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Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants are effectively endorsed by the media with TV and pictures, which impact young female’s thoughts on appearance. The paradox of modelling is that one must represent the cynosure of female beauty, selling an illusion of perfection (Shepherd, Ball, 2000). An outvoted amount of females can practically accomplish this ‘perfect’ feminist body. The media undoubtedly nurtured this issue, as it constrains women to modify their bodies, whether it be by undesirable dietary problems, tanning and cosmetic medical procedure. Numerous...
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Physical Beauty Vs Inner Beauty

Beauty is mostly referred to how people thought about themselves. If people are revered of their outlooks or intelligence, their self-esteem will cumulatively increase, and they would feel beautiful. However, most people recently are being insecure about their appearance and start to make-up, color their hair, purchase stunning dressing or even seek for cosmetic surgery in order to emulate other charming celebrities and be alluring. Those people have been forgotten the significance of their inner beauty. Inner beauty shows inner...
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Limited Media Perception of Beauty and Its Influence on Female Population

Every day we are bombarded with mass media on ideal feminine beauty. From female models on the cover of Vogue to female contestants on the latest reality TV series, women are presented with a limited perception of what people consider to be beautiful. Rather than simply agreeing with the media, we need to consider that these feminine beauty standards are unattainable. Do you find yourself guilty of this? Social media comparison refers to an individual’s inclination to compare themselves to...
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External Beauty and Its Influence on Teenagers' Self-Esteem

It is people’s instinct to like to be beautiful. On average, time spent on appearance contributes 7.7 hours of young girls’ week time (Dahl, 2014). This phenomenon reflects teenagers’ high attention to external beauty. The standard of beauty changes with the elapse of time, and under the influence of appearance-based phenomenon, it is more important to have a captivating appearance. Modern people generally establish their self-image by their looks as people notice about someone is how they look. Having a...
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Are We Living in Barbie's World with Beauty Standards She Created? Essay

Did you play with Barbie as a child? Did you ever wish you looked like the blonde bombshell? Since her launch in 1959, Barbie has had a huge impact on those girls who owned her. With over one billion dolls sold in 60 years, she has set an unattainable standard of beauty. From a young age, children are influenced by images around them. What message does Barbie send to young children about what is normal? Mattel, the toy manufacturer, has...
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Beauty Defined by Society

Through time, beauty has been catalogued as an important thing in human lives. It has been a big deal for people who are not satisfied for the way the look. Beauty can have many different concepts, however, most of the people only focus on the term of having a nice shape, and they tend to feel frustrated as they never can get the results they have ever wanted. Beauty can be defined as the personal satisfaction of looking good about...
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Why Beauty Industry: Essay

Service-Dominant Logic in the Hair and Beauty Industry Introduction: The beauty salon is a typical service-based industry. We provide our customers with the most sincere and caring services, and customers will always choose to return to your salon. We aim to understand customers’ needs and to provide satisfactory services. Therefore, service-dominant logic plays a vital role in salon business management. The other reason I chose the beauty salon industry as the topic of this poster was that I owned a...
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Eurocentricity of Modern Beauty Standarts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Beauty is subjective, not objective; as everyone defines and sees beauty differently. Now, why does everyone presented in the media look similar? Why is there a beauty standard? How come everyone wants to look like the same few people? What is the rave about double eyelid surgery all about? We need to ask, where is this coming from? Whom are we all trying to look like? What does this beauty standard...
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Why Child Beauty Pageants Are Good

Child beauty pageants are a rather controversial topic in modern society. Many people believe that they only harm the still unformed children’s psyche, so they insist on their ban. In my opinion, child beauty pageants should not be banned because we see how little girls are amateurs in this beauty business, but after years they can become singers, actresses and dancers in the future. In this essay, I try to argue my position on why child beauty pageants are good....
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Children Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

How does it make you feel to hear that eating disorders are now becoming prominent in children as young as 6 years old? Botox, plastic surgery, teeth bleaching, sexual costumes, full face of makeup and a can of hairspray. These are things that are accepted as suitable for full grown women. But what about young girls? I’m taking about young girls at the age of three months old. Would you say these things are suitable for an infant? In the...
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What Is Beauty? Essay

What is beauty? How can a person tell if something is beautiful or not, if someone is beautiful or not? Some people might find a deep meaningful novel beautiful while some people might find the feeling of seeing their loved one after so long beautiful; there is no rule to define that. Beauty is a very subjective thing and while many people might define it in a different way, Margaret Hungerford defined it in a very beautiful way in her...
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Beauty Standards Should Be Changed

86% of women in a given study reported that being in shape and dressing in trendy fashions contribute to their overall confidence (‘Sources of Standards of Beauty’). All around the world, the idea of beauty is supported on the concept that attractiveness is the most important advantage that people, the majority being women, should aspire to have. Beauty standards have become more and more unattainable moving throughout history and as people’s mindsets change. At a time where any given person...
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Concept of Beauty in the Ideas of John Berger: Critical Analysis

Berger touches on the thought that beauty is with in the eye of the beholder, which really does make the attention the centre of the visible world. The invention of the camera has really changed the perception of the world, and has changed not only what we can see, but also how we see it. Berger also talks about how a lot of original paintings are recreated and distributed across the world. This really does mess with the value of...
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Essay on Social Media and Beauty Standards

We surround ourselves every single day using technology and looking through social media watching the latest posts on public figures we follow. We tend to always seem to run into a certain image that is defined as the ‘beauty standard of the moment’. Although beauty has evolved within the years many see it as an ordinary thing, as a joke, but as mentioned before there are two sides to this controversial topic. Many change their appearance to please themselves. Although...
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Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

Every woman should convince herself that the real beauty is the beauty of the soul and the beauty of personality. Nowadays because of contest like beauty pageants, nobody values that. It is now all about the physical beauty, how the body looks, how your hair and face look. Although many of the women who choose to participate in the beauty pageant will defend the values of the pageant, it is definitely sending the wrong message to women, especially young girls...
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True Meaning of the Word 'Beauty'

The word ‘beauty’ is far more than what our stereotypical society may think it is. When you think of the word beautiful, what do you think it is? Well, many people would answer that question with something like: tall, slim and long hair. This is because the celebrities, models and social media influencers we see online create this expectation. We are made to believe that unless we look like them, we do not reach the standard of being beautiful, which...
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Beauty Pageants: Helping to Shape Future Leaders

There are many different opinions surrounding beauty pageants. People try to argue that they give contestants the wrong impression about what ‘beauty’ should look like and what ‘standards’ women should be trying to achieve, but the pageant world is changing now more than ever. Contestants are competing with more than just their looks. Things like character, talent, and service are all factors that are considered when choosing a winner. Through the experiences and opportunities contestants receive, personal growth is seen...
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Unrealistic Beauty Standards Lead to Unrealistic Standards of Life

Karen is a seventeen-year-old girl who has been affected by the effects of having a negative body image (Phillips, Atala, and Albertini, 1995). She frequently compared herself to others and obsessed about many of her body features that she thought of as imperfect (Phillips et al., 1995). Karen’s negative body image was detrimental to her mental health. She was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, major depression, and a generalized social phobia (Phillips et al., 1995). Because of Karen’s appearance concerns,...
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Beauty Standards Cause Health Problems

The society we live in somehow confused healthy and happy for thin and beautiful, that is, beautiful according to what the media has told us is beautiful. As women, the models in advertising are how women are supposed to look. They are the ones that set the beauty standards and say what body type is acceptable. This leads to believe that by having such a body, it will automatically lead to a happier and healthier life. Since most women do...
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Western Cultures Unattainable Standard of Beauty

American beauty has been wanting to be achieved by millions of men and women in the U.S. for decades and the desire now has reached to other countries. This is problematic due to the fact that Americans have put a standard of beauty upon both men and women that are not achievable for those who are not Caucasian, or are not wealthier to afford cosmetic surgery procedures. Women in general face more scrutiny when it comes to appearance, however, women...
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Beauty Contest Setting up Non Achievable Beauty Standards In The Society

Beauty contests are the competitions that focus on the physical beauty of its contestants and are watched all over the world. It sets up the benchmark for beauty in the society. The most often watched contest is Miss World Competition. These contests have been accepted in most of the societies which lead to the emergence of many local, national and global contests. These contest do give self-belief to some and on the same time their self-esteem is being reduced by...
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Theme of Beauty in The Turn of The Screw

Wilde’s exceptional example of gothic horror that led to its initial rejection from the ‘morally- rigid’ society that it was introduced to, carries many comparisons to the image-centered society we find ourselves in today. Dorian Gray becomes an embodiment of the consequence of vanity, which in a Christian society would be considered an example of one of the seven deadly sins: pride. The start of novel itself begins with a sensual description of the studio, a materialistic and externally focused...
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Beauty Pageant in Bulaklakan: Essay

Being able to stand out among 21 diverse mademoiselles is the next big thing for the indwellers of the land known as Bulaklakan. Considered as the ‘Culture Capital’, the annual tournament of physique and cognition is held to celebrate the integral aesthetics of mademoiselles while being able to partake in the opportunity of honoring the arts, culture, and heritage of the said nation. During the month of September, aspiring mademoiselles who possess the winning touchstone for the yearly tournament are...
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