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Essay about Periodic Table

The Periodic Table and Periodic Trends Introduction Periodic trends are plans that appear within the occasional table that lay out different viewpoints of a certain component, tallying its gauge and its electronic properties. Major occasional patterns incorporate electro-negativity, ionization imperativeness, electron enjoying, atomic clear, dissolving point, metallic character, and ionic clear. Intermittent patterns, developing from the course of activity of the irregular table, allow chemists with an invaluable gadget to quickly expect an element’s properties. These designs exist since of...
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Chemistry Of Forensic Techniques

The chemistry in forensic techniques is very important, and is a necessity in our world today. Forensics techniques are applied in many different ways. Although it is often forgotten, every person leaves behind a small part of their individual self wherever they happen to go without even realizing it. For this reason, forensics are often the key factor in providing evidence to solving crimes whether it is through fingerprinting, blood, or even a single strand of hair. Crime always has...
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Nursing And Chemistry Through My Own Eyes

I think there is a relationship between nursing and chemistry because nursing it is said to be a act and the science. And chemistry is science which shows how molecules of stuff interact with each other and the whole body of a person operate in molecular level. Which means us as nurses or as healthcare workers we need chemistry in order to understand what is going on within the body. I know it does not only relies on chemistry only...
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Use Of Computer And Augmented Reality In Chemistry Teaching

Chemistry had been regarded as a difficult subject for students by many researchers, teachers, and science educators because of the abstract nature of many chemical concepts, teaching styles applied in the class, lack of teaching aids, and difficult symbolic language of chemistry. For a better understanding of its concepts, students need to visualize chemical structures and molecules in three dimensions. Picturing chemical structures in three dimensions has consistently been troublesome. Traditionally, we have utilized molecular models for this reason, normally...
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The Branches Of Chemistry

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions. You know everything in universe, whatever you can see, touch, feel or smell is matter. It is about anything containing weight and occupies space. Chairs are matter, table is matter, walls, room, fan, black board, chalk, and in fact everything that is present around us, even the air, we breathe. Analytical chemistry Involves the identification of qualitative analysis of compounds and mixtures and also...
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How Ethanol Affects The Temperature Of Water

Research Ethanol is a compound with the formula, C2H5OH. Ethanol is a clear, colourless liquid, that boils at 78.8° Celsius and freezes at -114.1° Celsius. It is often just called ‘alcohol’. It is also a good solvent – it is able to dissolve many substances that are not soluble in water. It also evaporates quickly, much faster than water. Ethanol is used in wine, aftershave, deodorants and perfumes. Ethanol burns well in air, giving out heat: C2H5OH(l) + 3O2(g) →...
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The Benefits Of Chemistry Research

Scientific research is vital for national development and material well-being of any country especially developing nation. While lack of scientific research is often a critical limitation to economic progress, hence, the importance of chemistry research in a developing nation cannot be over emphasized. In this case, Nigeria. Chemistry research has so many economic benefits, notwithstanding the negative role chemistry research does play globally, such as pollution and drug abuse, the positive roles are also well known. Chemistry is the central...
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The Impact Of Chemistry On Society

Chemistry has impacted society by a broad discipline that applies to all industries such as medicinal chemistry, environmental sciences and material science and it has also aided technological advancements and fortifying natural defence and as a result helps and impacts people and the society in many ways and on a daily basis and in the ‘past two centuries the development of nuclear technology and electronics has been aided by chemistry’. (1) Medicinal chemistry industry has a large impact on society...
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Chemistry And Forensic Investigations

Forensic sciences and criminalistics have existed since ancient times, but until recently it was unknown. Throughout history, crimes have occurred in which there has always been an attempt to find the person responsible for applying justice. Many have been the crimes that have gone unpunished due to the absence of a science that was dedicated to solving them. It is when the need arises to create forensic sciences, which helps to find the culprits and provides them with the corresponding...
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The Advent Of Modern Chemistry

Chemistry is an ever-changing field. Theories are constantly being revised and rewritten because new information has become available or a new discovery has been made. Without the founding forefathers of chemistry: Aristotle, Lavoisier, John Dalton, and others, modern chemists would be at a complete loss. Chemistry is a collaborative effort between the work of those scientists that have existed before and those that exist now. The discovery of the composition of the atom and the discovery of radiation and radioactivity...
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Coffee And Chemistry

In our busy lives we have to face lots of tiresome occasions; that we really need something to overcome and create a peaceful mind. For many, a cup of coffee is a great help that relaxes the situation. Even though everyone drinks, very few are aware about the chemistry of coffee. So it’s time to look at the chemistry of this cup!! Most of the Western countries consider coffee as a phenolic richest source in their diet. It also has...
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Flavonoids In Organic Chemistry

Introduction Flavonoids are the naturally occurring compounds having multiple phenolic functionalities, found in plants. It was first discovered in 1930’s when its isolation and extraction was done from oranges, they were known to have another vitamin which was referred to as Vitamin P. Later on they were named as flavonoids. Basically they consists of 15 carbon atoms arranged in such a way that they are comprised as 2 benzene rings, attached to a hetero-cyclic ring of pyrane or maybe a...
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The History Of Chemistry

Chemistry was first found in 1661 and its first modern chemist was called Robert Boyle. Boyle worked with gases and was the first to disagree with the Greek idea of four elements in his book The Skeptical Chymist published in 1661. This theory was odd because the Greek were the first people to record their studies and come up with the idea of elements as well as early models and atoms. Boyle also stated that “All reality and change can...
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Body Chemistry And Criminality

Abstract The elements of a crime are complex. Criminologists still argue whether the dominating cause is sociological, psychological, or something else. Additional blockade to progress is the fact that criminal violence is not a single status, but rather a diverse set of afflictions. The study controlled for a host of possible intervening factors, including gender, diet, illicit drug use, psychiatric medications, the season of the year, dietary processor of serotonin, alcohol and tobacco use, body mass, socioeconomic status, IQ, and...
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The Chemistry Behind Cookies

Abstract For our project we made cookies and found out why certain ingredients affect the cookies and how they affected it. We used a basic recipe for cookies and took out one ingredient at a time flour first, then unsalted butter ,then baking soda , and lastly eggs we found out that the flour makes it a dough, the butter makes it thinner and crispier, the eggs make it fluffier, and the baking soda causes a reaction twice to make...
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Green Chemistry Importance And Applications

What is green chemistry? Green chemistry is the intention of chemical products and the developments that are used to decrease and remove the creation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry should be applied in every part of the chemical’s life cycle from its creation and manufacture to its disposal (US EPA, 2019). Green chemistry begins at molecular level and applies to all sectors of chemistry. Through advances in chemical creations and scientific solutions it helps to counteract the production of pollution....
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Outline: In Defense Of Chemistry

Nowadays, many people are interested in whether chemistry should be taught at public in school. Because some people did not like to study chemistry, and school did not have enough money for students to learn it,therefore they think school should cancel chemistry classes. However, it is necessary for students to study chemistry. To begin with, chemistry explain the nature world. Furthermore, it prepares for people to get better jobs. Moreover, learning chemistry is result in better informed citizens of nature...
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Inorganic Chemistry as the Amazing Helper

We might wonder why inorganic chemistry is important. Why we should have to study inorganic chemistry? How studying inorganic chemistry helps to improve our life? Some will say, it is boring and irrelevant. Sure, it is helpful if we are a chemist but for some, studying inorganic chemistry is just waste of time. Have you ever wondered why we use soap or detergent when washing our oily hands and even container? Well, Inorganic chemistry is more than a subject that...
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Green Chemistry: Importance And Applications

Introduction Green chemistry can be defined as the formation of chemical products to reduce and eliminate the use of hazardous compounds. Green chemistry uses innovative research for the development of alternative green and sustainable technologies. Green chemistry is evolving branch of science that is trying to reduce and eliminate the impact of hazardous chemicals on the environment and human health. ( First research on the green chemistry occurred in the 1990s. Today green chemistry is applied to all industry sectors....
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Organic Chemistry In Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction Aromaticity is defined as a property of the conjugated cycloalkenes , which enhances amolecule’s stabilization due to its ability todelocalize electrons present in the orbitals of π . For example benzene is an aromatic compound . Benzene is primarily used as an Intermediate material to produce other chemicals which is used in different fields of life . Benzene is mainly used as a precursor to the manufacturing of more complex chemical compounds , such as acetaminophen . we will...
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The Chemistry Of Soda

The chemistry behind soda is very interesting. Soda is made of four main ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup phosphoric acid and in most cases caffeine. Carbonated acids are a main part of soda they help make the fizz of the soft drink carbonated acid is made by pumping carbon gases into water (H2CO3). The carbonated acids are then combined with Water and Carbon Dioxide to make Carbonic Acids which is the full makeup of the fizz of the...
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Chemistry In Chemical Weapons

Abstract Chemical weapons are specialized weapons to inflict death or harm on humans. For example, blister agents will burn a person’s mucous membranes, skin and eyes. Chemical weapons were used during war as it is deadly and stealthy. During world war 1,there was a colorless chemical weapon that makes the soldiers did not noticed that they have received a fatal dose. The chemical weapons have high potential to be used not only in war but in daily life as protection...
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The Role Of Chemicals To Human Structure And Function

Introduction In this research, it will discuss the role of chemicals to our human structure and function. It will be about the levels of chemical organization, chemical bonding, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. This research should be able you to define the terms atom, element, molecule, and compound. It will describe the structure of an atom, compare the contrast ionic and covalent types of chemical compounds bonding. It will let you distinguish between organic and inorganic chemical compounds. It will...
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The Meaning Of Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry is essentially chemistry that reduces or eliminates hazardous substances in its processes and products. It is more than cleaning up pollution or treating hazardous waste, it’s keeping the hazardous chemicals out of the environment and stopping pollution at its source. It is important because if we are to reverse climate change, we can’t just clean up pollution, we have to stop the pollution. There are many ways Green Chemistry is beneficial for our health and environment and many...
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Chemistry: Hemodialysis Vs. Peritoneal Dialysis

July 2015 my father was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure and heart failure; I remember thinking these illnesses were rare. I’ve come to find out that they aren’t rare at all, the sad truth is that many people all around the world suffer from kidney disease and more severely kidney failure. There are three common treatments to combat these diagnoses; kidney transplant, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. I wanted to learn more about the two treatments that my dad has...
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Chemistry Investigation On Fullerenes

RATIONALE Scientists have discovered over 249 different forms of viruses in human history! For centuries, the human race has been confronted by severe viral infections causing world or nation-wide pandemics, each time claiming thousands of lives and slowing the growth of humankind. But what if, after all these years there has proved to be an answer… FULLERENES. Fullerenes are an allotrope of carbon; however, their structures differentiate from diamond and graphite which are also types of carbon. A fullerene molecule’s...
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The Features Of Medicinal Chemistry

The chemical building block (CBB) is a molecule which can be converted to various secondary chemicals and intermediates, and, in turn, into a broad range of different downstream uses. The organic building blocks assembly is an effective strategy to synthesize materials. Simple molecule structures such as tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is an universal and magical monomer that are widely used in the construction of high polymer materials and nonlinear optics materials. The simplicity of manufacture greatly promote their application in material industry...
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How Is Analytic Chemistry Used In The Medical Industry?

Introduction Analytical chemistry considers and employs a variety of equipment and methods in order to separate, identify and quantify matter. After the first flame tests in 1860, the importance of qualitative and quantitative analysis has been identified and major advancements have been made with many of the spectroscopic and spectrometric methods only being refined in the late 20th century. One of these methods includes the analytical technique ‘mass spectrometry’. Mass spectrometry assesses the mass-to-charge ratio of ions. Since mass spectrometry...
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Chemistry And Biochemistry

Introduction The rise of obesity has increased dramatically due to our lifestyle, how our food is prepared and our consumption of convenient fast food at our finger tips. In the case study that I will be discussing it’s about a 18year old male, known as John, and for his age he is overweight by 40 kilograms. His level of obesity, is due to his consumption of a very high rich carbohydrate diet, especially in the form of ‘junk food’. If...
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Chemistry Behind Fireworks

Have you ever wondered how fireworks actually work? Fireworks have been used for centuries as a source of entertainment, a method of communication and for religious reasons. Fireworks were invented in China. The earliest fireworks were made from hollow bamboo stalks filled with a simple chemical composition called ‘black powder’. This powder produces a small exploding reaction when ignited. In recent times, fireworks have evolved significantly in complexity in order to produce a great diversity of colours and patterns, and...
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