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Renewable Energy: The Green Road Towards 2025 and Beyond

The Scottish Government recognises the need to transition to a low-carbon economy. Current targets aim for the near-complete decarbonisation of Scottish energy by the year 2050 (Scottish Government, 2017). Renewable energy sources are a vital component of this plan and sufficient investment is needed to ensure adequate supplies of renewable energy are available to accommodate this transition. The Government has outlined specific targets to facilitate the shift towards decarbonisation. The Scottish Energy System Strategy states that renewable sources will supply...
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Renewable Energy Intermittency

Energy is the most important element in the modern world. Therefore, it has consumed a vast amount of energy. Fossil fuels are the most sources of energy used worldwide. These sources cause carbon dioxide emissions and this leads to the problem of climate change. Because of this problem, the world needs to move to renewable sources of energy. The fact is that renewable sources of energy also have their problems. The major problem of renewable energy is intermittency. This essay...
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Renewable Energy Evaluation

With each passing day, the issue of global warming grows more and more out of control. Even if we completely cut our emissions of greenhouse gases, the snowball is already rolling and the gases currently filling our atmosphere will still have long term effects on global temperature increases -- but the battle is not yet lost. Solving this problem that threatens the nature of creatures around the globe is still within our grasp, nations just need to act swiftly and...
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Renewable Energy Argumentative Essay

Recently, some people believe that nuclear, solar, wind and hydropower provide cheap and clean energy. The advantages of these sources of power far outweigh their disadvantages. I totally agree with that first of all, energy should be a very hot topic today. When it comes to energy, there are many abundant energy sources in our life. What impresses me most is solar energy. Solar energy exists everywhere in our life, just like the water heater in my own home.Solar energy...
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Reasons Why We Must Utilize Renewable Energy as a New Resource? Essay

EPA article says, 'Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution.' these benefits could bring many global situations to decrease and a better future. Over the years, earth has been taking damage and is increasing by human activity, which is affecting forests, animal life, and people as well. The reasons we must use renewable energy are that it minimizes types of pollutions, reduces the dependence on imported fuels, and a...
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Is Renewable Energy Really Green and Beneficial? Essay

Over the last few decades, concerns have been raised on whether renewable energy is green and beneficial, especially during this period when there are heightened efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Several bills have been sponsored to address the problem of sustainable energy sources; for instance, the former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates Marty Gearheart introduced the House Bill 2001 that sought to repeal several sections of the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act in West Virginia....
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Integration of Renewable Energy in Power Systems

This file focuses on the integration of renewable energy, disbursed generation, energy storage, thermally activated technologies and demand response into the electric distribution and transmission system. The electric energy zone round the world is present process long-term technical, financial and market transformations. Parts of these transformations is the task of integrating excessive shares of renewable energy, especially variable wind and solar. The concept of flexibility of a electricity device is key in phrases of balancing these variable sources while maintaining...
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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Utilization

Energy demand is required to improve people’s health, welfare, and meeting economic and social development is on the rise each day. All societies in the world need a form of power to support basic human essentials such as cooking, lighting, communication, mobility, and space comfort (Gielen et al. 2020). Fossils including oil, gas, and coal have been the most dominant source of fuel since 1850. These conventional sources have an adverse environmental impact on the environment because it emits excess...
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Could Europe be Powered by Renewable Energy? Essay

My research question is ‘Could Europe be powered by renewable energy?’ This science in society question falls in the research area of science that has an effect on the environment. The effects of climate change are quickly escalating due to excess greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere that are trapping in excess heat from the sun. A way to reduce emissions and save our planet would be to would be to change our energy sources and switch to renewable energy sources....
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Battery Energy Storage Systems: Assessment for Small-Scale Renewable Energy Integration

Solar energy is the green source with the widest potential and plays a vital role in developing energy all over the world. Human beings have been making use of solar energy as early as 7th century. Later on, due to the advancements in science and discoveries of alternative sources of energies - mostly non-renewable and fossil fuels, use of solar energy was found to be expensive and had comparatively poor performance than other energy sources. Since then more usage of...
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Role of Democritus and Dalton in the Development of Atomic Theory: Descriptive Essay

History of atom Our journey with the atom model dates back to 442 BC when Greek Philosopher Democritus proposed his theory of matter. While his theory was obviously not based on any observable science, it was entirely dependent on rationalism and was largely inspired by Greek philosophers, Leucippus and Anaxagoras. Democritus enters this discussion facing phenomenal resistance. His proposition so the atom disputed the prior explanation Empedocles, who describes the world and its contents as being made of a combination...
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Definition of Safe Sound Level: Analytical Essay

Safe Sound Level Practical Sound are waves produced by vibrations (OpenLearn, 2017). They can travel through solids, liquids and gases. However, the particles move differently in each of these forms. Sound waves travel fastest in solids, followed by liquids, then lastly gases (Oceanservice n.d). The molecules in solids are the most compacted, enabling sound to travel much faster in solids than in liquids or gases (NDT Resource Centre n.d). Sound waves moving through the air are longitudinal waves as they...
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Initial Research and Evolution of Atomic Theory: Discursive Essay

In antiquity, philosophers posited a variety of ways in which the physical world is constructed. One such philosophy is that of Atomism, which proposed that the universe was made of indivisible, granular elements: atoms. An early example of a philosopher proposing atomism is Aruni, a Vedic scholar from 8th century BCE India, who theorized that particles too small to be seen mass together into the substances and objects of experience; Aruni suggested that these particles be referred to as kana...
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Role of Niels Bohr in Development of Atomic Theory: Analytical Essay

Niels Bohr, who was interested in explaining the spectrum of discrete lines that is observed when light is emitted by different elements. Many models of the atom have been proposed based on experimental data, including J.J. Thomson's discovery of the electron and Ernest Rutherford's discovery of the nucleus. Rutherford explained that in an atom, the nucleus is positively charged and surrounded by electrons in his Rutherford Model (negatively charged particles). The electrons follow a predetermined course known as orbits. Rutherford's...
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Use of Different Methods to Define Density: Analytical Essay

Abstract Have you ever wonder why ice cubes floats when mixed with water? or when oil stays at the top of the water instead of mixing together? This goes back to 250 B.C when a Greek mathematician named Archimedes discovered density. Density explains the correlation of mass and volume and also when the object is supposed to rise, sink, or suspend an example is when oil stays at the top of the water that is because the oil is less...
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Estimation of Moisture Content and Density of Frozen and Unfrozen Wood Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy

1.0 Introduction Western hemlock is the single most plentiful tree species on the coast of British Columbia and makes up 18% of the volume of BC’s total growing stock. It grows along both the east and west sides of the coast range, from sea level to mid-elevations, as well as in the Interior wet belt west of the Rocky Mountains. It seldom grows in pure stands, and is usually mixed with Douglas-fir, amablis fir, sitka spruce, and western red cedar...
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Response of the Insects at Different Wavelength of Light and Photo Systems: Analytical Essay

Abstract: Advance illumination instruments have changed the scenario in distribution and intensity of lighting systems in this world. Development from fluorescent to white LED (light emitting diode) opens the door of illumination, pest control application and eco-friendly lighting. Color sensitivity in UV spectrum plays crucial role in navigation; meet selection, excitation in terrestrial invertebrate animals. This review shows the importance of each wavelength while selecting any lighting system for environmental applications. All major scientific studies are scanned as per the...
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Laws of Physics Involved in the Designing and Working of a Rollercoaster: Newton's Laws of Motion

Introduction Since its first opening in Paris on July 8, 1817, the rollercoaster remains to be the prime attraction of every modern theme park. The rollercoaster ride focuses on exposing the riders to a variety of magnitudes of forces, at different times, without compromising on the health and safety of the riders. To give maximum enjoyment whilst ensuring safety, manufacturers have to study and understand the different forces and conditions riders are exposed to while in the ride. This paper...
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Review on the Effect of Heat Transfer through Natural Convection in Various Geometry of Heat Sink: Analysis of Driving Force

Abstract: Heat sink are a kind of heat exchanger used as a cooling system for electronic devices due to simplicity, low cost and reliable manufacturing process. The heat sink can be divided into plate fin, pin fin, cross fin, a combination of plate fin and pin fin, perforated plate fin and pin fin and radial heat sink. In the past decades, several published articles have focused on the thermal performance with forced convection. However, only a few publications have focussed...
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The Sound Reducing Qualities of Greenery: Analytical Essay

Sound: A Basic Introduction What is Sound? Sound can be described as variations in density and pressure that expand in an elastic medium which could be a gas, liquid or solid body. The precondition for variations in pressure to be defined as sound is furthermore that in addition to the source of the sound and the transmitting medium, there should also be a receiver of the sound. What we humans experience as sound are variations of pressure in the air...
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Study of Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Transition Metals: The Basic Idea of the Density Functional Theory

Introduction: The basic idea of the density functional theory started in the nineteen-twenties with the work on the uniform electron gas of Thomas and Fermi [1, 2], who came up with the idea that the energy of a system is given completely in terms of its electron density. However, only in 1964, with the publication of the Hohenberg and Kohn (H-K) theorems [3], and in 1965, with the derivation of the set of mono electronic equations with which one can...
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Intelligent Street Light System: Analytical Essay

Abstract – Active street lighting has emerged as an essential factor in strategies for a resource-efficient economy and realization of sustainable growth. In the outdoor area, lights represent approximately 40 % of the total energy consumption at night and have much energy saving potential. If passers-by or vehicles, summarized as traffic elements, are not located near street lamps, it is not energy-efficient to turn them on. The idea is to activate street lights only when they will be used to...
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Electron Density Orientation and Mobility of Graphene: Analytical Essay

Abstract Our theoretical interpretation shows that the electron density is condensed at 150°orientation and perhaps the reason for the high mobility of electron in graphene. To determine the above result, the constructed monolayer of graphene contains 40 carbon atoms with 48 bonds in between them and 16 hexagonal polyhedra and the bilayer of graphene has 80 atoms with 96 bonds with 32 polyhedra. The hexagon of carbon lattice has an area of 5.24 Å2. One unit-cell has the volume of...
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Light Sensing Using Photodiode: Analytical Essay

Abstract The main aim of the project is to design a circuit which would allow the detection of light by using a photodiode and to critically assess in details how a light sensing circuit using a photodiode works to obtain a desired output. This is achieved by using a transistor Darlington pair, four resistors (2*330, 1k, 4.7k), one LED and a photodiode. In all processes of design all simulations, breadboard design and printed circuit board yielded the results that were...
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The Usage Polymers In Heat Exchanging Materials: Analytical Essay

Abstract Polymers represent a good alternative option for current metallic heat exchangers. That is due to their low weight ,cost, and volumetric-thermal-capacity. Polymers also considered as stable anti-corrosive material. Furthermore, fouling is less likely to stick on polymer surface compared to metals. However, polymers thermal conductivity is way less that metals (more than 100 times). Several researches in the literature were dedicated to exploit the properties of polymers by several ways. The solutions reviewed here are: use polymeric coating for...
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Analytical Essay on Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Abstract The topic of this paper that I want to specifically talk about is Newton’s Second Law of Motion and how his theory would show how the forms of mass, acceleration, and force would all coexists amongst each other whether that be finding the acceleration of an object on a particular surface or to measure the applied force on the object after each trial in the experiment. The question of this lab experiment is to find that the mathematical equation...
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Speed of Light through Gelatin: Analytical Essay

Introduction What is the speed of light and what affects? This question has been asked for hundreds of years and the answer is simple. The speed of light is approximately 299,792,458 m/s (Las Cumbres Observatory, 2019). This answers the first part of the question, but what about the second part? What affects the speed of light? The purpose of this experiment is going to be answering that question “What affects the speed of light?”. And in particular, does the density...
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The History of Chemistry: Analytical Essay on Development of Atomic Theory

In 1700 BC, a king named Hammurabi’s found a metal and recorded it. 1300 hundred years later, Democritus, a philosopher added an atomic theory of Leucippus’s. He stated the impossibility of dividing atoms, being impenetrable, and have about the same density to its volume. Also, atoms are active throughout the human body and that is the cause for human movement. With his philosophy and the atomic theory, he gained and introduced more knowledge with one another. He believed space had...
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Sound Absorbing Capability of Dried Alfalfa Hay: Analytical Essay

Noise pollution is an undesirable sound which can interfere with our lifestyle and wildlife, such as sleeping, communication, or disrupt or restrict the best quality lifestyle for us. An environment exposed to noise pollution can be a cause of heart related problems. Studies have shown that high intensity sound cause a substantial rise in blood pressure as noise levels constrict the arteries, interfering the blood flow. The heart rate (the number of heartbeats per minute) also increase. This was evident...
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Consequences of Different Approaches to Recording Sound: Analytical Essay

What are the consequences of different approaches to recording sound? Sound can be manipulated by various techniques. In Jack Walker's seminar, a variety of these techniques were explored such as creative microphone placements, processing and textures. He also discusses the effect of changing the equipment and space when recording. I will discuss a few of his approaches when recording. When recording, Walker uses gain staging in order to avoid Distortion. He illustrates this point by tapping the mic and adjusting...
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