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Sexual Assault Knowledge Among Teens

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Sexual assault is becoming a common issue among society unfortunately it could happen to literally anyone anywhere at any time , however the real question is can any forms of sexual assault or abuse be prevented by knowledge about the topic at a young age ?

Presentations about sexual assault could help a teen speak up if they have been sexually assaulted in the past or even if it is happening in their present life . In an article i read titled “ Men Are Often The Victims Of Sexual assault in the Military “ Anton claims that when one past military Veteran was asked if he was sexually assaulted he has finally came out and said . ‘Yes,’ he corrected himself. He had been sexually assaulted. The doctor made a notation in his chart.

If a young Adolescent didn’t know what the topic was before hand and learns about it at a young age and they were a victim of any type of sexual assault they could speak up about the situation. In another Online article i read titled “Feminist Messages Aim to Prevent Sexual Violence” There are people who are trying to teach women how to stand up to themselves which really could help a young woman . But these classes should and could be brought to Teens as well. Many people dont like to speak up about sexual assault because they are scared or being blackmailed by the predator .

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With that being said , being informed about sexual assault at a young age could help one in the future be more alert . In the online article i read titled ‘Feminist Messages Aim to Prevent Sexual Violence’ Pozner states While it’s certainly important for women (and men) to evaluate our social behavior with an eye toward safety, staying sober and staying home does not inoculate women against sexual violence. The hard truth is you never know now-and-days , anything could happen to anyone no matter where you are . And coming out about it is a touchy and hard topic to talk about as well . Being informed could help a teen in the future know how to be safe and be more aware about their surroundings as well as pointing out the more obvious hints .

Sexual assault is something that is hard to discuss and some people might not want to admit it or talk about it In Leonora LaPeter Anton’s Article titled “Men Are Often the Victims of Sexual Assault in the Military” One retired veteran was so Scarred he did not speak about it for 40 years until questioned about it . furthermore , some audiences might be too young to hear about it and some parents might not want their child know at a young age. In Katherine Crosses online article “Sexual Assault Enters Virtual Reality” She informs us that “ Gropers are now finding a way to target women through the fully immersive headsets of virtual reality.” Which in fact a majority of these online users are younger audiences younger than the age of 18.

Preventing sexual assault is a very questionable topic. It’s a tremendous issue in today’s society, and can happen in your everyday setting even online . In Katherine Crossses online article ‘Sexual Assault Enters Virtual Reality” There is a part where an individual talks about her VR sexual assault experience , here is what she had to say The man’s disembodied hands, in the “QuiVr” virtual reality archery game, simulated constant groping of Bela mire’s virtual body—specifically, rubbing at her avatar’s chest—and chased her through the game world, heedless to her cries of “Stop!” over the game’s voice chat.

Therefore, being informed at a younger age could help resolve problems in the future by keeping more and more people safe.

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