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The Asian Values Discourse Against Westernization

In a globalizing world LGBT rights activism is more and more prevalent and included in the universal human rights discourse. This discourse can, however, largely be attributed to Western hegemony under the United States, and LGBT rights are not upheld and accepted in vast parts of the world (Wilkinson et al., 2017). In this essay, the focus is on two neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Singapore and Malaysia. Both have semi-authoritarian political structures with similar electoral systems and laws declaring the...
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Narcissism In Terms Of Today’s Western Culture

Schumacher creates multiple valid arguments against the self-esteem movement and explains the negative effects that narcissism can have not only on individuals, but on society as a whole. In supporting the essay that narcissism creates negative individual and social outcomes, Schumacher cites multiple studies, theories, and facts. The author creates a valid and compelling argument against today’s narcissistic Western culture. The first article explains the dramatic extent of today’s focus toward narcissism and a feel-good culture, which has been dubbed...
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Indian Science Vs. Western Science

Science is the investigation of the hypothesis, its check through perception and experimentation to confirm those perceptions with regards to the hypothesis. In the event that the hypothesis is evident through analysis and a careful perception, at that point it is effective in any case not. Science is an enthusiasm of the west however actually it has its underlying foundations in India too. It would not be right to dissect the reasons why India fell behind while the west advanced...
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Ethical Structure In Islam And West Ethics In Religion And Western Ethical Structure

Introduction We need to follow ethics because it defines who we are as individual and as a society. All religions in the world discuss ethics as an essential part of life. Ethics are the bases of an individual, a society and the religion. Both in Islamic perspective and Western perspective Ethics are defined as moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. All religions emphasize of the rights of individual on each other and of society. In all religions of the...
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Comparison Between Western Philosophy And Buddhist Ethics

Buddhism and western philosophy are two ideologies that have stood the test of time. By looking at a cross-section of western meta-ethical theories, there is an adequate theoretical framework that triggers moral thinking in terms of Buddhism and a vast heterogeneity in Western philosophies. Scholarly, there’s a need for a rich philosophical dialogue and conversation about western philosophy and Buddhist ethics, most significantly how the two philosophies influenced each other until today, considering that different periods focus on different western...
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Manifestation of Islamophobia in Western Cultures

1. Introduction: Language is a versatile tool in the world of politics. The power of language in affecting and influencing political thought should not be underestimated. Hence, it is capable of inspiring, encouraging, and appealing to the brains of society. Individuals tend to use language as a tool to express their feelings and emotions. However, language is being used for other purposes, such as persuasion, shaping people’s attitudes and beliefs. The persuasive power of language is mostly highlighted in social...
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Native American Practice: Interactions Between Native Americans And Western Settlers

There is a well-known principle in social psychology that involves in-groups and out-groups. Those who share a particular set of qualities are categorized together as the “ingroup”, while those excluded are labeled the “outgroup.” The groupings can be somewhat arbitrary, such as when UNLV students naturally despise UNR students on the simple premise of which school in Nevada the student attends. But is there a fundamental difference between a UNR student and a UNLV student? Is one born with higher...
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Shakespeare Influence on Western Culture

William Shakespeare is a English poet, playwright, and actor. He was born on April 26,1564 in Stratford as we believed but no one really knew. Shakespeare first record of being alive is when he got baptised. He died on April 23,1616 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom at the age of fifty two and was buried in Holy Trinity Church. Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway. He had three children. He was the best selling fiction author. He sold at least four...
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Western Influence in Japanese Art

While it is well known that Japanese art has been an influential factor in European artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Frank Floyd Wright, it is also true that this influence worked in reverse. European influence plays a role in Japanese art in a variety of ways. In 1868 Meiji Resoration many Japanese artists began to study techniques and themes of European art. A coined term to European influence on Japanese art is ‘wakon yosai’, this phrase is meant to...
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Developed Vs Developing Countries: An Essay on Distinguishing Cultural Differences Based on Political Behavior

Cultural difference due to geopolitical concern is the beauty of culture when we talk about the diversity of it. Cultural is universal but the elements get to vary in different parts of the world due to valid reasons. The culture of the Eastern world countries like Bangladesh India is more of a family oriented and religiously obliged one; whereas the culture of the Western countries is the direct opposite due to the fact of their excellent productivity and social livelihood....
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Western Cultures Unattainable Standard of Beauty

American beauty has been wanting to be achieved by millions of men and women in the U.S. for decades and the desire now has reached to other countries. This is problematic due to the fact that Americans have put a standard of beauty upon both men and women that are not achievable for those who are not Caucasian, or are not wealthier to afford cosmetic surgery procedures. Women in general face more scrutiny when it comes to appearance, however, women...
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Language and Culture Essay

Language is what we use every day, a way to communicate. It’s composed of characters and pronunciations. And, characters include words from all over the world, all the countries, like English letters, Chinese characters, Arabian numbers, etc. However, what makes all the languages so different is another thing called “pronunciation”, which makes English sound like English, and Chinese sound like Chinese. On hearing the pronunciation, you can immediately take a reaction that it is English or Chinese or any other...
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Stage Presence in Western Classical Music Performance

Stage presence is the performer’s connection with audience in a way that makes them want to watch and listen to the performance. It is more than the performer’s ability to recite musical lines, sing or play the right notes. Rather, it is the ability to connect with the audience, to immerse them in the story being told and to touch their heart with the sound of music. Everything a performer does: stage attire, confidence on stage and body language; affects...
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