Physical Beauty Vs Inner Beauty

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Beauty is mostly referred to how people thought about themselves. If people are revered of their outlooks or intelligence, their self-esteem will cumulatively increase, and they would feel beautiful. However, most people recently are being insecure about their appearance and start to make-up, color their hair, purchase stunning dressing or even seek for cosmetic surgery in order to emulate other charming celebrities and be alluring. Those people have been forgotten the significance of their inner beauty. Inner beauty shows inner character, moral values ethics, and culture. This essay will argue why personality, intelligence and inner belief are more important than physical outer beauty.

Personality is more influential than beauty. Good characteristics, such as kindness, empathy and well-behaved, could make us even more physically attractive than outer beauty. According to a worldwide survey, including Sweden, Singapore and the Philippines, people in all over 20 countries are more likely to think partners’ personalities are more important than their looks. Overall, 81% of people say they are looking for a partner with a good personality, while 76% want one with a sense of humor (Stevens, 2018). This has explained that people will attach importance to others’ personalities rather than physical appearance. According to a research on personality and physical attractiveness, groups which given positive personality information found a significantly wider range of body sizes physically attractive, compared to the control group (without knowing the personality). Groups given negative personality information found a significantly narrower range of body sizes attractive than the control group (Nicholson, 2011). The two groups after telling the traits have different range of agreement. This means that although people pay attention to outlooks, they will unconsciously pay attention to traits, which also indicated that inner beauty such personality is more important than physical beauty.

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Intelligence is outlined in some ways. What cannot be forgot to mention are general problem-solving skills, the capability for logic, understanding, cognizance, learning, emotional knowledge, etc. Those abilities are leading to face any kind of situation and challenges. If one were beautiful but without brains, he or she might not be able to handle such situations well. Megan Fox was remarked by her incredible beauty. It wasn't long before she was cast in one among the largest franchises on the massive screen, ‘Transformers’. However, Fox expressing her appreciation for obtaining an opportunity to act as the actress in an exceedingly immense box-office franchise, Fox created some massively offensive comments concerning the director, Michael Bay (Lu, 2018). As an up-and-coming actress, this foolish deed of her will remain a blot on her escutcheon. However, if we are smart, even though we are not charm enough, many people will also appreciate us. Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam was not that handsome, but his people also proud of his achievement of developing ballistic missile and launching vehicle technology. Because of his intelligence, he recognized as the ‘People’s President’ and honored with prestigious awards such as the country’s highest civilian award (2018). Intelligence is something which cannot be erased as time passes. Before APJ Kalam passes away, he still delivering a lecture at an institute. We can live without beauty, but we cannot live without intelligence.

Although there is a barrage of evidence to prove the aesthetic of inner beauty, there is also a branch of research show that people who get an attractive appearance get more work. According to the ‘Work & Power’ survey by Elle and, 58% of attractive female bosses got high ratings for being successful at their jobs, while it was 41% for 'average-looking' females and only 23% for unattractive female. It proved that good looks are a trait that both men and women find important (Huhman, 2011). However, it is a person’s inner belief that makes them more appealing to others. Physical appearance can be a bonus, but something it is easily overlooked when others are more superior than them. The grow of confidence is come from ourselves. Benedict Cumberbatch now is one of the most popular and most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Before, he almost did not get the titular role of Sherlock since studio bosses described him as ‘the weird ginger one’. He proved them wrong and now he nominated for an Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA (jonesie12345, 2017). Although there are many of the celebrities that seem to success by their physique and their facial features, without innate talent, glowing confidence and self-belief, they cannot even work for a proper job longer. The inner belief which guiding people to reach their dream is what one should own.

Physical beauty is subjective, but personality, intelligence and inner belief are not. They never fade out and would also be improved. Inner beauty helps us appreciate outer beauty. People cannot live without either inner or outer beauty. They both are indispensable, but inner beauty surely more essential than physical beauty. People should not be overemphasized outlook but should emphasize on enriching knowledge, growing confidence and fostering characteristics so that they would be charming and appealing.


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