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Envy is an intense desire to have an item that someone else possesses or desire of becoming like someone else. It arises when we see that another possesses something, we do not have but we would like to have. Envy is really a bad feeling which I think everyone has but to which no one admits. its not always intense but its normal for everyone to say like ‘I want be like that person’ may be because you love him,...
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When the word envy comes to mind, we generally think it is a harmless feeling. But when left unaddressed, it can lead to very dangerous consequences. Envy has been experienced by humans since the beginning of time and throughout history there have been many instances when envy led to very disastrous outcomes. The Bible warns us sternly about envy by stating that envy “rots the bone” (Proverbs 14:30, KJV). Envy is an emotion that we have all experienced at some...
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How do people perceive the word envy? From a common viewpoint, envy breaks down the bonds between people, not only by propelling the need of wanting what someone else has, but also the desire that nobody else has it. Based on this information, most people perceive envy as a dysfunctional emotion that should be averted. Envy in social media is also commonly regarded as destructive to the common welfare of society. Although studies have supported this viewpoint, others have argued...
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Social media creates a virtual community for people to follow the lives of each other. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are available for all to become users themselves. Individuals can document every moment of the lives on social media through their profiles. For instance, Ellison et al (2007) and Hong et al (2012) both documents how self-presentation and self-disclosure are important factors in motivating social media use. Furthermore, social media aids in connecting one to their environment whether online...
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Envy the most relatable of the seven deadly sins consumes so many of us on a day to day basis, but what exactly is envy? Envy has many different versions of the definition but the most commonly used is, wanting something that someone else has because you feel like they aren’t worthy enough for it. Envy can be defined in many different ways based on the person explaining it.Most people don’t like admitting that they are envious, and that is...
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It is generally agreed today that Friendships, who like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship. But it is true? Friendship can share everything but when it comes to what you love most, it seems that friendship is in danger of breaking down. One of the same friendships we might see in Edith Wharton’s short story “Roman Fever”, he tells of a friendship of two women who grew up, playing together, share everything but there is one...
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The jealous are troublesome to themselves and tormentous to others. They create a path of destruction detrimental to themselves and those closest to them. Envy has the power to overrule even the sanest of people. In William Shakespeares’ Othello, jealousy is a prime emotion felt by both Othello and Roderigo, leading them to be unquestionably obedient and suffer immensely. Ultimately, it is Othello who is affected the most by his own begrudging actions. The extreme envy felt by Othello and...
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Numerous sounds in conversations have entanglements extremely close. A pair of before-mentioned titles are the topic of the draft below. Have you ever been jealous of someone? Maybe jealous of your friend getting closer to him you dislike. Have you envied others because of any quality they have which you lack? Maybe you envy that the girl next door has a collection of latest fashion outfits and you don’t? Are you certain that you are employing these terminologies in the...
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Have you ever felt that life was unfair? After all, why X inherited such good / money from such parent, why Y looks so happy with his new companion, and especially why you, you have health / wealth / love / bar them - useless? This feeling is envy . It is true that some people think that envy is a positive feeling, since it pushes you to accomplish great things in your life, in order to be better than...
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