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The Important Things About Sexual Serial Killers And The Ways Of Capturing Them

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Serial Killers are indeed very dangerous people and fact can be very challenging to catch. It could be people you least expected it to. Killing is already a problem within itself but the big issue is trying to collect evidence on a serial killer to find them guilty and to capture them all at the same time. Serial Killer are meticulous people. There very cleaver and can also be very intelligent at times than the average person. The issue with Serial Killers is the reason they do the things they do. Most individuals just believe that Serial Killer are just “CRAZY” but that’s not the case. People that have killed before and a Serial Killers are two different people. A killer is someone who has killed a person with MOTIVE vs a Serial killer is one who kills more than one person or “a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern”

People often wonders why Serial killers do the things they do… the answer to that is there passed in their life. Most Serial killer have either had something personal dealing with them or their parents that lead them to going after people or their weird obsessions with things. Also, some or most Serial Killer killers are more men than women. Men Serial Killers go after people that they hate and have resentment towards out of hate. They target people who they know they can take advantage of.

For example, the Serial Killer Sam Little he was obsessed with females “Necks” and later on in his killing he killed all his victims by the neck and had a massive hate towards women. Most serial killers are either psychopaths or insane or that what people claim. Serial killers have no heart and don’t care about anything that they do to someone. There are quite a few serial killers that have families such as a wife and kids or a husband and kids. Most of the time their loved ones and relatives don’t realize that there actually facing a serial killer until their caught. They are a few other important signs to look out for in a serial killer such as arson, child abuse in their childhood, alcohol and drug abuse and MOST important TORTURING ANIMALS. The reason for this that a person that been abuse by someone whether family or friends it sticks with the child from when it starts all the way up into the persons adult like and it get the best of them. Arson is very important and is a sign of serial killing because that’s how they start out in the beginning. People think that when serial killers become adults, they start right off killing but that not the case. Most important thing you MUST know is that Torturing Animals. Serial killers start killing and abusing animals no matter what the animal is but mostly cats and dogs are their target at a very young. It could start as young as 10 years of age. They use animals as a test to see what it or how they can hurt it and it becomes power over control fetish. Most serial killers have a passed of torturing animal “70 percent” to be exact.

Some killers have major to no criminal past such as attempted rape, sexual assault and sometimes attempted murder or anything dealing with a deadly weapon or some level of harm in their past. When Serial Killers kill, they go out they go out for victims that are weak and they can manipulate and that they feel like people don’t care about such as a prostitute or someone that’s easy. Half of the known serial killers’ targets prostitute because they know investigators and police officers wouldn’t probably care and the families of prostitutes won’t be reporting them missing because of their lifestyle which that’s how and where some detectives and police officers fail at. A prostitute is still a human and they deserve to heard just like anyone else but you can gain a prostitutes trust in no time and they will go with any man they see to help alcohol, drug or to help their living situation and not thinking about the consequences they may face. Another person that can easily be a victim is a young or middle-aged person who trust easily. Not only that the serial killer may be attractive to most victims and they figure that they don’t seem like their harmful.

Trying to catch a Serial Killer can be one of the hardest things to do and having the proper evidence that will CONVICT them of being guilty. The fist thing that you will need to do in order to catch a serial killer is by tracking each person that gets killed. How you determine that you fist wait until you have two or three murders that have the same similarities in the investigation as the first one because all serial killers leave behind the same things they do the first time which leads to how they get caught. For example if a you find that in the early part of March you have a murder investigation where there was a prostitute found gaged and bound laying on the side of the road with both their legs spread wide open and two weeks after that you discover three more prostitutes that were murdered in that same way, you they are connected. By you tracking where each person got killed you have a way of predicting the area, they might have targeted their victim.

Race is very important in a serial killer investigation and somehow important to the killer as well. The reason why race is important to an investigation because that how most serial killers choose their victims and how you can tie the connection with them. The reason why its important to a killer is because they may have an obsession with a certain race. However not all go after the same race. Some go for any or all races which is challenging because its hard to make a connection with because people die every day and you don’t know who or what you’re looking for or even the race. Not all serial killers go after females, they go after men too. For example, the man named Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 and was a known sexual serial killer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He brutally killed and dismembered 17 men. Out of the 17 men he killed 2 of them were young teenagers and 13 of them were African American males which he chose them out of gay bars. What started it off was that as a young kid he was outgoing and active with his parents and kids around his neighborhood. As a kid he seen his father collect bones from dead animals in their backyard and from that point on he was interested in dead animals that’s really where it all began. At the age of 13 he found himself being sexually attracted to boys not girls and at the age of 15 he had fantasies of having sexual intercourse with a dead body know as a corpse. Which is very unusual and not normal at all for a human to be doing and is very sickening. While he was in high school, he was well like but had a violent passed of alcoholism and on occasions came to school drunk and was a class clown but preformed well in school and was respectful. He killed his first male victim which was a hitch hiker named Stephen Hick who was 18 years old. Stephen Hick agreed to hang out with Dahmer and drink for a couple of hours but when he got ready to leave that’s when everything hit the fan. Dahmer didn’t want to be alone and that’s when his fantasy of men came to reality. He then knocked him out with a blunt object and then the final blow was when he strangled him and later dismembered his body by cutting his body into pieces just as he seen his father do to animals when he was a kid. He then tried to dump his body by transporting it to a designated location but in the middle of trying to do so he got pulled over and then talk his way out of officers from checking him and then went back to where he killed the man and scattered his body parts behind his home. After that he tried to get his life together by joining the army and that’s where he learned way more human body since he worked in the medical field but was later forced to leave the army. He then dedicated his life to his church and promised that he would never kill or go after another man again. Men threw themselves at him, but he never wanted a man to satisfy him he always wanted to satisfy them and wanted them to pursue his sexual needs. He later stole a male mannequin and used it to masturbate of it until his grandmother convinced him to get rid of it and that’s what started him back to killing but this go round it worst than anyone could have imagined. He then started going to gay clubs to satisfy his pleasures with men and found random men who wanted to anonymous sex with random men he also laced a few men’s drink with medicine such as sleeping pills and waited until they fell out and laid next to them and listened to their body parts another tings move in their stomach and how it reacted. To the victims and others around him he did appear or suspected to be a killer to anyone he then proceeded killing he second victim by also using sleeping to put in his drink to knock him unconscious and later claim that when he woke up the next day he seen his lover for that night bleeding and dead and didn’t know what happened. Just as he did to his first victim, he cut up the man’s body and stuffed it into a suit case. No sooner after that he did a 14 year old the same way and had both performed oral sex to one another by offering home as little as $50 he also strangled him in his basement and then began to have sex with the dead body numerous of time until he got good and ready to get rid or the body. The officers that had been involved with Dahmer’s case did very poor work. The reason this is the case is because they could have prevented Dahmer from committing the last murder which was the 14 year old boy because they assumed he was the appropriate age and was Dahmer’s actual lover even though a lady called and said there was a kid that naked in the street and they took Dahmer’s word without even doing the proper investigation they needed to do besides going off of clothes that belonged to the boy. They didn’t try to look up the boy’s name or information.

The motive behind him killing all 17 men was that he simply didn’t want them to leave he just simply wanted to keep them forever and he couldn’t get his way. When they did put all the pieces together they discovered he was on a 13 year killing spree and after his second killing he kept all his other victims’ bodies preserved and survived off of eating their human flesh and collected and did different things to the body. Then instead of giving him what he deserved which was the death penalty found that he was criminally insane which is a bunch of hockey because he knew what he did was wrong and got sentenced 937 in prison. He’s an example of a real true psychopath and didn’t care or have any remorse for none of his victims and got a kick out of what he was doing. That’s only one a few of the Sexual Serial Killers that were attracted to men. There’s way more you just don’t hear about them.

Another way of catching a killer is to retrace your step and be sure that you gathered all the evidence and to make sure you talk to witnesses periodically. The reason for this is first when gathering evidence it can sometimes be challenging and confusing because some be in a rush to solve a crime and end up not getting strong enough evidence that will stick to the case in order to convict a killer and other times investigators just simply over look evidence and not even realizing that they did.

An example of that is again with the Samuel Little and Jeffery Dahmer cases. Investigators had plenty of evidence towards him such as having proof that he sexual assaulted and raped a woman and a woman that he killed they found proof of sperm that belonged to him in the woman’s rape test kit but guess what? They didn’t test it until he finally got caught which was decades later due to DNA testing was not that effective and they didn’t have a test to detect samples like that but it was circumstantial evidence which should have been good enough but he walked out free on that. Then on top of that they had other missing woman which added up to 93 missing dead women in multiple states that he eventually confessed to.

With Jeffery Dahmer it was almost the exact same thing he got caught on more than one occasion in the act of killing someone when they had good evidence against him before he got caught. There also cases where innocent people have served time in prison for something they didn’t do due to an investigator collecting evidence on that person that didn’t even have nothing to do with crime or who was a innocent person during the time.

Contacting witnesses periodically is also important because that really the important key to capturing a killer and convicting them. The reason this the case because if more than one person can tell and investigator the same story and the exact thing that happened with all the right details then that a huge start but first you have to check and corroborate there story to make sure that it makes sense and that there talking about the right person by having them to pick out the suspect by having a photo line of with suspects with the same gender, race weight and people that look similar to one another and have the witness to chose who they think they saw but there have been some cases that witnesses have lied on someone or misidentified someone and it didn’t even check out and that can be frustrating because the person they lied on or misidentified has most likely gotten time in prison for a crime that wasn’t done by them which means you have to start back at square one and redo everything all over again but when you do have the proper evidence and witness statements against them you them can move forward with an arrest. You must be smart by making an arrest of a sexual serial killer. They can sometimes out smart cops and detectives and make a get away before they show up. The best way to be sure you catch them is by at least have a search warrant in hand to check a person property to find and collect additional evidence and then proceed with the arrest but if not then have the person under surveillance so you can know everywhere their going at all times to catch them.

Interrogating a suspect is good to start out first as well cause you get a chance to see what all the suspect have to say before you accuse of ask any questions and to read the attitude and body language. The suspects body language is key cause it can give you a feel if there lying or not then when you figure out if there lying or not you them try to use reverse psychology on then by making them think that you as the investigator or detective is there friend and that you care so they can open up to you. You may have to even offer to smoke a cigarette or buy them a bite to eat or Drink so they can feel at eased and you might get lucky and they tell you what really happened but if not that’s when you show all the hard evidence to them that you collected of them that way they wont have a choice but to tell you what happened. Then you have them to write down a confession to what it is they said they did and make a proper arrest and paperwork you need to make the case solved. As the trial starts that’s when you need to be on your p’s and q’s together because that’s when you know whether or not the person is going to be found guilty or not guilty. In that moment you still need to have documentation of all the evidence you collected so you wont look stupid if someone calls you out on an error or mistake about some evidence that you collected and you also would need to testify in court. This is the background of sexual serial killers and way of capturing them properly.


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