Why Child Beauty Pageants Are Good

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Child beauty pageants are a rather controversial topic in modern society. Many people believe that they only harm the still unformed children's psyche, so they insist on their ban. In my opinion, child beauty pageants should not be banned because we see how little girls are amateurs in this beauty business, but after years they can become singers, actresses and dancers in the future. In this essay, I try to argue my position on why child beauty pageants are good.

Little Sunshines

These little girls can become sweeter angels than they already are. Therefore, this leads us to, they would want to have a good clean record for the judge they would want to be sweet and nice. They are them to be competing they could easily develop friendships with the other contestants. This to happen with them having lots of new friends. They can develop friends and realize the true meaning of friendship and continue with this in their future life.

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Miss Beauty and Healthy

Now these little ones are nice and preppy but before the beauty pageants game begin, they would want to be healthy in the beginning. They can realize that they would want to have this or that kind of outfit/costume, but the there are limits to what they can put on. They can easily recognize that this is happening and wonder why? The parents can explain for quote “People can be healthy so they eat the right stuff and will exercise”. So, they would want to do as so. For they now will watch what they are eating and will healthy for that day and day on out.

Mother Are There for Them

This whole thing is not about the children so in addition to everything, people believe that mothers at a young age wanted to be in beauty pageants yet couldn’t but now are using their children to fulfill that dream forcing them to act the way they wanted to as a child. They could have easily thought wrong. Children could dream that dream and compete because they wanted to, or because they were just interested in it. Could have been an older sibling. Something they saw on TV. Or they already knew about it and still had the sight and thought of doing it. The mothers are doing it for their children and are supporting them because they love them.

Got a Bright Future Ahead of You

Little girls can easily be taught to be pretty and respect the little girls competing too and now as for one thing, the arts of being pretty and being on stage for a long time they can get over a thing (maybe even can be specified as a mental issue) of stage fright. Stage fright is where you would go on stage a freeze and not be able to move or talk therefore, having these girls to be leading to a good career. Such as a dancer, singer, or an actor. These people are always on stage, wanting to be dress and have makeup on. Showing a talent. And, of course, not to be afraid to be on that stage and work it.


All in all, these little girls can become way better people and that would want to stay healthy from here on out. So, child beauty pageants are good and should not be banned. Now these young cuties are now just learning basic skills at a young age and can get a successful job in the future. Having a good life.

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