Argumentative Essay on Religion and Sexual Harassment

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The #MeToo was started in 2006 by Taraba Burke and her main objective was to spread the message of survivors (MacKinnon). In 2017, this movement was again raised by actress Alysa Milano when she tweets a message about harassment. After that people shared their bad experiences and stories about sexual harassment and abuse. Individuals from different fields share their experiences from which a larger number of women were from the workplace. In multinational organizations, women from different regions are working. These women have different religions and codes of life and they are more conscious of their religious beliefs. These women are more concerned with their self-respect in the workplace. In this situation, employers have a responsibility to protect religious women from harassment in the workplace. Employers need to make effective policies to prevent harassment in the workplace. Employers stand in solidarity with the #MeToo movement in order to better protect religious women from harassment in the workplace.

Religious women are getting harasses in the workplace. In such type of situations, employees are bound to do what their employers want to do. for instance, in the Quid Pro Quo harassment case, an employee is bound to attend monthly meetings to find out the rules of the Church if she needs a promotion (Guerin, 2019). In workplace harassment practices, managers or employers are not offering compensation according to the needs of employees, like for their adjustment of holidays, their prayer times, and their religious events. On the other side, employers may offer their employees for their better compensation if they fulfill their desire. There are three major forms of sexual harassment in the workplace. These are an abuse of authority, creating a hostile environment, and retaliation. sexual harassment can take place in many forms like unwelcome sexual advances, demanding sexual favors for job security, and verbal or physical behavior of sexual nature. In all such cases, religious women need protection and legal support in the workplace. A woman cannot change anything individually in the workplace. Women need some platform to say what they are facing in the workplace.

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There are certain problems with the current policies on sexual harassment and abuse of religious women in the workplace. Working women faced issues of sexual harassment in the workplace, and as a result, there is increased absenteeism, low productivity, persistent job turnover, and low engagement of women in the workplace. Individually, in such situations of harassment and abuse in the workplace, women become miserable, face anxiety, or quit altogether in the hope of evading continued harassment in the workplace. From the employer side, there are no significant strategies developed and implemented. There is no significant system to ensure workplace reporting instruments. There is a need for an authentic system of complaints on harassment and abuse to take measures for corrective actions (Workplace that Works for Women, 2018).

This issue is not addressed properly by employers as they have not implemented prevention strategies. Although employers have certain policies on harassment and abuse, but they are not fully implemented to support religious women in the workplace. So, there is a need to make amendments to the policies in order to develop and implement prevention strategies like highly visible community assessment and education camping. Employers need to make sure that they are planning and implementing a specified system to receive certain reports on sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. Human Resource Management needs to focus on the reports, complaints, and observations on harassment and abuse in the workplace. They need detailed assessment and evaluation of complaints against harassment and abuse, then there is a need to make changes in the policy so that effective corrective actions can take place.

#MeToo turns into a groundbreaking social movement in the United States and numerous different nations. Alyssa Milano raised the #MeToo in 2017, and she expresses 'If all the women who have been sexually harassed and assaulted wrote 'Me Too' as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem' (Tolentino). The #MeToo is for all those women and men who faced sexual harassment and abuse in their childhood, in schools, or other places where they lived. Although the movement was started in the United States, it became an international movement. Now women from all over the world are aware of #MeToo and its purpose. Before this movement, Individuals were not sure, to tell what they face as they hesitate to do this on account of their disrepute with the general public. The #MeToo campaign gives them a stage to tell what they face. This development urges a large number of individuals to recount their accounts. The Main target of this movement is to consider such issues of society and working women in the need to change their mindset (Beitsch). The #MeToo engages individuals through sympathy and gives them safe conditions (Hartocollis). Religious women in the workplace can share their experiences and their reactions.

The #MeToo movement is to get data on victims, give them moral help, and take such cases for legitimate activities. The individuals who confronted inappropriate behavior or abuse, need consolation and backing to live like normal individuals (Ortiz). This movement is a battle for people similarly. A few people in the general public are thinking in an unexpected way. The #MeToo is effective in numerous nations on account of its massive presence and struggle (ENTENMAN). If some people are not satisfied, it does not mean that the campaign is not successful to gain the objective. It was found from this study that #MeToo has significant potential to make changes in society as a whole. As a result, people are aware and they are eager to defend sexual harassment claims. This movement becomes a concern for a larger number of people from legal and official departments. It is not estimated how the #MeToo movement can be effective in less public places as many of us are in less prominent workplaces where we faced sexual harassment.

As a result of this movement, claims of harassment and abuse are considered by the legal authorities. The #MeToo provided more private space to the victims. Working women can share their experiences on Twitter or under the code of '#MeToo'. As a result of their voice, judges, news analysts, big names, congresspersons, performing artists, and other related people can help and support these victims for their rights in the workplace. Impacts of #MeToo are seen in scholastic and corporate divisions (Mehmood). In this campaign, individuals from lawful organizations are considered as the selected individuals. Distinctive gatherings of individuals engage with this development, for example, promoters of this movement, individuals from legitimate organizations, and the individuals who confronted such circumstances. Individuals from legitimate foundations are considered the chosen individuals (Kelly). Because of legal implications related to the #MeToo movement, there are positive outcomes. People who have bad experiences in their life can share them in the courts.

A few people are against the #MeToo movement, they contend that it spreads the wrong message. They imagine that men are indecisive to talk about their own life or terrible encounters throughout everyday life (Bennett). On the opposite side, ladies recount their accounts. Men are confronting society, and in this manner, they covered up such encounters to pick up their status. They need to be productive in instruction, foundations, working relations, and in get-togethers. They are increasingly conscious of their disrepute along these lines, they don't care to share their encounters (Greenfield). As men are silent, women think that they are not the victims and so, they are responsible for such harassment and abuse. The common thing is, now people from all backgrounds, including men and women have a forum to share their experiences. These men need to change their thinking and approach the positive side of the #MeToo movement for more positive results.

It is concluded that #MeToo has a critical impact on the life of individuals who face harassment and abuse in the workplace. Religious women in the workplace are specifically considered to address their issues. In this assessment and evaluation, it found that many women in the workplace had no such platform to tell what they faced. The #MeToo is a specific place to share their bad experiences. This movement has a primary goal to highlight such issues of harassment and abuse in the workplace. This movement helps employers to implement certain policies on workplace harassment and abuse.

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