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No matter how hard I pushed, the lump in my throat wouldn’t go away. I was about to be escorted to the roller coaster car. I looked up and couldn’t help but gulp, as I saw the treacherous roller coaster tower in front of me. I was already rethinking my choice of actions. I tried to take my mind off the rollercoaster by thinking about how I could avoid this situation. My family decided to go get some ‘relaxation’ at...
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A roller coaster is an elevated railway (as in an amusement park) constructed with sharp curves and steep inclines on which cars roll (Merriam-Webster). Some of the goals of the designers are: using physics to increase the thrill of the ride, e.g., by increasing ‘airtime’ to safe levels, making the ride more comfortable by reducing lateral force acting on the rider and minimizing energy loss by friction for efficient rides. A roller coaster is a perfect example of physics at...
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The sight of fair rides has invariably piqued my interest. It surprises me that your typical person is delighted in giving up the tranquility of the earth beneath you with the excitement of throwing themselves in the air like a food processor’s vegetables. At some point in history, someone believed that people could derive pleasure in it and created what had to be the first of these horrifying machines. For me, the joys and feelings of survival have kept me...
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AH! There were people screaming everywhere, in the front and back of the Screaming Dragon. Our roller coaster ride commenced and the ear-piercing screams of the riders could be heard. When we reached the peak of the Screaming Dragon, I shut my eyes and refused to look down as I rode a roller coaster for the first time. At that moment I realized that riding a roller coaster was one of my greatest joys, which was on the side of...
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The roller coaster has its beginning in Russia, where people applied in different ways during the 1600’s. People crafted slides made out of wood and went to the hills with sand where it could help them slowdown when they reach the downhill. This topic discussed in the essay is all about how these laws of physics apply to its design and the action of the roller coaster. Nowadays people in developed countries develop a mentality that if an entertainment park...
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The study aims at discussing the physics behind design and action of roller coasters by first stating the definition of a roller coaster. A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track design with tight turns, steep slopes and sometimes inversions (Wikipedia). The roller coaster applies a wide knowledge of physics concepts of work and energy mainly potential energy and kinetic energy, gravity and some uniform circular motion too in cases where...
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Acceleration is when the rate at which velocity changes over time. Acceleration is a vector, it results in the changes of its speed, direction, or both. A human body can withstand any constant speed, but if we speed up or slow down too quickly, we would pass out. Speeding ups acceleration is positive and slowing down the acceleration is negative. If the velocity changes by the equivalent quantity of time, the acceleration is constant. Acceleration is measured within terms of...
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