The Influence Of Beauty On One's Self-Esteem

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Everyone needs to look great; that is guaranteed. So, what are the steps that individuals like me must take in order to put our best self forward? Does it really just take a smidgen of makeup or perhaps a more pleasant way of dressing up? Or maybe, on the other hand, it requires starving yourself daily or cleansing out what had been eaten already inside your body? Society is becoming fonder of the possibility that an ideal lady or man is thin, more often than not skinnier than what is viewed as solid. For instance, while picking between a thin and a bigger lady for an advertisement about 'the ideal body', individuals like me viewing the business couldn't acknowledge the bigger lady as an appropriate competitor. That is exactly how society is right now. However, the bigger question is that, as it may, is whether pictures of thin models in the media influence somebody's confidence or is it simply the issue prior to the person’s youth that is making it hard on them and other individuals?

In other words, models' adjusted photos in the media can tear apart the human mind and affect their self-esteem level, starting with what individuals see which at that point changes how they feel about themselves and this could lead them to an actual existence under the influence of a lower self-confidence. Just like in the “Body Image - Advertising and Magazine” that appeared in the media smart web page, there is a woman dressed in a pink bathing suit that reveals a lot of her skin and she is posing in a posture that shows her hips popping out. While there is also an overview of comparison that shows a before and after the image has been edited or photoshopped side by side. Which to be said, the image on the left side is the original photo because the shape of the woman is bigger, she has a darker skin tone, her hair color is brighter, her skin is less smooth, and the background does not have a lot of shades of pink in it that will help the woman stand out more. As for the second one that has been edited or photoshopped, the woman is thinner, she has a lighter skin tone, her hair color has more shading, her skin seems to be extremely smooth, and the background color has a lot of shade of pink that helps the woman stand out more. Where this can be evident that beauty is very important to everyone in this society because even if it takes time, and effort to make you or someone beautiful in the eyes of others then it is not a problem, but a successful upbringing that makes the individual itself feel more confident rather than insecure. Especially, when trying to promote beauty or just to show off how a good body image should look like, like in this magazine.

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In addition, the second image is from a controversial Advert created for the Victoria Secret in “The Negative Effects Sex In Advertising Has On Women” which shows a group of models who are only women that are tall, skinny, and very pretty. They are consistent with the ideal body of every woman's dream due to the smoothness of their skin and the very shiny skin tone that makes it flawless while advertising these bikinis. Not only that, the grayish-white background that is behind these girls really makes them pop out more and as I can see there are many of them that seemed to have a very natural look on their faces which makes them very beautiful and attractive. So, adding on to that they also quoted on the photo, “a body for everybody; perfect fit, perfect comfort, perfectly soft, find your favorite” which may seem like a positive statement that is leading the intended audience to buy their products. But, it is actually showing a negative attack towards women who are not the ideal type as it is promoting a body type product that may be unrealistic by the size of those models and can be very offensive to those who are overweighted. While it is portraying those perfect size model, consumers like me or other individuals who also like this product may be turned down and lose our self-esteem level due to the fact that we do not inherit something similar to that. Especially, with the wording of the quote, it can actually hurt someone when it is being reflected against them in a hurtful way.

The last example is the “Photoshop Facial Insecurities” from the Effect On Women advertisement that shows an overview of how a woman is being photoshopped side by side with the original one that hasn’t been photoshopped nor did she have any makeup on. For example, if you look on the left side you can see that she has a pale, reddish freckle face with no eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, nor any lipstick on and her eyebrows aren’t even colored in. While you look into the right side you can see that she has a clearer face with a lot of contouring that makes the shape of her face stand out more. She actually has makeup like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick on which makes her look a lot better than the photo on the left. Also, there is a difference between both her eyes if you look at them closely, you can see that the one on the left is darker than the one on the right. And to add on, the background has a dark shade of green that when it moves towards the center of the girl it gets shifted to a lighter color that ended up with the color being white. Then it quoted, “immortalize your beauty no one will ever know… as long as you never let anyone see you in person again” by photoshop, as a way to enforce the intended audience or individuals like me who may be in this type of situation to be feeling some type of peer pressure and maybe close up from the real world by living up to expectations and what we imagine the world may want us to be like in order to be beautiful without actually being sincere to ourselves. Which is why I can conclude that this image or photo is a portrait that is revealing the inner power of beauty that this woman seeks for because of the facial expression that she has on and the colors that she is wearing, including the color of the room that makes her look very worried and fearful. Especially, because whenever you see the color green you can always feel that it stands for greed, jealousy, and sometimes growth in the person through their eyes.

Therefore, beauty is something that is very important in this society. Everyone judges you by the way you look and all the ways that you are performing out in the public eye that enhances the way people view you. Which most of the time can be harsh to many people because there are actually a lot of severe and bad judgemental people out there or those who just don’t feel confident enough about themselves to end up hurting them. This happens often when they see these ads in magazines, books, and newspapers because most models are beautiful based on their beauty, shapes, and forms that make every individual lose their self-esteem levels.

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