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Acceleration of the Human Body on the Examples of Roller Coasters and Fighter Pilots

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Acceleration is when the rate at which velocity changes over time. Acceleration is a vector, it results in the changes of its speed, direction, or both. A human body can withstand any constant speed, but if we speed up or slow down too quickly, we would pass out. Speeding ups acceleration is positive and slowing down the acceleration is negative. If the velocity changes by the equivalent quantity of time, the acceleration is constant. Acceleration is measured within terms of gravity.

The acceleration of a person's body without getting a blackout is 9Gs that's when an individual is getting a proper breathing exercise. They will have blackouts if their acceleration is high for a long period of time. A healthy person can face 5Gs without blackouts. This also affects the design of many entertainment and transportation devices. For example, roller coasters are like teardrops shape rather than a full loop, because if it was, then the people will have blackouts, because the acceleration will increase. Pilots or fighter pilots are taught to breathe in different techniques and wear special suits to help them control their blood flow to get to the brain.

Roller Coaster

As we know that one g-force is the gravity we feel when standing on earth. This force of earth's gravitational pull on our bodies. Roller coaster riders accelerate and decelerate, they will experience more or less gravitational force. When there is a high gravitational force, such as 12Gs, blood isn't reaching your brain, it goes from your brain to your feet resulting in blackouts. If riders are upside down, blood will flood to your skull, which causes your eyes turning red. Going quickly from positive to negative g-force may end up in getting headaches, back and neck pain. This is why roller coasters are not full loops.

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Pilots or Fighter Pilots

The acceleration that leads to blackouts in fighter pilots is known as the maximum g-force. Fighter pilots feel this force when accelerating or decelerating quickly. At high g-forces the pilot's blood pressure changes and the flow of oxygen to the brain quickly reduces. This occurs because the pressure outside of the pilot's body is greater than the pressure a human is usually familiar with. One human body can handle different amounts of g-forces than another. It is the same as a roller coaster, when you go upside-down, blood will flood to your brain and your eyes will have blood, which will make your eyes appear red. For example, John Stapp experimented and pushed human limits. He was trying to attempt the maximum speed at which pilots could safely eject. He endured an enormous 43Gs throughout deceleration is similar to smashing into a wall at 70 miles/hr. The problem is he got injuries that weren’t permeant and he got a blackout of a short time

The Suit

A g-suit is an anti-gravity suit worn by fighter pilots. It starts its job when the pilots start dragging positive g-forces, the suit expands and stops blood from pooling in their feet and legs which might build them lose consciousness. It is used for the same reason as the roller coaster and the fighter pilots.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Some people say that roller coasters are dangerous, harmful and unsafe, however, it is safe and fun to play. Roller coasters these days won’t kill you, it is safer than old days, and it is not a full loop that can kill you. Those who believe that fighter pilots can take the same amount of g-forces that we have, you are wrong, because they are trained well and have special techniques of breathing. Some people may argue that the g-suit doesn’t make any difference because it will stop the blood from pooling to their feet for only a short time and cause them having blackouts.

In conclusion, the human’s body that isn’t prepared like a fighter pilot can resist 9Gs without getting blackouts, but a healthy person can handle 5Gs. If roller coasters are more than 5Gs, blood might not arrive at the brain and no oxygen will. When fighter pilots accelerate or decelerate quickly, they would get blackouts at high g-force, which will act like the roller coaster at high g-forces. The human body can endure any constant speed, but without speeding up or slowing down quickly.

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