Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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Every woman should convince herself that the real beauty is the beauty of the soul and the beauty of personality. Nowadays because of contest like beauty pageants, nobody values that. It is now all about the physical beauty, how the body looks, how your hair and face look.

Although many of the women who choose to participate in the beauty pageant will defend the values of the pageant, it is definitely sending the wrong message to women, especially young girls because it is telling the young girls watching that they are able to win competitions, receive money, and earn scholarships based off of their beauty. By doing this it is beginning to teach them to accomplish the wrong goals in life. We have become aware that the Miss America Pageant has become a tradition but it shouldn’t be a tradition where it demeans the women as if they are objects.

There are some good things about the Miss America Pageant and pageants in general like they help women grow because these pageants often offer money which some of the women may need and they also offer scholarships which is also helpful because women will be able to accomplish their dreams. The contestants are also able to set a good example for other young women that are watching. Another positive aspect of the contest is that many of the pageant winners conduct numerous speaking engagements and do community service. However, this does not mean that these beauty contests are good. They should actually be banned in our society because they are offensive to women, it begins making women obsessed about their looks, and there are also large amounts of money spent on these contests.

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I believe that these pageants are offensive to women. They choose to focus on the physical beauty of women and are introducing them as objects for men. It is sending a message to women that what is actually important is their physical appearance and nothing else. In the beauty contest, the women who are participating are mainly required to expose their body in front of hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, when women walk half naked in front of thousands of people, it brings disgrace to her and she now becomes an object of commercial display and turns into easy prey to men.

These beauty contests make women who want to participate obsessed with appearance because of the high standards that these pageants require like having the perfect thin body and the beautiful looks, women will do anything to be able to participate. Soon the young women will start to engage in unhealthy diets which often leads them to begin starving themselves in order to be able to get the ‘perfect body’. It also starts making women feel ugly or that they are not good enough due to the image the pageant sets which shows that the beauty pageant has a large impact on the way women view themselves causing eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression to many women in our society.

Lastly, there are huge amounts of money spent on these beauty contests. There are definitely a lot of problems in the world like poverty, unemployment, etc., so instead of spending large amounts of money on something that is completely meaningless, they should spend it on these problems that are far more important. It is crazy how in order to enter these beauty pageants women and their parents spend thousands of dollars on hair, makeup, dresses, shoes, etc. It just doesn’t make sense to win money for just being pretty.

Therefore, people should realize that the real beauty is not based on physical appearance, but based on the beauty of the soul. It is also necessary to begin to understand that beauty pageants do not bring women anything good, so they should be banned.

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