Renewable Energy Intermittency

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Energy is the most important element in the modern world. Therefore, it has consumed a vast amount of energy. Fossil fuels are the most sources of energy used worldwide. These sources cause carbon dioxide emissions and this leads to the problem of climate change. Because of this problem, the world needs to move to renewable sources of energy. The fact is that renewable sources of energy also have their problems. The major problem of renewable energy is intermittency. This essay will discuss two technological developments, Solar Wind Energy’s Downdraft Tower and Energy Island, which could solve the intermittency problem.

First of all, the Solar Wind Energy Downdraft Tower (SWDT). The SWDT is a 685m tall hollow cylindrical tower with turbines placed around its base. It is working in a hot dry area and needs a large water source. The SWDT concept is based on the physical principle in which hot air rises and cold air falls. Staring by delivering the water using pipes to the operational reservoir. Next is to pump the water to the top of a tower where there is sprayed in small droplets as a fine spray. The fine spray then evaporated and cooled the hot dry air, so it became denser and heavier than the outside tower system. As the air cools, it falls through the cylindrical tower and the wind speed can reach up to 80 km/h. The wind then rotates the turbines at the base of the tower and generates power. According to Quick (2014), SWDT can produce electricity throughout the year without discontinuously. This means that the supply of electricity could meet the needs all the time. The SWDT predicted to have an annual output capacity of around 4,380,000 MWH. The SWDT takes a small space to produce this capacity of electricity compared to other renewables energy, which occupies vast areas to produce the same capacity. The SWDT facility can serve up to 50 years. According to Quick (2014), SWDT is able of running by oneself during the year with almost no carbon dioxide emissions. This means that there will be no use of conventional energy during its operation, so there would be no effect on climate change. As we can see, SWDT is an interesting technology and would help in many aspects especially in the intermittency issue. However, SWDT may not work in some areas as it requires a hot dry environment and a lot of supply of water to work properly.

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Another important technological development is the Energy Island. It is an artificial island of wind power placed at the boundary of the island. Energy Island is hydro energy that would be set off the seacoast. This artificial island formation from a ring of great dikes creates a large reservoir of water in its middle. Energy Island is designed to match the supply of energy to the demand for energy. In times of low demand and surplus of wind energy, it uses the excess energy for emptying the reservoir by pumping it into the surrounding sea. When the demand is up, seawater lets into the reservoir through turbines to generate energy. According to Lane (2017), Energy Island could store at approximately an 80-90% performance with a total yearly quantity of 20GWh. This means that would be enough energy supply produced which could help to reduce CO2 emission. Energy Island is an encouraging technology that would resolve the intermittency problem. However, Energy Island requires only seas and lakes to develop this technology. This means it would be useful around the world and capable of serving in many countries, unlike SWDT do.

In conclusion, this essay has shown that solar wind Energy’s Downdraft Tower and Energy Island could be an encouraging solution to the intermittency problem. SWDT would help to improve energy sustainability by cooling the air at the top of the tower. That air then falls with high speed through turbines producing energy. Besides, Energy Island manages excess energy to pump the water out of the reservoir to let it pass later through the turbines to produce electricity when the demand is high. The application of technological developments of renewable energy in the modern world would reduce the emissions that cause climate change. Therefore, governments should support and urge companies to develop and more technologies.

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