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Technology facilitated sexual violence (TFSV) defines a range of behaviours where digital technologies are used to facilitate various sexually based offences, both virtually and face-to-face (Henry & Powell, 2016). A form of this is ‘Cyberstalking’. The phenomenon of cyberstalking has emerged from the predatory nature of conventional stalking delivered through the use of electronic communication methods. The increasing integration of technology-driven communications into everyday personal, work and social life provides an additional, more accessible and seemingly anonymous approach for perpetrators...
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Facebook stalking is defined as where one individual (user) use facebook to follow the online activities of another user on facebook. It is defined when a singles or a person causes the emotionally distress, unnecessary fear for safety of others life or other individual. A stalker can be any past (girlfriend or boyfriend) or any other stranger. The legal definition of stalking varies in different states. What stalkers do? Stalkers do many abnormal activities on the social media to stalk...
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INTRODUCTION Sexual harassment a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. It is any unwanted sexual attention a women experiences like leering, pinching, patting, repeated comments, subtle suggestions of a sexual nature and pressure of dates. It constitutes a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. On the other hand stalking is defined as a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment made against the expressed wishes of another individual, which causes that individual...
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This blog focuses on a proposal for gender neutralising section 354(d) that is stalking law. This section under IPC can’t qualify the test of intelligible differentia test laid down by Justice PN Bhagwati in Maneka gandhi case as a gender cannot be a basis of differentiation and article 14 also ensures equal protection of right when it comes to protection of right to privacy which was defined under article 21 as metaphorically similar to dignity of an individual. What Is...
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Cyberstalking is harassment or stalking that happens through online channels. Social media, yemail and forums are a few of the online channels. It must be stopped for good. People will sometimes cyberstalk people so they can get information to blackmail them. Cyber stalking doesn’t just stop at that. On social media if you make multiple accounts to be harassing somebody that counts too. They won’t know it’s multiple people. What is sad is for the most part cyber stalkers personally...
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