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Generation & Application Of Wave Energy

Abstract This research discusses in details the wave energy which is an interesting non conventional source of energy that helped us a lot through the years to keep up with the challenge of our time. The research starts with introducing a background of that energy as in who, when and how it was first invented and the gradation that happened in the technologies progress in the past. The objectives of the research are then clarified in the sequence of the...
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Soundwaves Represented by Various Speed and Energy of Air Molecules

Air we breathe in consists of molecules. Even the tiniest of regions of air will contain millions and millions of molecules. These molecules are in constant motion, traveling randomly and at great speed. There is a constant bombardment with each other and every other object that is in contact with the air. One interesting thing about air is that it is a medium through which heat or sound travels. But our current main attention will be on sound. Sound is...
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Energy And The First Law Of Thermodynamics

The concepts of Thermodynamics are extremely important on the application for thermal systems design. As they present heat transfer process by conduction on the warmth source and sink, evaporation and condensation of the working fluid, the whole cycle that those devices perform are often well explained by the laws of thermodynamics The Laws of Thermodynamics presented here are seen in every textbook associated with this subject, which are the essential tools for any research and application where heat and mass...
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Energy: Thermochemistry Of Iron

Introduction The aim of the investigation is to experimentally determine how much iron (Fe) is in each heat pack and analyse the results obtained, relating to principles of thermochemistry. Energy and Enthalpy Energy transformation is the change of energy from one form to another. Energy gives the capacity to do work and may exist as potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical and other various forms. Energy and energy transformations are essential for day-to-day life and are happening all around us. Many...
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Physics Behind the Motion, Design Shapes and Safety of Roller Coasters

The study aims at discussing the physics behind design and action of roller coasters by first stating the definition of a roller coaster. A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track design with tight turns, steep slopes and sometimes inversions (Wikipedia). The roller coaster applies a wide knowledge of physics concepts of work and energy mainly potential energy and kinetic energy, gravity and some uniform circular motion too in cases where...
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Advantage of Recycling Essay

Introduction Recycling has become an important call in the world these days. With increasing population and rapid industrialization, the amount of waste being produced has increased manifold. It is important to recycle this waste so as to protect our environment. We need recycling for many reasons. But most importantly, it will help us to save our planet. Besides, recycling saves the earth by facilitating the reprocess of paper which will save millions of trees. Also, recycling saves a lot of...
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Recycling: Syllogism and Argumentation

Syllogism Companies that do not recycle, increase contamination levels. Those who increase contamination levels should be involved in environmental protection activity. Companies that do not recycle should be involved in environmental protection activities. Introduction Recycling is generally regarded as an important and inevitable part of environmental protection, as well as the saving of natural resources. The constantly increasing population of the planet requires an increasing amount of products, energy, and food. Hence, recycling is one of the most important aspects...
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Does Recycling Really Make a Difference Argumentative? Essay

Recycling is very important as it helps us in reducing landfills, conserving energy, raw materials and of course saving money. Items like paper, aluminium, food, glass can cause environmental problems if not recycled. This thought must have occurred in your mind while looking at a blue bin marked with the recycle symbol ‘“does it really make a difference?” If you think that your rubbish is insignificant and it makes no difference whether you recycle it or not, then you could...
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History of Batteries, What Is a Battery, Recycling of Batteries

History of Batteries (Types – Production – Consumption) in Europe, the USA and China One of the most revolutionary ideas at the time of the invention was the battery. A battery is defined as a device where energy is stored and delivered through electrical means. Alessandro Volta invented the first electric battery in the early 1800s. Based on his theory of the Voltaic pile, Volta was able to produce a steady supply of electricity. The unit of measurement, Volt, is...
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Prevalence of Obesity Diet Environment and Genetics

Eyeing to ground the research on academically acknowledged accounts, the researchers reviewed related and relevant literature and studies in the field of inquiry. The current chapter is pronged into two headings. The first section reviews the literature on weight management framework and highlights the behavior modification in pursuit of obese-reduction. This heading also delves into the exploration of eating habits, activities, and genetics contextualized among obese individuals. The second heading of this chapter examines existing research studies concentrated on the...
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