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Safe Sound Level Practical Sound are waves produced by vibrations (OpenLearn, 2017). They can travel through solids, liquids and gases. However, the particles move differently in each of these forms. Sound waves travel fastest in solids, followed by liquids, then lastly gases (Oceanservice n.d). The molecules in solids are the most compacted, enabling sound to travel much faster in solids than in liquids or gases (NDT Resource Centre n.d). Sound waves moving through the air are longitudinal waves as they...
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Sound: A Basic Introduction What is Sound? Sound can be described as variations in density and pressure that expand in an elastic medium which could be a gas, liquid or solid body. The precondition for variations in pressure to be defined as sound is furthermore that in addition to the source of the sound and the transmitting medium, there should also be a receiver of the sound. What we humans experience as sound are variations of pressure in the air...
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Noise pollution is an undesirable sound which can interfere with our lifestyle and wildlife, such as sleeping, communication, or disrupt or restrict the best quality lifestyle for us. An environment exposed to noise pollution can be a cause of heart related problems. Studies have shown that high intensity sound cause a substantial rise in blood pressure as noise levels constrict the arteries, interfering the blood flow. The heart rate (the number of heartbeats per minute) also increase. This was evident...
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What are the consequences of different approaches to recording sound? Sound can be manipulated by various techniques. In Jack Walker's seminar, a variety of these techniques were explored such as creative microphone placements, processing and textures. He also discusses the effect of changing the equipment and space when recording. I will discuss a few of his approaches when recording. When recording, Walker uses gain staging in order to avoid Distortion. He illustrates this point by tapping the mic and adjusting...
1 Page 552 Words
Abstract - The utilization of advanced versatile music gadgets, for example, MP3 players has quickly expanded amid the most recent decade, and the users usually did not know how the MP3 player works. This article investigates MP3 player the signal processing, it is involve the conversion from analog to digital signal. Also that, in this paper will introduced about classification of signal, properties of signal and system block diagram. The material introduced in this article depends on a subjective meeting...
9 Pages 3897 Words
In the following essay I will discuss reasons why I believe evaluating sound insulation of partition walls between two dwellings can be considered simple or indeed difficult. For extra clarity, I will describe a dwelling as a self-contained unit of accommodation used by one or more households as a home, such as a house, apartment or other 'substantial' structure; for extra reference and ease in comparisons I will also link other instances in which the same techniques and thought processes...
4 Pages 1981 Words
We often have preconceptions of how things should sound, as we hear them in day to day life without even taking notice of every single sound. But what is sound design? It can provoke a mood or feeling, and it can also inform the gamer with information such as doing a task with an audio prompt, or locating important clues such as an enemy’s footsteps close by, or a gun shot in the distance for example. This project will attempt...
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Air we breathe in consists of molecules. Even the tiniest of regions of air will contain millions and millions of molecules. These molecules are in constant motion, traveling randomly and at great speed. There is a constant bombardment with each other and every other object that is in contact with the air. One interesting thing about air is that it is a medium through which heat or sound travels. But our current main attention will be on sound. Sound is...
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