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Essays on Chemistry

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Chemistry Of Forensic Techniques

The chemistry in forensic techniques is very important, and is a necessity in our world today. Forensics techniques are applied in many different ways. Although it is often forgotten, every person leaves behind a small part of their individual self wherever they happen to go...
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The Branches Of Chemistry

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions. You know everything in universe, whatever you can see, touch, feel or smell is matter. It is about anything containing weight and occupies space. Chairs are matter, table is...
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How Ethanol Affects The Temperature Of Water

Research Ethanol is a compound with the formula, C2H5OH. Ethanol is a clear, colourless liquid, that boils at 78.8° Celsius and freezes at -114.1° Celsius. It is often just called ‘alcohol’. It is also a good solvent – it is able to dissolve many substances...
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The Benefits Of Chemistry Research

Scientific research is vital for national development and material well-being of any country especially developing nation. While lack of scientific research is often a critical limitation to economic progress, hence, the importance of chemistry research in a developing nation cannot be over emphasized. In this...
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The Impact Of Chemistry On Society

Chemistry has impacted society by a broad discipline that applies to all industries such as medicinal chemistry, environmental sciences and material science and it has also aided technological advancements and fortifying natural defence and as a result helps and impacts people and the society in...
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Chemistry And Forensic Investigations

Forensic sciences and criminalistics have existed since ancient times, but until recently it was unknown. Throughout history, crimes have occurred in which there has always been an attempt to find the person responsible for applying justice. Many have been the crimes that have gone unpunished...
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The Advent Of Modern Chemistry

Chemistry is an ever-changing field. Theories are constantly being revised and rewritten because new information has become available or a new discovery has been made. Without the founding forefathers of chemistry: Aristotle, Lavoisier, John Dalton, and others, modern chemists would be at a complete loss....
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Coffee And Chemistry

In our busy lives we have to face lots of tiresome occasions; that we really need something to overcome and create a peaceful mind. For many, a cup of coffee is a great help that relaxes the situation. Even though everyone drinks, very few are...
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