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Manifestation of Islamophobia in Western Cultures

1. Introduction: Language is a versatile tool in the world of politics. The power of language in affecting and influencing political thought should not be underestimated. Hence, it is capable of inspiring, encouraging, and appealing to the brains of society. Individuals tend to use language as a tool to express their feelings and emotions. However, language is being used for other purposes, such as persuasion, shaping people’s attitudes and beliefs. The persuasive power of language is mostly highlighted in social...
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Islamophobia: Reasons, Types And Solutions

Don’t Let Islamophobia be the reason to Judge a Muslim Ever since the attacks of 9/11, Islamophobia has been on the rise. Whether it be in the west or the middle east, Islamophobia has become a stereotype of hatred and fear. Now, if a Muslim asks you in public to watch over his bag what would your answer be? Would you trust the Muslim? Would you feel comfortable around him?. Unfortunately nowadays the answer to these questions is “No”. Now,...
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Islamophobia and Media Manipulation: Analytical Essay

Introduction For my topic, “Terrorism, Muslims, and a Culture of Fear” I wish to investigate how and when the discrimination against Muslims commenced, the negative portrayal and manipulation of Muslims in the media, how much of an influence the media has on society and if it impacts people’s views on how they perceive Muslims. By including relevant HSC concepts such as Belief Systems and Ideologies, Identity, Culture, Technology and by implementing certain methodologies it assists me to form my quantitative...
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Islamophobia As the Major Challenge Faced by the Muslim Community Nowadays

Introduction Phobia is defined as the “irrational or exaggerated fear or dislike of a specific thing or group”. So Islamophobia is defined as the “irrational or exaggerated fear or dislike of Islam”. Islam is a religion and the people which follow it is called Muslims. Islamophobia is when Muslims are the victim of attack just because of their religion. Excessive terror and worry often lead to act of discrimination against Muslim. Therefore Islamophobia is the one of the major challenges...
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Racism, Politics And Media As The Main Factors Of Islamophobia

Not once in modern world history, where human beings can live peacefully and harmony with each other. There is always going to be that conflict, that tension, those disagreements that will make a wall in between. One of the biggest conflicts that has been roaming around for decades is, islamophobia. It started with the religion called islam and the people who believe in it are called muslims. According to the sources, Islam has existed for more than 1,400 years. The...
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Anti-Muslim Racism Issues In The Book Islamophobia By Naved Bakali

Islamophobia by Naved Bakali is a novel about the anti-Muslim racism faced by Muslim youths in Canada and the challenges they have encountered since the 9/11 attacks. Bakali holds a “PhD in Educational Studies from McGill University, with interests in critical race theory, anti-Muslim racism and post-colonial theory.” (Bakali, 2017). This novel strives to retell the stories of marginalized youths within the systemically biased Canadian system and urges readers to work towards a more equitable society. I believe every Canadian...
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Islamophobia Or Religious Hate Crime In England And Wales

Introduction This report is going to address the issue of Religious Hate crime (RHC), specifically Islamophobia. A hate incident is defined as ‘any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on…’ (in the case of RHC) ‘…a person’s religious faith or perceived religious faith’ (The College of Policing’s Hate Crime Operational Guidance 2014). When hate incidents become criminal offences (i.e. something which breaks the law of...
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Islamophobia: An Inevitable Phenomenon Or A Cry For Help?

Introduction The term islamophobia sparks numerous emotions: fear, disgust, judgment and a desperate need to protect people. One may ask when it all started and perhaps we should start from the beginning by clarifying that Islamophobia is a form of religious discrimination that emerged most forcefully as a backlash against Muslims in the wake of the terrorist horros that occurred on 11 September 2001. However, the term has been present long before the latter. The term was originally coined in...
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How Is Anti-Muslim Prejudice Socially Constructed?

Prejudice against muslims or Islam in the West mainly emerged upon 9/11 attack in the United States. On average, there have been around 145 anti-islamic hate crimes in United States from 1996-2013 (FBI reports, 1996-2013). The aim of this essay is to explain how “anti-muslims prejudice” is socially constructed and how it has affected certain groups. This essay analyses published studies to examine how media has constructed the issue. Firstly, I will explain what is social constructionism, its underlying basis...
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Islamophobia And Islam

The ongoing issue of Islamophobia is outlined by the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Muslims in the media. The media have blamed all Muslims for recent terrorist attacks carried out by extreme groups who say they follow the religion of Islam. This chapter aims to investigate the reasons islamophobia is a global issue in societies. With further research conducted, 95% have an understanding of islamophobia yet 5% who conducted the survey have no understanding of islamophobia. Participants of the primary research...
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Islamophobia: The Nature Of Anti-muslim Prejudice

The term Islam phobia alludes to unwarranted hatred vibe towards Islam. It alludes additionally to the viable results of such threatening vibe in out of line oppression Muslim people and networks, and to the prohibition of Muslims from standard political and communities. The term isn’t, as a matter of fact, perfect. Pundits of it think about that its utilization panders to what they call political accuracy, that it disturbs real analysis of Islam, and that it belittles and vilifies any...
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The Issue Of Islamophobia In Modern World

Discrimination and prejudice is a reaccuromg issue within the modern world, showing a predominant effect on the Islamic culture. Ethical views are diminished when citizens begin to experience Islamophobia. It does not only effect the day to day life of Muslims and people of the Islam faith but will subsequently cause detrimental effects to their mental health and stability. Awareness amongst the issue has yet to cause prominent changes but is slowly helping the change.When discussing the phobia it is...
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Islamophobia And Media: The Socioeconomic Impact Of Islamophobia On Muslims

INTRODUCTION Islamophobia, the fear of or prejudice against the Islamic religion, is a social phenomenon prominent worldwide and in dire need of the public’s attention, considering the wide implications it has on the lives of Muslims. With the internet and social media facilitating both the misrepresentation and exaggeration of the Islamic religion as pro-terrorist and a threat to society, the lives of three million Muslims residing in the UK have limited socio-economic mobility, restricting and denying Muslims from access to...
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Critical Analysis of the Book Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Racism through the Lived Experiences of Muslim Youth

Introduction Naved Bakali’s book Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Racism through the Lived Experiences of Muslim Youth was published in 2016, fifteen Islamophobiayears after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were used as a catalyst to start the United States’ Global War on Terror. In this book, Bakali examines those fifteen years. Upon finishing Islamophobia, the reader will have a clear sense of the hostile global environment that Muslims are currently forced to navigate, even in countries like Canada, which have...
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The Islamophobic Experiences Of Muslim Converts In Britain

The article I chose for this assignment is ‘The Racialization of Muslim Converts in Britain and Their Experiences of Islamophobia’, written by Leon Moosavi in 2014, and published in the ‘Critical Sociology’ journal. This article is about how Islamophobia negatively affects the lives of the majority of white converts in Britain. Their conversion to Islam can impact their family relationships along with their ‘membership’ from the dominant white majority. It also demonstrates the crucial connection between Islamophobia and racism. Moreover,...
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Reasons for and General Overview of Islamophobia

Throughout this essay, I will be looking at the idea of Islamophobia which is the ‘Dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.’ (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2018) as well as the effect it has had on the western society through the past years. As you may well know Islamophobia has been an increasing problem in this Century and have many people who have helped in the growth of Islamophobia and most of this has...
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