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The Effect Of The Concentration Of Potato Extract Enzyme And Surrounding Temperature On The Absorbance Of Benzoquinone

Introduction Energy, the ability to do work, plays a key role in all living organisms by providing its cells with fuel to function properly. Because of this, metabolism also plays a key role in all living organisms. Metabolism measures all of an organism’s chemical reactions. One of the main functions of metabolism is to organize the energy of the organism which is done through metabolic pathways. The metabolic pathway begins with a specific molecule which is then altered down its...
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Various Enzyme Preparations and Their Aspects

In the past 20 years, various enzyme preparations have been used in meat processing. The common points of enzyme preparations are: strong professionalism and can be carried out under mild conditions; low cost and energy consumption in processing; significant changes in meat properties and meat quality improvement; high production efficiency; No harmful ingredients remain in the meat. The usage of nine enzyme preparations for meat processing is introduced for reference. Transglutaminase Currently there is more production in Europe and the...
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Effect Of Temperature On Bacterial And Fungal Enzyme Activity And Starch Breakdown

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the optimal temperature for both bacterial enzyme amylase, known as Bacillus licheniformis (B. licheniformis), and fungal enzyme amylase, known as Aspergillus oryzae (A. oryzae). During this experiment, both enzymes were exposed to 4 different temperatures (0 ᵒC, 25 ᵒC, 55 ᵒC, and 85 ᵒC) for specific time intervals. The time intervals were 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 minutes each. Because we are conduction an experiment, the 0 ᵒC was...
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The Fragility Of An Enzyme

Bromelain was first identified in 1891. Vicente Marcano, a Venezuelan chemist, isolated it by taking pineapple and fermenting it. Only one year later, in 1892, more research was conducted on the enzyme by Russell Henry Chittenden, Elliott P. Joslin, and Frank Sherman Meara. They named the enzyme Bromelain. They discovered that Bromelain is good at dividing proteins such as the collagen in steak, as well as in the tongue. Bromelain is a protein-absorbing enzyme that helps to hydrolyze protein into...
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How Does Enzyme Biotechnology Impact Our Daily Life?

Enzyme biotechnology and industrial enzyme production exist in our daily life and. In many cases, commercial processes first utilize naturally occurring enzymes. However, this does not mean that the enzyme can be utilized as effective as possible. With time, research and improved protein engineering methods, many enzymes have been genetically engineered to be more effective at the desired temperature, pH or other manufacturing conditions that normally inhibit enzyme activity (eg, irritating chemicals), making them even more suitable and effective for...
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The Progress Of Multi-enzyme Biological Feed

Multi-enzyme feed is a type of biological feed. This kind of feed is rich in a variety of feed enzymes, which can eliminate the anti-nutritional components in feed ingredients to a certain extent or play a supplementary role in animal endogenous enzymes. Therefore, it is beneficial to improve the quality of the existing feed and increase the utilization rate of the feed. Based on the relevant data at home and abroad, we reviewed the types and functions of common feed...
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Temperature vs. Enzyme

Enzymes are proteins that help with digestion and metabolism. Their function is to speed up certain reactions within cells. In this case, enzymes were part of a reaction with iodine. A total of eight test tubes were used; four for bacterial amylase and the other four for fungal amylase. A spot place was used to see the reaction between the amylase and iodine. Four out of the eight test tubes were labeled with the letter ‘S’ for starch solution. Each...
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The Features Of Biological Enzyme

A biological enzyme is a non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly biological catalyst. Biological enzymes have great advantages in the textile printing and dyeing industry. To speed up the development of various biological enzyme preparations, solve some problems in textile printing and dyeing, reduce as much as possible the decline in fiber strength and low efficiency of enzyme preparations, develop high temperature resistant enzyme species, expand the scope of protease applications, and accelerate China’s textile printing and dyeing Industrial technological transformation....
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Garbage Enzyme: Its Characterization, Microbial Composition And Growth Promoting Activity

Abstract Garbage enzyme as additive in synthetic grey water treatment. Fermentation products are kitchen waste, water, Brown sugar. Reduce the pollutant in grey water, used for various household purposes. Garbage enzymes also have antimicrobial activity. It is an eco-friendly biotechnology approach to waste water treatment. Introduction Industrialization revolutionized the world as it brought along with technological leap. Due to change, it is a host of environmental problems. More impact on the use of newer biotechnological approaches termed as Green biotechnology....
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Application Of Microbial Enzymes In Food Industry

Introduction In our society, using enzymes or microorganisms in food preparation has become widely known. As new technology has been developed, new application fields have been developed and pioneered. Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and the other enzymes are highly used for improving the taste and texture and eventually obtain enormous economic benefits to industries. With the advancement of technology, the use of recombinant DNA technology has made it possible to produce new enzymes suitable for specific food processing conditions....
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How To Make Fish Sauce By Biotechnology Using The Enzyme Papain

Abstract Resources in Indonesia are very large, especially sources that are food. One of the abundant resources in Indonesia is its fisheries resources, therefore the food must be processed in such a way as to have good quality and quality. Good quality and quality can help increase economic value and nutritional value in the community. There are many ways that are used to process food resources in the fisheries sector. One of the methods used is biotechnology. Methods of using...
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The Effects Of Temperature, Ph And Oxygen Levels On The Enzymatic Activity In Red Apples

Introduction The browning of an apple or other foods like potatoes and bananas are something that we have all seen in our everyday life. This phenomenon is caused by the interaction of enzymes, that are naturally found in plants, with oxygen. These enzymes oxidize to create the brown colour that we are familiar with. Enzymes are natural catalysts that help to speed up certain chemical reactions within plants and animals (DiGiuseppe, Frazer, LeDrew, Vavitsas, &White-McMahon, 2012, p. 50). Enzymes bind...
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The Effect Of pH On Enzyme Action

RATIONALE Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts within living cells. Catalysts increase the rate at which chemical reactions occur without being consumed or permanently altered themselves by lowering their activation energy (Christensen, 2018). Every enzyme has a region called active site, where enzymes are binds to a substrate to create another enzyme and carries a reaction. Enzyme is important because it’s a metabolic pathway in the body like respiration, building muscle, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles during...
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Biology: Usage Of Enzymes In Industries

In science, enzymes are being used as bio-catalysts, meaning they accelerate chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy. Enzymes play a significant role in the lives of living organisms as they give aid in metabolic activities such as respiration and digestion, as well as help to maintain homeostasis. Apart from this, enzymes work as substances which break-down particles like protein, starch and fat, into smaller molecules, parts. Whilst enzymes are essential for the written above, there are numerous of other...
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Biological Enzyme And Its Application In Cosmetics

Biology needs a metabolic reaction at all times. This is because a special type of catalyst-enzymes are widely present in the body. It can effectively reduce the activation energy of each molecule participating in a chemical reaction, enabling the organism to complete various chemical reactions quickly and efficiently. Plant photosynthesis, human digestion and absorption of food all occur and complete with the direct participation of enzymes. Enzyme is a kind of protein with special function produced by living cells, and...
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Role Of Protein Kinase Enzymes In Apoptosis

Introduction Protein Kinase A kinase is an enzyme serves as catalyst which facilitates the transfer of phosphate groups from high-energy, phosphate-donating molecules to specific substrates. This process is known as phosphorylation, where the substrate gains a phosphate group (and become phosphorylated substrate) and the high-energy ATP molecule donates a phosphate group (and become as ADP). On the other hand, the de-phosphorylation process is when the phosphorylated substrate donates a phosphate group back to the ADP which become as ATP accordingly....
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Enzyme Biotech: What Enzymes Are And How They Work

Enzymes are key protein molecules in living systems. Once synthesized, they are not usually converted to other kinds of molecules, and so are the substances taken in as fuel for digestive and respiratory processes (such as sugar, fat, and molecular oxygen). This is because enzymes are catalysts, which means they can participate in chemical reactions without themselves being changed, just like the moderator of a public debate who ideally moves the participants and the audience toward a conclusion by dictating...
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Amylase Concentration And Enzyme Production

Abstract The purpose of the investigation was to examine the correlation of enzyme production in response to the evolutionary impact of AMY1 gene copy numbers in individuals. Based upon research obtained in previous studies, there was an assumed positive correlation between gene copy numbers and the production of salivary amylase protein levels in mg/mL. Variances in copy numbers can be explained by individual ancestral history. This is primarily dependent on the specific geographical locations where gene copy numbers within a...
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Investigating Enzymatic Reactions To Determine The Concentration Of Glucose Of Coke And Gatorade

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the glucose concentration in popular drinks coke and Gatorade and to identify how a changing environment can impact the hydrolysis of sucrose. This was examined by a series of mutli- enzymatic reactions of glucose resulting in NADPH, measured by a spectrophotometer at 340nm. The results showed the glucose concentration of coke 2.30 g/100ml and Gatorade 1.06g/100ml.These results in contrast to advertised nutritional values of glucose didn’t correspond as they were lower...
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Detailed Introduction To Enzyme Disinfectant

Currently, the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has led to an unprecedented shortage of disinfectants, hand sanitizers and detergents, especially in the United States and Europe. Hand sanitizer is regarded as an auxiliary product of hand soap and liquid. Since no vaccines or antiviral drugs have been developed to prevent or treat the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the importance of using hand sanitizer for personal hygiene and disinfection has reached a new height. To prevent the spread of coronavirus and control the number of...
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Effect Of Using Papain Enzymes With Different Concentrations On Chemical Characteristics Of Tutu Soy Sauce

ABSTRACT Research held on month July 2012 in laboratory Technology Results Fisheries Industry Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Food Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Engineering and analyzed at the Nutrition Laboratory of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Padjadjaran University. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of papain enzyme against chemical characteristics of the resulting soy Tutut. The treatment used is the administration of papain enzymes with a percentage, namely: A = 0%, B =...
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Enzyme Industry: Endless Opportunities Using Biotechnology On Marine Microorganisms

Oceans provide 90 percent of living space on our planet Earth by volume and about 95 percent of this enormous area is still unseen by humans. (1) This huge area holds infinite opportunities with a massive diversity of organisms. The plants, animals and all the other microorganisms, even the tiniest ones that live in the salt water of the sea or ocean or brackish water or coastal estuaries are altogether known as marine life. (2) As the conditions of living...
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Examination Of The Bodily And Enzymatic Processes: Osmosis Transpiration Within The Membrane And Body

With nutrients being consumed daily by individuals, this lab serves to inform one of the processes of osmosis and diffusion when digested, as well as detecting the nutrient that will result in either process. Due to the human viewing the objective, they must be informed of the processes that occur within their bodies, hence the usage of a semi-permeable membrane and substances to determine the process. The processes must be acknowledged as well as the functions of nutrients within the...
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Combination Of Enzyme-Assisted And Other Techniques To Extract Bioactives

With the rising importance of enzyme-assisted extraction of essential oil from plant and microbial sources, researchers are now interested in studying the effect of combination of enzyme-assisted extraction and other non-conventional extraction techniques on the extraction of essential oil. Non-conventional techniques such as three-phase partitioning, microwave-assisted extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction, and supercritical fluid extraction (Gupta et al. 2012). The combination of enzyme-assisted extraction and these techniques can be considered economical as well as an efficient method to extract essential oil. Enzyme-Assisted...
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Prevention Of Neuron Cell Aging By Activation Of Telomerase Enzyme

Abstract This review article to determine the activation of telomerase enzyme on neuron cells and how it is used as therapeutic target to treat aging of neurons on disease condition, animal models experimental and case studies such as activate telomerase enzyme to preserve telomere gene length, preventing telomere shortening on age related disease especially in aging of neurons which impacting on age related neurodegenerative disorders. Mice brain astrocytes models were used with inducing telomerase enzyme (TERT) expression with hypoxia and...
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The Factors That Affect The Enzyme Activity

Enzyme is a protein molecule that takes on a particular shape which enables them to speed up biochemical reactions within the organisms, therefore behaving as a catalyst. It can also be used in industrial and medical contexts. Bread making, cheese making and beer brewing all depend on the activity on enzymes, and enzymes can be inhibited if their environment is too acidic or too basic. The rate of action of an enzyme is highly dependent on many key variables, including...
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Kinetics Of Starch And Amylase Enzyme

Introduction Starch is a common polysaccharide, made up of glucose monomers (Serrano and Peralta, 2015). Pancreatic amylase is often the enzyme involved in the digestion of starch (Chegeni et al., 2018). Amylase is also an exoenzyme and facilitates the digestion of dietary carbohydrates (Nifty et al., 2019). Amylase causes conformational changes in starch, resulting in a reduced viscosity, and increased solubility (Vafina et al., 2018) Amylase is often used in the food industry, in the health field, as well as...
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The Characteristics Of Enzyme Technology

Enzyme Technology Technology used to preserve various forms of food such as fruit and vegetables can often rely heavily on natural resources such as the utilization of fossil fuels for energy consumption. Enzymes can be used as an alternative method to the pre-established technologies many of which are unsustainable in the food processing industry. Enzyme technology is an efficient method for food preservation as the enzymes can accelerate reactions such as the breakdown of chitin in cell walls of pathogens,...
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Application Of Enzyme Technology In Dairy

With the rapid development of the dairy cattle breeding industry and the dairy industry, the output of raw milk and dairy products has increased significantly, the variety of dairy products has been greatly enriched, and the quality has also made a qualitative leap. High and new technologies such as gene technology, enzyme technology, microbial technology, high-pressure technology, and cold sterilization technology are also increasingly used in dairy production. Enzymes are proteins with catalytic functions produced by living cells, and they...
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How Temperature, Enzyme Concentration, And Substrate Concentration, And The Presence Of An Inhibitor Affects Reaction Rate

Abstract The experiment that was performed over two weeks served to examine how the amount of enzyme, amount of substrate, presence of inhibitor, or the magnitude of temperature changes the reaction rate between the enzyme and substrate present. The enzyme used in these experiments was peroxidase which was extracted from turnips and placed in flasks to be transferred into tubes and would later be mixed with the substrate to start the reaction. The substrate used in the experiment was hydrogen...
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