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Abstract: Heat sink are a kind of heat exchanger used as a cooling system for electronic devices due to simplicity, low cost and reliable manufacturing process. The heat sink can be divided into plate fin, pin fin, cross fin, a combination of plate fin and pin fin, perforated plate fin and pin fin and radial heat sink. In the past decades, several published articles have focused on the thermal performance with forced convection. However, only a few publications have focussed...
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Abstract Polymers represent a good alternative option for current metallic heat exchangers. That is due to their low weight ,cost, and volumetric-thermal-capacity. Polymers also considered as stable anti-corrosive material. Furthermore, fouling is less likely to stick on polymer surface compared to metals. However, polymers thermal conductivity is way less that metals (more than 100 times). Several researches in the literature were dedicated to exploit the properties of polymers by several ways. The solutions reviewed here are: use polymeric coating for...
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This case study work focuses on recognising and quantifying internal heat sources in the first European analog space base: the recently constructed Ppolish LUNARES habitat. The paper explains the necessity of conducting analog space missions prior to an actual manned exploration of the Moon and Mars. Notions of internal heat loads and gains have been elaborated along with their significance for developing space building physics. This paper presents the results of thorough inspection of all internal heat sources, conducted by...
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Abstract: Geothermal energy is one of the cleanest non-conventional energy source. A promising application of harnessed geothermal energy are ‘ground source heat pumps(GSHP)’. Ground source heat pumps can be used for both commercial applications as well as domestic applications, the key reason being the fact that they are highly energy efficient, energy saving capabilities and their environment friendliness. The use of heat pipes(a heat transfer device) furthermore improves the efficiency and effectiveness of heat pumps. Hence many studies were conducted...
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Abstract This paper shows a thorough examination on various methods for upgrading heat transfer rate and pressure decrease in different compact or micro heat exchangers. The sole target of this study is to gather major thermodynamic highlights of micro heat exchangers displayed by fluent analysis and numerical examination for creative planning reason. The impact of balances and cylinders dispersing, geometry and shape on heat move execution are broadly talked about. The impact of various balances types and their design, tallness,...
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Cavity wall insulation is method used to reduce heat loss through the walls filling the air space with material that inhibits heat transfer. Cavity walls are constructed in houses. It is an outside wall and an inside wall with a space between the two walls which is air. This is known to be an effective way preventing of the wall inside house from becoming damp however the air gap can transfer heat by convection making the house colder. Heat loss...
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