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Public Engagement Through Public Art When humans came to existence, for human everything was new and humans began to struggle for his survival. Humans started to live near water resources (like rivers, canal) to bring easiness in his life because of human survival was first priority. They developed their specific way of living, struggling techniques (hunting), specific traditions and culture...
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Working with diverse people 1. Give one (1) example regarding each of the following aspects that make up your culture: attitudes, languages, prejudices, and structures Answer-1. Attitudes- In the Punjabi culture, attitudes are mainly the beliefs regarding something. It may or may not be positive towards someone or something. Languages- Punjabi is the main language in my culture. Besides Punjabi,...
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The word ‘Punjab’ is conflation of two words (punj) and (ab) devoting the meaning of ‘Land of five rivers. It is the second largest province due to its enormous magnitude and massive figure of souls residing in it there breach among its different zones and their culture and literature. Dating from classical to today’s advanced domain Punjabi culture is appraised...
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'Culture' and 'Tradition' are more significant in a country like Pakistan which has always been its rich culture and heritage. What are we doing now? It’s a shame to see that 'Pakistan’s pride', 'We Pakistani Youth', doesn’t have even a bit of importance for Pakistan’s culture and heritage, its culture. And we are easily influenced by western culture. Right from...
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