Does Advertising and Media Impact Self Esteem, Self Image, Self Worth of the Women?

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Advertising and media have always been there, in commercials, tarpaulines, brochures and other means of advertisement. We cannot deny that these tools of promoting any products and services have always impact and effects to the audience. According to “Ryte Wiki dictionary” the advertising media is used for communicating a promotional message which include billboards, television, print media, newspapers, online banners, radio advertisement and any advertising meduim.

Because it is a platoform to promote a product and to catch the eye of a target market or buyer, advertisements in any medium aim to affect the perspective , decisions and self image of the their target customers. Now we will forcus on the self image , self worth and self esteem of the women and how it will be affected by the advertising media. Nowadays, the most popular or trending product that women are using are the beuty products included the slimming products and make ups. According to the wikipedia article with the the title of “ Effects of advertsising on teen body image”, explained that the way beauty is portrayed in the media tends to cause dissatisfaction and negative thoughts about oneself when those results are not achieved. T

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hey show unrealistic images of a a woman with a sexy body and flawless skin that bombarding women and putting in their mind and considered all those images are the “ideal body and faces”that they need to target. These kind of advertisement are providing and sending message to all women that beauty is only base on how good , thin and sexy their body is. It is also stated in one article or study that was published on October 2010, with the title of “ How do beauty product ads affect consumer self esteem and purchasing?” that those advertisements affected how consumers thought abouth themselves. According to Debra Trampe, one of the journal author of “The Self-Activation Effect of Advertisements”, stated that after viewing an advertisemnet featuring an enhancing product consumers evaluated themselves less positively . So sad to say that , most of the beauty enhancing products always seems to make the target buyer or consumers feel that their attractiveness are diferrent from what they would ideally be.Because of those advertsements with enhancing images , consumers tend to compare themselves to the ideal images seen in the advertisements.

Advertisements never showed the standard beauty that all women should have, but they emphasize the new ideal body or image the woman should have to be called beautiful. For example , in advertisements the new ideal body of the woman should be thin and atypical of normal. According to the article from Healthy Place .com , the young woman between the ages of 18-34 has a 7% chance of being as slim as a cat walk model and a 1% chance of being as thin as a supermodel. However, 69% of girls in magazines influence their idea of the perfect body shape. Some researchers believe that advertisers purposely normaize unrealistically thin bodies, in order to create an unattainable desire that can drive product.

There is one article from “womenandadvertising” , shared that the brand DOVE conducted a research in which they questioned women about their thought on advertising. There was a total of 96% of women who said they felt models used in beauty ads were not realistics interpretation of women today. There were over 40% who said they felt less confident in their daily lives as a result of such unrealistic images. This study shows that advertisement can send a message of disappointments, less self worth, and not helping all women to be confident and show their beauty by their own. Changing the truth of being beautiful are ruined becase of many unrealistic images has beem presented from the advertisments.

In the article “Flattery wil get an Ad Nowhere” by Pamela Paul, explained that beauty products advertisement make women feel ugly. Because of what we say unrealistic beauty products images seen in the advertisements , women feel worse about themselves. This article stated that there is one study looked a how women responsded to an image of something depicted in an advertisement and as simple pictures with no advertising context. Advertisement is so pleasing to the eye of any consumers but it also make the consumers eyes change in terms of looking at their selves. Beauty is not all about how sexy you are or how flawless your skin is, beauty is always based on how you will look at yourself with confident and accept who you are.

Everyday we are all bomabarded with images from the advertisements, asking us or forcing us to buy their product. Even the products are so good to see in the televisions or in magazine, creating the unrealistic output or result they’ve given for the use of their product but when you use it already the effects or result after are different that what the advertisement is presenting. Because of the new perspective on how their body get more beautiful, advertisement pushing all women to have comparison with each other.Beleive it or not, the insecurity and jealousy that they put on the heart of all women are the result of comparing their selves to other woman. According to the article of Genevieve Morse entitled “Women and Advertising – Low Self- Esteem is Good for Profits”, stated that many corporation in the diet and beauty industry have no interest in changing their marketing or advertisement of their products but they should make women feel insecure to continue making profits. How selfish it is , right? They are using the insecurity of all women for them to earn money. Their main goal is to present their product in the market and earn but in humanity speaking they are lool like no respect in the humanity of the women. They earn money and have a lot of profit, while on the other hand women or consumers suffer into something. Before the basic needs of the people are food, house and clothes, but now wants are also their needs and becomes a commodity to be bought. Beauty products and slimming tea are not needed before but today, beauty products are become their basic needs.


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