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Physics in Daily Activity

Many people in this world really underestimate how physics contributes to our daily lives whether be walking, talking, or any other action. Many equations, graphs, and a little bit of math help us understand what goes on behind the curtain. Physics also have shared relations with science and combining those physics to other types of studies. To understand physics, we need to discuss the laws of motion which are called the Newton’s Laws of Motion, there are only three. According...
4 Pages 1708 Words

Derivation of Ideal Rocket Equation through Simple Physics Concepts and Formulae: Newton's Laws of Motion

1 Introduction I have always been interested in the physics and math behind rocketry and aviation. Aeronautical engineering is my dream job, making it an obvious idea to do some topic related to the same. Recently, I visited the Kennedy Space Centre where I saw the Saturn V rocket, the rocket that was used for all the Apollo missions. While I was bewildered by its very size and scale, what intrigued me the most was haw much of the mass/...
4 Pages 1807 Words

Analyzing the Relationship Between Physics and Human Behavior

In 1687 Isaac Newton presented the three laws of motion. These laws created a massive advancement into the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. The laws were taken very seriously and not many questioned them, since it was science. Fast forward to the modern day, behavioural laws have been introduced and people question and go up against every aspect of it. Like Isaac Newton’s laws, there are also three laws of human behaviour. These laws, although quite similar, have...
2 Pages 1012 Words

Why I Want to Be a Lineman Essay

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern civilization, a fundamental force that powers our homes, industries, and every aspect of our daily lives. At the heart of this vast electrical network is a group of unsung heroes – the linemen. These skilled professionals are the backbone of our electrical infrastructure, ensuring that this vital energy reaches every corner of our community safely and reliably. My desire to become a lineman stems from a deep appreciation for their critical role in our...
1 Page 664 Words

Dangers of Speeding: Personal Narrative Essay

My friend David has a motorcycle. This one is not very big, but it can reach a very dangerous speed. Just to remind those who like to speed, if you do it on the road, it is dangerous for you and other road users. One night when I was sitting in the back seat of David's motorcycle, I learned this in a very painful lesson. One night, we were on our way home after seeing a movie at a cinema...
2 Pages 689 Words

Essay about Playing Volleyball

Volleyball is categorised as a team sport however; an individual’s technique is a vital component to a team’s success. Maddy’s game performance lacked a particular basic technique known as the overhand serve. This was observed when the ball lacked the power to reach the opponent's defense. The overhand serve poses a great purpose in a game. To continually have possession, a fault-free service is compulsory. Lacking a powerful serve means forfeiting a point and sacrificing your team’s success by not...
4 Pages 1638 Words

Synthesis Essay on Daylight Savings

Daylight saving time, DST, more commonly called daylight savings has been part of Australia since at least 1971 except for Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia. However, this should change. All of Australia should partake in daylight savings. Good morning/afternoon Ms. Rae and class. By only having selected states or areas participating in daylight savings, it puts the rest of Australia out of sync. Daylight savings have many beneficial features that would help that outweigh the negative short-term transitional...
2 Pages 899 Words

Light Pollution Essay

By its formal definition, light pollution means the superfluous, unwanted, or poor use of manufactured light during nighttime. Other aliases include photopollution and luminous pollution. This is correct, by all means, but is inadequate in such a way that it doesn’t speak for all the parts that go into light pollution. In other words, light pollution is much more than that. More often than not, this specific type of pollution is overlooked. Light pollution effects are often ignored and aren’t...
3 Pages 1300 Words

What Is Electricity: Informative Essay

Electricity is an essential part of modern society. Many humans depend on it. Electricity helps power our computers and mobile devices, making work easier for millions of people. Electricity helps power stoves and microwaves, making it more convenient to cook and warm food. Electricity has made a huge impact on technological advancement and will continue to in the near future. There are many ways to generate electricity. One way is generators, where kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Another...
1 Page 402 Words

Life without Electricity: Essay

In this day and age, our society is heavily dependent on electricity. Although we may not realize it, we use electricity to do nearly every daily activity. In the hypothetical situation that the United States lost power for up to seven days, the consequences of this scenario could become extremely severe. The first day without power would be an inconvenience to many, but not a severe situation. When there is a loss of power, wells with an electric pump are...
2 Pages 838 Words

Physics of Rainbow Formation: Critical Essay

Rainbows are known for presenting themselves as a varied and fascinating phenomenon to the observers. The explanation of the formation of rainbows in optics usually incorporates the discussion of light rays through their bunching and spherical drop for certain angles of deflection, which corresponds to both the first-order and the second-order rainbows. Notably, rainbows have generated multiple myths and legends because of their unique and equally colorful display. In most cases, rainbows are seen when light from the sun passes...
3 Pages 1192 Words

Persuasive Essay on the Dangers of Teenage Speeding

Before they know it, their life could be flashing before their own eyes. Speeding isn’t the way to go. There are multiple crashes a year involving teens, some can be fatal. 32/100 of fatal crashes involve teen drivers. Speeding for teenagers is bad, it not only puts you in danger but also others. Around the world, teens are dying from speeding and crashing into objects such as cars, trees, and other things. Kids sometimes do it to look cool in...
1 Page 620 Words

Critical Essay on Speeding and Its Negative Consequences

Nowadays, traffic accidents are increasing every year, as a result of which many people are injured, even dead by the accidents. There are many types of traffic accidents that cause many people to die. One of the most issues that happen every day is speeding. In this essay, I want to prove that speeding can kill many people and affect the environment. Firstly, speeding could either kill or injure people around you and even yourself on the road. The cause...
1 Page 426 Words

Physics Behind the Motion, Design Shapes and Safety of Roller Coasters

The study aims at discussing the physics behind design and action of roller coasters by first stating the definition of a roller coaster. A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track design with tight turns, steep slopes and sometimes inversions (Wikipedia). The roller coaster applies a wide knowledge of physics concepts of work and energy mainly potential energy and kinetic energy, gravity and some uniform circular motion too in cases where...
3 Pages 1162 Words

Laws of Physics That Apply to Roller Coasters

The roller coaster has its beginning in Russia, where people applied in different ways during the 1600’s. People crafted slides made out of wood and went to the hills with sand where it could help them slowdown when they reach the downhill. This topic discussed in the essay is all about how these laws of physics apply to its design and the action of the roller coaster. Nowadays people in developed countries develop a mentality that if an entertainment park...
3 Pages 1158 Words

Peer Presence Effect on Speeding: Essay on Risk Taking

Research Question How different types of pressure can affect peer risk-taking on a fictional young male driver’s estimated speeding behavior and estimated intention to speed? Hypotheses Passive peer pressure would lead to a greater estimated speeding behavior of the scenario driver (ESBSD) and estimated intention to speed of the scenario driver (ESISD) than active pressure. High-risk-taking peers would have a higher estimated ESBSD and ESISD. Passive peer pressure with high risk-taking peers would have the highest ESBSD and ESISD than...
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Speed and Velocity as Factors to Forecast Kinematics of Rolling Object

The topic of kinematics in general, is an interesting topic for learning about and understanding since it includes a variety of subtopics that can be integrated through physics. This research topic can help people predict the motion of an object depending on the surface it rolls on, its density, its shape, its mass, and its volume. It interested me to find out/explore the wide perspective in predictions that come up when researching about kinematics of any rolling object, and how...
4 Pages 1818 Words

Soundwaves Represented by Various Speed and Energy of Air Molecules

Air we breathe in consists of molecules. Even the tiniest of regions of air will contain millions and millions of molecules. These molecules are in constant motion, traveling randomly and at great speed. There is a constant bombardment with each other and every other object that is in contact with the air. One interesting thing about air is that it is a medium through which heat or sound travels. But our current main attention will be on sound. Sound is...
2 Pages 811 Words

People and Physics behind the First Aircraft Flying Faster Than Speed Sound

If someone would have told us, more than 70 years ago, that could travel faster than the speed of sound, we’d nod our heads in disbelief and laugh. I mean, think about it. - Breaking the sound barrier is as mind-boggling as superman’s ability to defy gravity. But what if I told you, that a man achieved the impossible right before the 1950s? So, who is this guy? How did he manage to travel faster than the speed of sound?...
4 Pages 1701 Words

Electromechanical Solution for Vehical Speed Detection

Abstract Many people are getting killed in road accidents daily and it has become one of the major concerns for the whole world. According to WHO about 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day and an additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. The motivation behind this work is an attempt to make an Arduino based IOT system for real-time monitoring of speed and which aware people about the speed of the...
6 Pages 2762 Words

Speed of Light and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: Theoretical Method to Slow Time

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, in Germany and was a physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity, considered to be his most famous piece of work. His research spanned from quantum mechanics to theories about gravity and motion. After publishing some papers that changed how the world knew space, time and gravity, he toured the world giving speeches about his discoveries. Since a very young age, Einstein was extremely interested in science and was influenced...
3 Pages 1345 Words

Analysing Effect of Extra Wheels on Speed of Solar Car

Introduction: This report investigates the effect of wheels on the speed of a solar car. This is achieved by considering the effects of force and energy transformation and what happens if extra wheels are added. Force is the act of pushing or pulling on an object with mass that causes it to change velocity (e.g.: accelerating a car). Force is also a vector which means it has both magnitude and direction. Energy transformation aka energy conversion is the act of...
2 Pages 882 Words

Using the Concept Speed in Understanding Special Theory of Relativity

Introduction Newton's three laws of motion for several decades remained a matter of course. Until 1905, the physicist Einstein published a paper questioning the accuracy of these laws, which are now known as the Special Theory of Relativity, followed by the General Theory of Relativity, Its lack of understanding, where this understanding was based primarily on Newton's law of gravity. The theory of relativity states that the laws of physics do not change and are the same everywhere. The theory...
2 Pages 931 Words

Determining the Speed of Light by Applying the Fizeau-Foucault Apparatus

1. Introduction As a fundamental constant, the exact value of the speed of light has been disputed for centuries. The measurement of the speed of light brought arise to new areas of Physics such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This Theory of Relativity was based entirely on the relativistic effects caused by objects moving near the speed of light. This brought arise to an exclusively new area of Physics, furthermore it is no wonder why the velocity of light in...
3 Pages 1180 Words

Essay on Renewable Energy

The world has been powered by carbon-based energy since the industrial revolution. It is what humans know as convenient, reliable, and cheap. However, the environment is slowly paying the price for the use of these fossil fuels. A change needs to occur, and a willingness to switch to renewable energy is the only way to ensure the planet will remain intact. Humans are at fault here, deciding to burn limited resources when there is an alternative way to produce clean...
4 Pages 1739 Words

Essay on Why Speed Limits Are Important

Rational The claim, ‘Every K over is a killer has several aspects that could be investigated. The claim implies that driving an excessive amount over the regulated speed limit is dangerous and could cause possible death. The first aspect that can be investigated is what speed limits are and how speed limits are appropriately chosen for different areas and driving conditions. The research found that speed limits are set to improve safety by reducing the probability and severity of a...
3 Pages 1399 Words

The Main Advantages of Renewable Energy

Biomass is any waste, wood or crops that can be used as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Examples of biomass are bacterial decay, burning, fermentation and conversion. Burning is the earliest form of biomass, it was used up until the 1800’s and was used to heat up houses. Bacterial decay is when bacteria feed on dead organisms and create a gas called methane, this gas can be very bad for our environment by producing excess carbon dioxide or...
3 Pages 1246 Words

Scaling-up Renewable Energy and CO2 Capture Technologies: A Review

According to Ritchie (2019), Oceania emits 1.3 billion tonnes of CO2 yearly, which is equivalent to 1.3% of the global emissions. Wang et al. (2011) argue that most of the carbon emissions are as a result of the generation of non-renewable energy. From figure 8, in 2016, Oceania generated 227.7412GW of non-renewable energy and 67.29998GW of renewable energy. But, in 2050, it is projected that the region will be able to generate 49.97507GW of non-renewable energy and 708.5722GW of renewable...
4 Pages 1974 Words

Renewable Energy: The Green Road Towards 2025 and Beyond

The Scottish Government recognises the need to transition to a low-carbon economy. Current targets aim for the near-complete decarbonisation of Scottish energy by the year 2050 (Scottish Government, 2017). Renewable energy sources are a vital component of this plan and sufficient investment is needed to ensure adequate supplies of renewable energy are available to accommodate this transition. The Government has outlined specific targets to facilitate the shift towards decarbonisation. The Scottish Energy System Strategy states that renewable sources will supply...
3 Pages 1309 Words

Renewable Energy Intermittency

Energy is the most important element in the modern world. Therefore, it has consumed a vast amount of energy. Fossil fuels are the most sources of energy used worldwide. These sources cause carbon dioxide emissions and this leads to the problem of climate change. Because of this problem, the world needs to move to renewable sources of energy. The fact is that renewable sources of energy also have their problems. The major problem of renewable energy is intermittency. This essay...
2 Pages 711 Words
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