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It is the primary concern of the police to safeguard the protection of the community this also includes the apprehension of offenders. Law enforcement agencies are seeking the help of psychologists that specialize in human behaviour when conducting a criminal investigation in the search of a suspect. Criminal profiling often known as offender profiling which was coined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Criminal Profiling has been recognised as one of the most useful techniques in offender profiling, which...
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In this case, the suspect was predicted to have an above-average intelligence due to the nature of how the crimes were being executed (Epstein, 2017). When Williams was arrested and interrogated, he was seen to have matched the profile because his personality reflected a methodical and organized individual who sought power through their killings (Epstein, 2017). The FBI profile also stated that since the victims in the case are black, then most likely the suspect will be black as well,...
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In 2017, there was more than 403,000 violent crimes reported to the police/ 1,098 violent crime for every 100,000 people in Canada (Allen, 2018). This number does not account for any other type of crime nor the crimes that were not reported/ noticed by the police themselves. It also does not account for any other country in the world. Crime can be defined as any deed that violates the criminal code and is punishable by the law. Not only can...
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Forensic Science Take-Home Exam II Instructions: Type out your answers (single-space; normal font, size type 11 or 12) to the following questions. Questions should be answered in paragraph form. Be sure to answer, and address all specific questions. Answers should be focused and should address the question(s) being asked. Be sure not to be too brief or short; answer questions completely. 1. Explain why in some ways Jeffery Dahmer fit the typical profile of a seral killer, and in other...
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1. Research Topic: Assessment of the Integrity of the Burglaries’/Housebreakings’ MO (Modus Operandi) Data-Ecosystem and Criminal Profiling using MOs Relevant Features; A Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning Approach. 2. Introduction: Modus Operandi records are very important in criminal profiling. When investigators perform criminal profiling, they are principally finding a way to demonstrate that, the same offender has committed two or more crimes via comparison of the criminal’s modes of operation. This task is of importance in the absence of a...
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Annotated Bibliography Clay, R. A. (2016, February). Listening to killers. Monitor on Psychology, 47(2). Serial killers tend to be misunderstood as traumatized children; This has become due to where they have grown up. The overall population will in general view killers as totally underhanded people or individuals so harmed they can't in any way, shape or form live among us. Be that as it may, most executioners are untreated damaged kids who are controlling the activities of the terrifying...
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How successful is the practice of offender profiling in the criminal justice system? This piece of work will be reviewing the success of offender profiling in the criminal justice system. It will do so by comparing the different methods carried out in order to profile an offender and delving into the pros and cons of each method. The first major example of offender profiling is that of ‘Jack the Ripper’ (1888) - which is widely cited as the first occasion...
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Offender profiling is the process of analysing a crime scene, victim, and any other evidence in order to provide a likely description of the offender. The top-down approach is used by the FBI in America, and is typology lead, whereas the bottom-up approach to offender profiling is what is used in the UK, and is data driven. My motivation for writing about this topic is that I have an issue with the names ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ themselves, as to me...
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Offender profiling is a tool that is used primarily by law enforcement in terms of investigating. This method helps to identify the personality, behavioural and demographic characteristics of offenders based on the findings from analysing a crime scene. This investigative tool is used to generate possible findings as well as narrowing down the list of possible suspects; this is successful due to the established links between the crime committed as well as characteristics of the offenders who commit the said...
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