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Physics Behind the Motion, Design Shapes and Safety of Roller Coasters

The study aims at discussing the physics behind design and action of roller coasters by first stating the definition of a roller coaster. A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track design with tight turns, steep slopes and sometimes inversions (Wikipedia). The roller coaster applies a wide knowledge of physics concepts of work and energy mainly potential energy and kinetic energy, gravity and some uniform circular motion too in cases where...
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The Strong Ground Motion of the 2003 Boumerdes: Analytical Essay

Abstract The 2003 Boumerdes earthquake occurred in the north of Algeria and caused significant amounts of damage in the cities of Boumerdes and Algiers. This study aims to simulate strong ground motion of the mainshock and aftershock of this earthquake by using empirical Green’s function method (EGFM). The obtained source model of the main shock called strong motion generation areas (SMGA) is nearly compatible with the asperities derived from the waveform inversion results. A good agreement is shown between the...
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Study of Laws of Simple Pendulum Motion to Teach About Simple Harmonic Motion

Abstract Simple harmonic motion is the motion of a body travels back and forth over a fixed path, returning to each position and velocity after a certain interval of time. A simple pendulum definitely can be used to demonstrate simple harmonic motion. The objectives of this assignment are to investigate the relationship between length of the simple pendulum and the period as well as determine the frequency of a simple pendulum and build a pendulum wave. A simple pendulum can...
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The Future of Motion Capture: Analytical Essay

Real-time Computer-generated imagery (CGI) projects are taking off in the animation industry allowing bigger, better ideas and realistic motions. This allows animators to capture physical motion through a motion capture suit or tracking dots on the actor’s faces. Motion capture was first developed by Max Fleischer in 1915. The first full-length file that used it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Within in that time Motion capture suits have advanced and have many different types of suits ranging...
3 Pages 1512 Words

Effect of Strength and Range of Motion of Ankle Joint on Balance in Healthy Population

The concept of aging and the aged has changed as a record number of people around the world are living longer. A trend expected to continue throughout 21st century & beyond. The world elderly used to refer to an older person generally someone aged 60 & above as described by Asian classification for aging and 65 & older as per WHO geriatric classification facing an unprecedented pace of population aging. There is growing concerned about life quality for the elderly.1...
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Is Perpetual Motion Possible to Build

For the science project, I selected to try to a perpetual lightweight motion generator. I am about to be building motion lightweight generator. The fan goes to run the motor that goes to power electricity through a wire which can power the light bulb. The light bulb can continue forever till you stop it. It’ll essentially cut back the employment of batteries. I’m testing to visualize if the motor and light-weight can continue forever. I’m creating this therefore you don’t...
2 Pages 841 Words

Forces and Motion in Our Everyday Life

Physics is the study of how the universe works, it lays the foundation for the description of the cause and effect objects have on one another. The consequences forces have upon impact with objects lay the foundation for the interaction of forces in the physical world. Forces are vector quantities they carry a magnitude as well as a direction, when forces balance each other out they are said to be in equilibrium meaning the vector sum of these forces add...
2 Pages 744 Words

Physics in Daily Activity

Many people in this world really underestimate how physics contributes to our daily lives whether be walking, talking, or any other action. Many equations, graphs, and a little bit of math help us understand what goes on behind the curtain. Physics also have shared relations with science and combining those physics to other types of studies. To understand physics, we need to discuss the laws of motion which are called the Newton’s Laws of Motion, there are only three. According...
4 Pages 1708 Words

A Report on What a Friction is

Friction is, by definition, the resistance to motion. The magnitude of this resistance is a function of the materials, geometries and surface features of the bodies in contact, as well as the operating conditions and environment. It is often desirable to minimize friction to order to maximize the efficiency of a component or process. Generally speaking, friction increases with load and surface roughness and can be decreased by the use of a lubricant. Friction is the tangential resistance to motion...
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A Lab Experiment on Measuring The Movement of a Pendulum by Determining The Pendulum's Properties

This pendulum lab’s objective is to describe how the back-and-forth motion of a pendulum can be changed through measuring the properties of a pendulum, as well as determine which properties of a pendulum affects its period. Groups of generally four students created their own pendulum, all materials provided in the classroom, and each group tested how three different properties affect the period of the pendulum, which includes the amplitude, the mass, and the string length. While testing these different things,...
2 Pages 729 Words

Physical Therapy Management for Colles Fracture Following Cast Removal with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Complication: A Case Report

Abstract: Background and purpose: Colles’ fracture is one of the most common types of forearm fractures that usually result in form falling in an outstretched hand. Females are susceptible more than males for this type of injury due to history of osteoporosis. Stable fractures are usually managed with cast. The purpose of this study is to emphasize on the key role of physiotherapy and describe a comprehensive rehabilitation program for colles fracture following cast removal. Case description: 61 years old...
5 Pages 2378 Words
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