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Police Brutality Essays

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The subject of police brutality is one of those hot debate topics that college students get to discuss and write about. Even those that focus on various psychological or social issues have to deal with this disturbing topic and seek solutions based on case study writing or the press reports. ... Composing your police brutality essay, always start with the facts and remember to provide at least one piece of evidence as we are dealing with a controversial subject where proper explanation must be done. While we have evident cases of racial misconduct and crimes that are based on gender inequality, the main problem lies in the punitive system and the lack of special training as the practice shows. When you have to face this type of writing, always start with proper research and seek both sides of the story to provide unbiased and professional research on this challenging subject. It may take longer to get things done but it will always pay off in the end!

How to Structure Your Police Brutality Essay?

A police brutality research paper should include a strong thesis in the introduction and provide readers with an assumption or a thesis statement that seeks similarities or focuses on the underlying reasons that cause police brutality. Since the majority of papers dealing with this subject will turn to at least one case study, both modern or not, make sure that you focus on the type of essay that you have to deliver. For example, when you have to provide a case study analysis, list the facts first and structure your paper by turning to the key elements outlined in the source material. Likewise, composing a cause-and-effect essay on police brutality, create at least two body paragraphs where you start with the causes and provide your analytical part afterward. If you need to voice an honest opinion, provide information from both sides of the camp to make your writing less biased. It will help you to include information that will help your readers come up with an opinion that is based on more than one point of view.

The Main Cases of Police Brutality

In exploring the main causes where police brutality has taken place, one should remember that the Black Lives Matter movement did not come out of the blue and there were preceding cases of racism where people have protested the injustice.

Summing things up, we have:

- Discrimination against African Americans by police officers. Without a doubt, one of the most common occurrences of police brutality cases relates to black people. These happen because of racial prejudice. Turning to the Washington Post research, one can see that African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be attacked by police officers compared to White Americans. Even though the black population represents only 13%, they represented 23% of those that were killed by the police officers. The worst thing is that over 90% of these cases have not led to a conviction of a crime. It forced the parents of the Black youth to teach their children how to avoid conflict, which leads to a lack of security, confidence, and trust.

Even though it's a common case for police brutality essays these days, you can also focus on the social message in rap music instead to focus on a more cultural side of things. You can also explore the cases related to:

- The use of body cameras as a way to diminish and control police brutality.

- Ethical issues and the lack of a proper law enforcement system.

- Historical cases of police misconduct and the role of Sir Robert Peel.

- Civil Rights Movements in the United States.

- Police Brutality Against European Immigrants. Turning to our history, we also have police brutality cases against European Immigrants that go back to the late 1800s and up to the early 1900s. These cases include violence shown by the police during the labor strikes and the clashes with the large corporations. We have the famous Jim Crow Laws in the south and the numerous individual cases in the late 1920s that took place in Illinois. According to various sources, the majority of these conflicts have been started by police officers because one could observe conflicts with civil rights activists. As the police often turned to hose spraying and police dogs, these were quite famous brutality cases. It was only in the late 1960s that the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders has been created to investigate these police brutality cases. Since these cases are still taking place, we have social media as the voice that speaks through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let the cases be heard and seen.

The federal government is not addressing these cases and only equips the police officers with various military-grade tools like tear gas and mine-resisted armored trucks, which only leads to more violent protests in a result where violent methods lead to only more violence. Let's not forget that essays on police brutality must explore each case separately because there are many socio-cultural factors that are involved as society creates racist misconceptions and false judgments like wearing a hoodie instantly makes you a criminal and so on.

4 Tips to Make Your Police Brutality Essay Stand Out

While there is no perfect formula to make your police brutality essay excellent, there is still one golden rule that will work regardless of your take on things or a subject you are exploring. Make sure to keep your tone neutral as police brutality is a problem that we perceive as a part of the social agenda and the reports that we hear. As you compose your research paper on police brutality, follow these four writing tips:

1. Get your facts straight from both sides of the camp.

2. Implement interviews and conduct research on the situation.

3. Provide statistical data and make sure that you use official reports only.

4. Good police brutality essays will include a counter-argument paragraph and will not put the blame without dealing with the facts or at least exploring the problems that we face in our society.

Even when you already have a case study document with all the opinions clearly laid out, always take your time to explore things before you write. Such an approach will help you become a researcher and will teach you to think twice even when the facts seem obvious.

Why Do Police Brutality Essay Examples Help Students Learn?

While we all can talk about police brutality and the cases of misconduct for hours, it’s not the same thing to write about it because our emotions kick in. It’s only natural that we require some help. It’s a reason why it’s always good to take a look at free essay examples dealing with police’s improper behavior and the hate crimes that are often explored. Composing your essay about police brutality, explore the environment and each case separately. While you are at it, make sure that you take a closer look at police brutality samples and seek those papers that explore the facts and provide analytical thinking. It will help you learn how to structure your police brutality paper and overcome the main writing challenges. It will also save you a great deal of time as you learn how to handle this disturbing social issue.

Composing Your Police Brutality Research Paper

Although it is a controversial subject to explore, the trick is going beyond your course materials or a newspaper report telling about a police officer attacking a person of color. Remember that your purpose is to compose a police brutality argumentative essay that will operate with the facts and will see things through the lens of interrogation, the legal side of things, and the social reports. Even then, always check your facts twice and aim for first-hand sources if and when possible. By doing so, you will be able to keep your tone confident and avoid the typical writer’s bias.

Racism And Prejudice As The Factors For Police Brutality

Although many people believe that police brutality is possibly warranted and justified, it’s often linked to racism, and prejudice. Some consider police brutality to be only towards black people, because four out five people shot by police were black. Causing movements to begin one for...
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Police Brutality Impact On Public

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Police Duties And Police Brutality: Where Is The Border?

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The Police Brutality Problem In The USA

When innocent people are killed by a police officer, we tend to get very upset, angry and in some cases retaliate against the police department. Many families in the United States alone have been unfortunate in this matter and left to bury a loved one...
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Police and Abuse In Power

“There is a difference in knowing you are black and in understanding what it means to be black in America. Before I was ten I knew what it was to step off the sidewalk to let a white man pass.” – Margaret Walker The issue...
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