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If you've been wondering about the difference between osmosis and diffusion for some time then you're in luck because today we're going to lift the lid on these two often confused words in an accessible manner that you'll be able to easily understand. In their base form, both words are actually direct opposites of one another. You'll soon understand precisely...
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Abstract Silver/Chitosan nanodispersion (Ag/CS) prepared by gamma ray was used to modify the thin-film composite reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. The silver nitrate solutions were added to the chitosan solution with different concentrations of 5 to 20 (wt/wt %) and exposed to gamma radiation at different irradiation doses. The size of the silver/chitosan nanodispersion is investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM)....
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Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is a student-centered Pedagogic strategy, a process that is ideally led by students. This strategy aims to teach students science by doing it, to attain conceptual change, or accommodate new knowledge, as Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development claims. To achieve that, students work collaboratively. Build on previous knowledge and one another’s work engaging in active self-directed...
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With nutrients being consumed daily by individuals, this lab serves to inform one of the processes of osmosis and diffusion when digested, as well as detecting the nutrient that will result in either process. Due to the human viewing the objective, they must be informed of the processes that occur within their bodies, hence the usage of a semi-permeable membrane...
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The mass of each will be recorded at 24 hours and then again at 48 hours, to provide data for an approximate curve of when osmosis is fastest to when or if the line plateau’s out, indicating that equilibrium has been reached. These curves between each concentration of solution can be compared to create a visual comparison of osmosis. A...
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Abstract This Paper describes the tuning of PID (proportional integral and derivative) by using a technique which is generally known as Particle Swarm Optimization. The technique reloves around the iterative method in terms of approach. In Reverse Osmosis System the method is used to adjust the pH level of the water in the system. The Particle Swarm Optimization is used...
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Purifying seawater has many benefits. Among those include providing potable water for third world countries, adequate amounts of agricultural water supply, and the ability to use the oceanic water supply as a source of drinking water. The current methods for purifying contaminated or salinated water include reverse osmosis and distillation. Both methods are energy-intensive and costly in terms of materials...
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