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Determination Of Protein Concentration In Yoghurt Samples Using Bradford's Protein Assay

Food, substance consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other nutrients used in the body of an organism to sustain growth and vital processes and to furnish energy. The absorption and utilisation of food by the body is fundamental to nutrition and is facilitated by digestion. Protein, highly complex substance that is present in all living organisms. Proteins are of great nutritional value and are directly involved in the chemical processes essential for life. Proteins are species-specific; that is, the...
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Effect Of HCL Concentration On Rate Of Reaction

The original experiment qualitatively examined the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction. This experiment occurred by measuring two concentrations (0.5M and 1M) of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in both powder and solid form 10g of Calcium Carbonate affected the rate of reaction. The original experiment consisted of only one trial and two concentrations of hydrochloric acid (HCl). This led to the following research question being developed. Research question “Does increasing the concentration of 20mL Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in increments...
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How Is Marine Biodiversity Affected As A Result Of Nitrate Concentration?

Rationale The nitrogen cycle (Figure 1.0.1) is complex and involves chemical, geological and biological processes. Flora, fauna and various bacteria are involved. Air is approximately 79% nitrogen but nitrogen gas cannot be used by most living organisms. Instead, plants must obtain their nitrogen from the soil as nitrate and animals obtain their nitrogen from plants or other animals. Nitrogen is an essential component of proteins and nucleic acids, so all organisms require a supply of it. Humans cannot fix nitrogen...
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Protein Concentration: 2% V. Almond Milk

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the absorbance and concentration of two samples (2% milk and almond milk) compared to standard concentrations. The absorbances were found through spectrophotometry of each sample. The result of this test showed that the amount of protein in the 2% milk and almond milk were less than the majority of the standard samples. The hypothesis was supported by the findings of this experiment. Introduction Proteins are composed of amino acid chains and...
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The Effects Of Hydrogen Ion Concentration On The Rate Of Enzymatic Browning Reaction Of Cut Apples

Introduction In our IB biology class, we’ve learned about enzymatic reaction and we’ve done the experiment on that unit. The experiment was about the rate of enzymatic reaction of lactosemilk by using an enzyme called lactase at different temperatures. At different temperatures, the rate of reaction changed. I was interested in this topic because there were more factors, not only temperature but also hydrogen ions concentration, presence of inhibitor, and concentration of substrate, which affect the rate of an enzymatic...
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Concentration Of Heavy Metals In Borehole Water From Ikono Urban, Ikono Local

The concentration level of heavy metals (Pb, As, Cu and Fe) were assessed in five boreholes waters from Ikono Urban. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer was used to analyze the water samples. The results showed that Pb ranged from 0.15±0.040 – 0.40±0.094 mg/L; As, 0.05±0.008-0.10±0.041 mg/L; Cu, 0.02±0.008-0.06±0.016 mg/L and Fe, 0.20±0.016 – 0.37±0.025 mg/L. The concentration levels of Pb and As in the borehole samples were above WHO, NAFDAC and SON permissible/allowable limit, Cu is lower than the allowable limit while...
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How Temperature, Enzyme Concentration, And Substrate Concentration, And The Presence Of An Inhibitor Affects Reaction Rate

Abstract The experiment that was performed over two weeks served to examine how the amount of enzyme, amount of substrate, presence of inhibitor, or the magnitude of temperature changes the reaction rate between the enzyme and substrate present. The enzyme used in these experiments was peroxidase which was extracted from turnips and placed in flasks to be transferred into tubes and would later be mixed with the substrate to start the reaction. The substrate used in the experiment was hydrogen...
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Tear Protein Concentration

Comparing the protein concentration of unstimulated and stimulated tears, the data displayed an equal variance with a T test P-value of 0.224. The P-value signifies there was no significant difference in protein concentration between stimulated and unstimulated tears. Fullard and Snyder (1990) concluded eight out the twelve proteins of tear concentration were found to be significantly higher in unstimulated tears compared with that of stimulated tears. These proteins found to be higher were IgA, IgA-SC, IgA1, IgA2, IgM, IgG, Transferrin,...
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Estimation Of Protein Concentration Using A Spectrophotometer

Introduction Spectrophotometer A spectrophotometer is an instrument that measures the transmittance or absorbance of a sample as a function of the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation [1]. Hence, spectrophotometric methods are widely used to measure the concentration of a solute in a solution, and in this case, protein by determining its absorbance at 595nm [2]. A spectrophotometer consists of many parts. In short, the main components of the spectrophotometer are: A source that emits a broad band of electromagnetic radiation. A...
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Investigating Enzymatic Reactions To Determine The Concentration Of Glucose Of Coke And Gatorade

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the glucose concentration in popular drinks coke and Gatorade and to identify how a changing environment can impact the hydrolysis of sucrose. This was examined by a series of mutli- enzymatic reactions of glucose resulting in NADPH, measured by a spectrophotometer at 340nm. The results showed the glucose concentration of coke 2.30 g/100ml and Gatorade 1.06g/100ml.These results in contrast to advertised nutritional values of glucose didn’t correspond as they were lower...
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Amylase Concentration And Enzyme Production

Abstract The purpose of the investigation was to examine the correlation of enzyme production in response to the evolutionary impact of AMY1 gene copy numbers in individuals. Based upon research obtained in previous studies, there was an assumed positive correlation between gene copy numbers and the production of salivary amylase protein levels in mg/mL. Variances in copy numbers can be explained by individual ancestral history. This is primarily dependent on the specific geographical locations where gene copy numbers within a...
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The Effect Of Concentration On Hydrochloric Acid On The Rate Of Reaction With Marble Chips

Rationale The main component of marble chips is calcium carbonate, CaCO3, which is an alkaline compound. With this property, marble chips are generally used as an acid neutralization material in many real-life applications, such as streams, lakes and soils where there is a certain level of acidity (Pol, 2020). When CaCO3 reacts with acid, for example hydrochloric acid (HCl), a salt (CaCl2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are formed: CaCO3(solid) + 2HCl(aqueous)  CaCl2(aqueous) + H2O(liquid) + CO2(gas) (Equation...
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The Cranberry Juice’s Concentration Using Spectrophotometry

Introduction and Background information The aims of this experiment were to quantitatively analyse cranberry juice samples using the technique of spectrophotometry and also, to determine the percentage of pure, natural cranberry juice in a selection of cranberry juice drink products. Spectrophotometry is a technique used to measure the level of the chemical constitutes in a solution based on the absorption of light of a certain wavelength (UQ 2017). A spectrophotometer is an instrument that is used to measure the absorbance...
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The Factors Of Concentration

Distractions are frustrating when they get in the way of doing simple or even complicated tasks. Distractions can be auditory or visual and can interrupt activities that are enjoyable or those that require serious attention. In some cases, distractions can be caused by the person themselves. For example, a student right now could be writing a paper while watching a movie and may end up writing the lines to the film. It can also be possible that the readers are...
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Hydrogen Ion (pH) Concentration

ABSTRACT This report is concerned with the aim to measure the properties of the drilling mud (hydrogen ion concentration). The term pH is a logarithmic scale used to specify the acidity or alkalinity (concentration of hydrogen ions) in an aqueous solution (drilling mud in this case). In general, to proceed with this experiment, a range of equipment were used such as pH paper, pH meter. All these materials were utilized in order to know the explanations why the mud varies...
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Elemental Concentration Of Milk Powder

Abstract Foodstuff pollution is a major concern now-a-days, especially in Bangladesh. Toxicity assessment of baby food is essential before providing to the children. The quantitative estimation of trace and major elements, their concentration of ten different milk powder samples collected from local market has been done. The total experimental works from sample preparation to spectrum data analysis have been done at the Accelerator Laboratory of Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka. The IBA technique PIXE and spectrum analysis shows that the major...
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How Will The Different Concentration Of Tea Tree Oil Change The Effectiveness Of The Inhibition Zone?

Rationale In the practical experiment conducted different concentration levels of Tea Tree oil were used against the bacteria of Micrococcus Luteus to measure the effectiveness of Tea Tree oil at different concentrations. The experiment was originally the practical of “Which of the six natural antibiotics was most effective against the spread of Staphylococcus Epidermis and Micrococcus Luteus?” To the practical of “The effectiveness of tea tree oil as an antibiotic at killing off bacteria?” The practical changed due to the...
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Glucose Concentration In Soft & Energy Drinks And Their Influence On Tooth Decay

Abstract This investigation discusses the relationship between the specific glucose concentration in three solutions Coke, Gatorade and Sucrose. This spectrophotometer was used, this is a device to measure absorbed light intensity as a function of wavelength of 340nm and record visible regions of glucose and sucrose. The experiment found that glucose obtained and concentration of 1.83g/100mL in Coke and 1.2g/100mL in Gatorade, which are significantly higher than the manufactured labelled information. This I likely to occur due to the hydrolysis...
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Determining The Concentration Of Glucose In Drinks Using Spectrophotometry

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the concentration of glucose in an assortment of drinks – Coke, Gatorade, and a sucrose solution. This was achieved through the use of a spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance of NADPH, which is directly linked to the glucose content, produced via a multistep enzymatic reaction. The results indicated a directly proportional relationship between glucose concentration and absorbance that followed a positive linear model, which was then used to determine the glucose...
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Effect Of Different Temperature & Different Concentration Through Diffusion Of The Membrane

Introduction Biology may be a scientific study of life within which we examine the essential components to living things and their key habits to survival. to grasp this process, we first have a look at the organism’s cell. The cell was discovered and derived because the basic unit of life by British scientist, scientist. From his study, he concocted the thought that everything an organism has to survive is found, processed, and utilized within the cell. He then realized that...
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The Effect Of Ammonia Concentration On The Morphology

This paper presents the electrochromic (EC) characteristics of nickel oxide (NiO) nanoflakes array prepared by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method with different ammonia concentration. Prepared NiO films have porous structure with 2-dimensionally networked nanoflake arrays. The addition of aqueous ammonia significantly affects the growth of NiO film. Moreover, appropriate amount addition of aqueous ammonia is important in obtaining a balanced EC performance of NiO films between transmittance modulation and cycling durability. Excess concentration of ammonia cause not only a decrease...
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How Change In Concentration Of Magnesium Sulfate Affects The Diversity Of Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Introduction The variation in phenotype amongst all organimsis can be produced by genetic different and ifluences from the environment. Whilst this field is widely and effectively investigated, Phase variation remains significantly untouched in the field of research. (Astauroff, 1930; Falconer and Mackay, 1996). Phase variation, being the difference in phenotypgic expression caused by the effect of environmental factors on the expression of the genetic potentials is what this paper is centred around. Phenotypes are visible characteristics of an organism. The...
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Determining The Glucose Concentration In Coca-Cola And Gatorade

Abstract One of the key contributors to the exponentially growing obesity pandemic is the increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices (Malik et al., 2010). In this experiment, a spectrophotometer was used to determine the glucose concentrations of both Coke and Gatorade. The results determined that both drinks contained less glucose than those indicated in the nutrition label. This was due to the fact that the majority of the sugar content in both...
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IOT Based Asthma Detection With CO2 Concentration Using Arduino

Introduction Asthma is one of the most widely recognized heterogeneous respiratory infections and has become the fundamental explanation to visit the crisis office and admission to the medical clinic setting each year. It has been viewed as fourteenth most basic illness on the planet as far as span and degree of inability. The worldwide asthma report uncovered that 334 million individuals were influenced by the asthma all through the world, of 14% youngsters and 8.6% youthful grown-ups (matured 18-45). Moreover,...
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