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Introduction Abeona is a manufacturer of luggage and travel accessories. The company is based in London and plans to internationalize to Singapore. The plan is to set up offices in Singapore which would act as the headquarters for operations in Asia and the US. The Singapore office plans to be the central hub for the manufacturing operations that will be set up in the surrounding countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Cultural Profile In Singapore, lower-level employees acknowledge...
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Culture gives messages to shape perceptions, attributions, judgments, and ideas of self and others. In today’s global workplace, culture is an essential part of conflict and conflict resolution. However, having different negotiation styles, decision-making methods and opposing views about a situation will cause intercultural conflict to arise. If conflicts arise during negotiations between different countries, international business cannot take place. Without international business, countries will fail to obtain mutual benefits. In order to prevent conflicts during negotiation, Singaporeans and Norwegians...
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Is the stereotype that all Singaporeans are to get married and have kids natured or nurtured? I believe it is nurtured.Singapore is a harmonious society with different religions and ethnicity. Though there are different pressures and standards to adhere to from things like education to career, there is one most if not all can relate to which is the pressure to get married and have kids. Though subtle, this is obvious for young adults receiving questions and remarks from relatives...
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Rationale “Land of the Kangaroos”, is what Australia is known for. Australia is the home to unique animals and beautiful sceneries. As an animal lover, Australia seems like the best country to live in where there are so many different and unique animals such as the Tasmanian devil, wombats, and the quokkas. These marsupials are native to Australia. Besides that, Australia have one of the most beautiful places on earth, which is the Lake Hillier. Lake Hillier is in the...
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Singapore Studies The National Integration Council (NIC) was set up in April 2009, aiming to guide national efforts in integrating new immigrants to Singapore, and created a platform, the Community Integration Fund (CIF) which is a way of providing funding to organizations that implement ground-up integration efforts. Four featured initiatives for integration, supported by the CIF, help to accomplish the aims of the NIC. The first initiative is the ‘Walks to Remember’ initiative which allows Singaporeans and immigrants alike to...
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Power distance in Australia is fairly low compared to Singapore's high power distance. In Australia, hierarchies are formed for convenience, meaning that managers rely on their employees knowledge and expertise. Employees in Australia are expected to make a contribution directly whether it be formally or informally. In Singapore, employees do not have much control over what they do, with power being primarily centralized on managers, bosses and rules. Communication in Singapore is predominantly formal and indirect. Australia is a highly...
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Singapore is an island with a 5.6 million multicultural population and located at the southern tip of Malaysia. Singapore imports 90% on food consumption. This is because Singapore owns limited land available for agriculture and the people mostly depend on the external sources for agriculture products. Also, the export of agriculture products to Singapore helps for good opportunities for international products. Thus, Australian dairy company would like to expand their business in Singapore. Moreover, Singapore is the highest importer of...
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Respective countries fathom through individual series of subcultures. In consonant to David Muggleton (Muggleton 2005, p. 1), 'Subculture often create their distinctiveness by defining themselves in opposition to the “mainstream”’. As for our motherland, Singapore, the distinct youth subculture would be the “Ah Lian” and “Ah Beng”. Undoubtedly, the “Ah Lian” subculture is one that locals would cross paths in stages of our lives, especially early teenage years. In this essay, I will discuss the “Ah Lian” subculture. Joanne Entwistle...
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