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Forces and Motion in Our Everyday Life

Physics is the study of how the universe works, it lays the foundation for the description of the cause and effect objects have on one another. The consequences forces have upon impact with objects lay the foundation for the interaction of forces in the physical world. Forces are vector quantities they carry a magnitude as well as a direction, when forces balance each other out they are said to be in equilibrium meaning the vector sum of these forces add...
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Difference Between Force and Torque

Physics is one of the most awesome yet the most complex subjects in the field of science. The scientists in the field have uncovered the biggest mysteries about the earth’s existence, and they keep us wondering about many others while they understand each phenomenon. With new discoveries come new terms or new concepts. The constant development makes this field exciting and complicated at the same time. Physics makes us wonder about the differences between each concept. What’s the difference between...
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Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics: Effect of Force Generated in a Push and Pull Pattern

Introduction The reason for this lab report is to inform how Newton’s laws of motion can detail human movement. Analysing and understanding movement is important for sports science movement is the effect of force generated in a push and pull pattern between two objects. Forces can change speed or direction of an object. Within this report I will evaluate the findings of counter movement jumps while applying Newtons laws. Newton’s first law, Inertia uses no uses of units therefore this...
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Analytical Essay on Force Effect: Momentum Impact of Jet

Abstract When a body is in a state of motion, the total momentum is maintained, such that the product of mass and the velocity vector, until that moment when an external force is applied to it. This law is called the conservation of linear momentum, this principle somewhat corroborates the conservation of energy principle which states that energy is neither created or destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to the other, like mechanical energy transformed to electrical energy...
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An Experiment to Determine the Unknown Tension by Using the Components of the Force Vectors in Equilibrium

In this experiment, our aim is to determine the unknown tension by using the components of the force vectors in equilibrium. Method First, we place a ring with three strings over the center (reference point), and set up the three pulleys. We will have two known masses which are 50 g each hanged from two strings which can be changed by applying different masses, and moving the direction of the force. In addition, the third pulley will help the system...
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Police Brutality: Problem Of An Excessive Use Of Force And Misconduct

Did you know that police brutality incidents have cost the united states over 1.8 billion dollars? The US has become incredibly notorious when it comes to police brutality and its dangers towards society. In 2018 there were 1,164 American civilians that had been killed by police officers alone. This Essay will adress the major issues that are shown throughout acts of police violence, or more specifically abuse of authorised firearms, the boundless amount of protection that is recieved due to...
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Atomic Force Microscope Operating in Parallel

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has advanced to be one in every of the foremost powerful tools for the characterization of material surfaces particularly on the nanoscale. It is a vital Nano instrument technique for several applications such as cell biology and nanoelectronics metrology and inspection. The utilization of a single AFM instrument is understood for its very low speed and not appropriate for scanning massive areas, leading to very-low-throughput measurement. Parallelizing AFM instruments will be presented to overcome those challenges....
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The Solution To Domestic Violence

Nowadays force becomes a significant drawback. force will embrace murder, rape, statutory offense, robbery, and aggravated or straightforward assault. additionally to the physical hurt, victims suffer force leads to emotional hurt to victims and their kids. There area unit many alternative effects of the abuse. Victims and their kids expertise the strength of the psychological trauma of abuse, suffering anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, loss of confidence, social isolation, and fear.These traumas will ruin the complete lives of the victims and...
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Biomechanics of Hip Joint in a Squat Movement: Study of External Forces

Introduction The purpose of this scientific report was to look at the movement of the hip joint in the eccentric phase of a squat and the external forces that act on it and to further investigate the role that biomechanics has had in the research and the development of a squat. Key Terms Biomechanics can be defined as the study of forces and how those forces act on living organisms mechanically (Hall, 2018). A system of interest (SoI) is derived...
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