted by all and has a negative impact both mentally and physically on the victims. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research state that over the years 2009 and 2019, 638...
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The Necessity Of Assault Weapons Regulation

Regulations on assault rifles are necessary to keep the people of the United States safe and ensure their welfare. From the outset of the United States, guns have been a heated topic to argue. They have the power to take away life in an instant, especially with assault weapons, yet are distributed around the world to not just military personnel but citizens too. They are extremely dangerous and as such, should be regulated. This is because previous bans and regulations...
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Assault Weapons Ban: For And Against

There are two sides to the Assault Weapons Ban. There are those who are in support to pass the bill and those who are against the banning of the weapons. An assault weapon is known as a ‘military-style firearms designed to fire rapidly’ (Elving, 2019). Many will argue that this statement is false and that semi automatics only fire once after the trigger is pulled. Those in support for the banning of assault weapons believe that these weapons should only...
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Assault: Its Effects And Consequences

Physical assault occurs when an individual person or a group of people provoke and attack an individual physically, with or without the utilisation of a weapon, or threatens to harm that person. A threat or intention of inflicting physical bodily harm on an individual that puts the person in danger of or in apprehension. What are the signs of physical assault? The following are examples of physical assault. Provocation: insults, death threats. Intimidation: making a fist, pushing, stalking, stealing/throwing objects....
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Sexual Assault Knowledge Among Teens

Sexual assault is becoming a common issue among society unfortunately it could happen to literally anyone anywhere at any time , however the real question is can any forms of sexual assault or abuse be prevented by knowledge about the topic at a young age ? Presentations about sexual assault could help a teen speak up if they have been sexually assaulted in the past or even if it is happening in their present life . In an article i...
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Media And Sexual Assault

Canada, in addition to the rest of the world, is vastly initiated with the subject of justice and crime. We engage ourselves with television shows, books, newspapers and other various media to engage in topics of crime daily. Media remains an influential and innovative tool that plays an integral part in the structure of crime and its perceptions; particularly in areas such as sexual assault and such offences sexual in nature. Portrayal in the mass media primarily determines the public’s...
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Sexual Assault: Environment, Factors And Preventions

Introduction Sexual assault is a gross act of violence which strips a victim of their right to autonomy over their body and sexual experiences. Sex and partying are at the centre of student life at college, especially in the United States. However, there is a large rape culture among fraternities. Over a 10-week academic term, between 11% to 28% of college women reported experiencing an unwanted sexual encounter, ranging from unwelcome sexual contact to rape. As sexual assault degrades victims,...
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Rape And Sexual Assault On Campus: Reasons And Prevalence

How much do you weigh? What were you wearing? Did you drink in college? Are you sexually active? Do you have a history of cheating? How many times did you black out? On trial, these were some of the questions directed towards Emily Doe (pseudonym), a Stanford graduate victim of sexual assault who was found unconscious behind a dumpster, hair dishevelled, naked from the top down on January 17th 2015 and who had learnt of the grim details of her...
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Sexual Assault: Factors And Effects

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Sexual assault is a major topic on the news and across the nation. It is a reality that occurs in all areas of life. One common place where sexual assault frequently occurs is at college and university campuses, and alcohol plays a major role in this type of sexual assault. Sexual assault continues to be a serious problem among young people...
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Patient Violence and Verbal Abuse: Issues of Nursing in Psychiatric Ward

Some jobs represent a greater risk of employment than others. Working in a psychiatric ward is one of them. Nurses assigned to the psychiatric unit are well aware of the threats that can occur on a daily basis, including abuse, violent attacks and emotional outbursts. However, his desire to care for and recover his patients with mental illness is essential. Work-related risks are much more important for psychiatric nurses. According to Marian Villanueva and John Bernardo, experienced psychiatric nurses at...
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