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History of atom Our journey with the atom model dates back to 442 BC when Greek Philosopher Democritus proposed his theory of matter. While his theory was obviously not based on any observable science, it was entirely dependent on rationalism and was largely inspired by Greek philosophers, Leucippus and Anaxagoras. Democritus enters this discussion facing phenomenal resistance. His proposition so the atom disputed the prior explanation Empedocles, who describes the world and its contents as being made of a combination...
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In antiquity, philosophers posited a variety of ways in which the physical world is constructed. One such philosophy is that of Atomism, which proposed that the universe was made of indivisible, granular elements: atoms. An early example of a philosopher proposing atomism is Aruni, a Vedic scholar from 8th century BCE India, who theorized that particles too small to be seen mass together into the substances and objects of experience; Aruni suggested that these particles be referred to as kana...
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Niels Bohr, who was interested in explaining the spectrum of discrete lines that is observed when light is emitted by different elements. Many models of the atom have been proposed based on experimental data, including J.J. Thomson's discovery of the electron and Ernest Rutherford's discovery of the nucleus. Rutherford explained that in an atom, the nucleus is positively charged and surrounded by electrons in his Rutherford Model (negatively charged particles). The electrons follow a predetermined course known as orbits. Rutherford's...
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In 1700 BC, a king named Hammurabi’s found a metal and recorded it. 1300 hundred years later, Democritus, a philosopher added an atomic theory of Leucippus’s. He stated the impossibility of dividing atoms, being impenetrable, and have about the same density to its volume. Also, atoms are active throughout the human body and that is the cause for human movement. With his philosophy and the atomic theory, he gained and introduced more knowledge with one another. He believed space had...
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Abstract Crucibles, Bunsen burners, a hot plate, and an evaporating dish were used to examine the reactions of magnesium and oxygen, zinc and hydrochloric acid, and the dehydration of Copper (II) sulfate. The results were MgO, ZnCl2, and CuSo4 + 5H2O. Introduction Individual elements are chemically combined to form new, complex compounds through synthesis reactions. Synthesis reactions follow the pattern of simple to complex; which means that simple elements are combined in order to create complex compounds. Reactants get manipulated...
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In this essay, I will present the key scientists who studied the atomic theory and their contributions to science. Democritus Democritus lived in 5th century B.C. in Greece. “Democritus knew that if a stone was divided in half, the two halves would have essentially the same properties as the whole. Therefore, he reasoned that if the stone were to be continually cut into smaller and smaller pieces then, at some point, there would be a piece which would be so...
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Democritus Democritus was born in Abdera, around 460 BCE, some say in the range of 490. His dad was from an honorable family and of extraordinary riches, and contributed to a great extent towards the diversion of the military of Xerxes on his arrival to Asia. After the death of his dad, he went looking for wisdom, and gave his legacy to this reason, adding up to one hundred gifts. He is said to have visited Egypt, Ethiopia, Persia, and...
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In 1909, Ernest Rutherford discovered that the bulk of the atomic magnitude was tightly condensed into a nucleus, which was establish to be positively charged. It became clear from his assay in 1911 that the coveted pudding example may possibly not account for atomic structure. In 1913 as Rutherford's post-doctoral student, Neil’s Bohr planned a new form of the atom, in which electrons orbited the center with classical periods, but were barely allowed to give discrete principles of raw-boned momentum,...
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