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Western Civilizations and The Miraculous Survival of the Hebrew Nation The Hebrew people, a small monotheistic civilization, risen up from Ur, has survived since 2000 BC to this day. However, their survival was no easy feat. They were enslaved, killed, and relocated by plenty of other stronger, militaristic civilizations in the very beginning. Some of these civilizations have changed and are known as present day countries while the others are only alive on the history pages. Therefore, being so small,...
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Plato was very important in history; the Athenian philosopher is one of the most important figures of the Ancient Greek world as well as the entire history of Western thought. Born in 427 and died 347 BC, this man would be most known for his work in the “Republic” where he envisioned that a civilization should not be governed by democracy but by having the pure wisdom of a philosopher king. And with his teachings from his teacher Socrates who...
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Despite the emphasis on world techniques and interactions, world history has often been based on the dominance of the West. The western world, also acknowledged as the West constitutes a number of regions, nations, and states. Many historians attribute the Rise of the West to the time period of 1450 to 1850. The western world constitutes the majority of Europe, North America, and Australia. The western world is code-named Occident, which used to be coined from the Greek word Occident...
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Christianity begins with a man named Jesus. Jesus was the son of God who came to the earth in human form to live and die for the purpose of giving salvation to people who believed and followed him. The New Testament of the Bible accounts for Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. It tells of the new covenant God gave to his people. Not all Jews excepted Jesus as the Messiah, however. Christians were adamant about reaching as many people as...
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In my treatise, I am going to write about my preferred choice of residence, having been given a limited choice between Athens and Sparta, in the ancient classical Grecian situation. I will set the precedence by circumnavigating the topic by making an abstract representation of the concept before articulating my choice. A comparative mention will also be made of the city of Sparta as an equally viable alternative, deferred on revolutionary grounds, which then introduces the sparkling alternative advantages of...
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Postcolonial feminism is a relatively new type of feminism that emerged in response to earlier waves of feminism and postcolonial theory. It seeks to address the adverse cultural, economic, and political effects of colonialism on non-Western women in developing and especially colonized countries, which are typically at odds with mainstream feminism. Therefore, a vital issue in feminist activities is the analysis of the boundaries of global politics and the boundaries between the bodies and discourses (Richardson & McLaughlin & Casey,...
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We live in a world that is so often conformed to one specific way of thinking. We have to expand our reasoning, step outside our comfort zone, and be willing to see ideas from others’ perspectives. In this essay, two Western psychology theories - Psychoanalysis and Humanism - will be discussed as well as the African Psychology theory. They will be contrasted to show the differences and the importance of providing African Psychology as an alternative to Western Psychology for...
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