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Sexual Assault: Factors And Effects

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Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Sexual assault is a major topic on the news and across the nation. It is a reality that occurs in all areas of life. One common place where sexual assault frequently occurs is at college and university campuses, and alcohol plays a major role in this type of sexual assault. Sexual assault continues to be a serious problem among young people age 18-24. According to, women in this age group who are in college are three times more likely to experience sexual violence than women of all ages. For many people, going to college is an amazing experience. It is a place where you will learn more than you ever imagined. We like to focus on those many positive parts of college. But, as with so many things in life, college has its darker aspects too, like campus crime and assault. There are also some ways that can prevent problems occurring.

Many sexual assaults that occur on a college campus involve the use of drugs or alcohol.

First and foremost, drinking alcohol is one of the problems that can easily causes sexual assault. There is a definite correlation between alcohol and sexual assault. This is because a college is often a place where young people first get a chance to really experiment with both sex and alcohol. In result, the combination can lead to inappropriate and even dangerous situations for young women and sometimes for young men. For example, after drinking alcohol, men expect to feel more powerful and aggressive. This increases their expectancy of certain outcomes, especially in sexual situations. Alcohol is often used to facilitate the full range of sexual assault on campus.

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Besides, another problem is drugs can also lead to cause of sexual assault. This is because drugs could be mixed into drinks easily. For instance, these drugs include party drugs or rape drugs. The drug normally is a clear liquid that has no taste or smell, and can very easily be hidden in the drinks. Consequently, all of these drugs can alter your perception and make you sexually stimulant. So that all drugs can lead to an assault and make something wrong or occur.

Other than that, there are some ways that can prevent the problems occurring. To begin with, people can remove themselves from situations where irresponsible men have alcohol or drugs. In addition, do not do things you do not want to do under any circumstances and leave if you feel uncomfortable. Case in a point, can learn basic self-defense techniques that may fight off sexual assault. On the other hand, people should also be aware that drugs could be mixed into the drinks. If outside, protect the drink. Do not leave a drink unattended. If you go somewhere, take the drink with you. Limit yourself to drinks from unopened containers or those that you saw being made and poured. If in doubt, do not drink the beverage in question. These are the ways to prevent the problems, it goes without saying that prevention is better than cure.

There are just a few small measures colleges or universities can take in preventing sexual assault. By having a safety escort program, want to make sure that everyone gets home safely. One way that college can tackle this is to have campus police escorts who help students back to their dorms when called. Moreover, increasing the presence of security or campus police. Having an increased security presence on campus can also prevent crime deterrent. However, security officers should be extremely vigilant in watching over residence areas on campus.

To conclude, it is important to realize the severity of this issue Everyone has a role to play in preventing sexual assault. We can take as communities, campuses, and individuals to help prevent sexual assault, as well as steps that should be taken when sexual assault has occurred. In result, can reduce the cases in sexual assault.

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