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Sustainable Hydrogen Production For Green Technology

Abstract Hydrogen tops as one among the sustainable alternatives of fossil fuels. The purpose of this paper is to consider various technologies for hydrogen production. The paper also explores various fields of hydrogen usage and their current and future scope. Also it briefs the recovery of hydrogen from the PSA and its advantages INTRODUCTION Since the last 20 years, reducing dependence on fossil fuels has become a huge matter of concern. Techniques like photobiological water splitting, solar driven electrolysis promises...
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Modeling Of Hydrogen Adsorption Phenomena In ZSM-5 Zeolite Using Molecular Dynamics Method

Abstract Hydrogen energy has a great potential to become one of the clean energies of the future. The current use of hydrogen gas as an energy source still has problems, namely in the distribution and storage system. One solution to overcome these problems is to use the adsorption method. Zeolite material is considered to be a good material to be used as a storage medium for hydrogen gas. Experimental research generally still requires a fairly high cost. Therefore, we need...
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The Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide

While there are many names for the synthesized compound H2O2, the proper IUPAC name is Hydrogen Peroxide. It is called Hydrogen Peroxide because scientifically, the prefix “per” is used in inorganic acids when they have the highest amount of the element talked about in the base word. Hydrogen Peroxide is a colourless chemical compound made up of hydrogen and water. It is also a weak acid. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for a variety of things, whether it be medical,...
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Carbon Footprint Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell And Battery Electric Vehicles Based On The Greet Model

Functional Comparison Researchers, environmentalists, and vehicle owners, among others, are keen on knowing if EVs produce less GHG emissions or have smaller carbon footprint than ICEVs. Disclosure of relevant data by vehicle manufacturers to the public like the LCA models and standards adopted as well as methods of data collection and analysis is vital for comparison of the vehicles’ PCF. Many environmental reports, especially for those from manufacturers, emphasize the environmental impact of their products in the consumption phase, as...
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Hydrogen Combustion And Fuel Cells

Intro If a long-term goal of the United States is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one factor that must inevitably be worked on is the greenhouse gas emissions from cars burning gasoline. While it would be impractical to suggest that people stop using cars altogether, there are ways to create cars that would either drastically reduce or eliminate the emissions of greenhouse gases from cars. This can be achieved through the means of using hydrogen fuel instead of gasoline. There...
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To What Extent Are Electrical Vehicles Better Than Hydrogen-Powered Cars?

Electric or Hydrogen? Both sound like exemplary options, however, looks can be deceiving. Electric vehicles are vehicles that use electric motors as a source of propulsion, while hydrogen-powered vehicles use a fuel cell that uses hydrogen and oxygen molecules which react and form electricity. This electricity is used to run the electric motors. While both hydrogen and electric-powered cars have little to no local carbon emissions, they still have some cons that overshadow them. According to the US Environmental Protection...
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Hydrogen Fuel Cells In Energetics

Background Electricity is generated when coal is crushed into fine powder and burned in boilers to heat water and that in turn produces steam. The steam is directed onto blades of a turbine to make it spin. This in turn spins the magnetic rotor inside the coil to generate electricity. This process emits harmful gases and produces harmful bi-products that pollute the environment. Because coal is slowly depleting, its causing electricity prices to increase greatly. A solution to this could...
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Decomposition Of Hydrogen Peroxide

The higher the temperature the faster the particles move. This is because of the kinetic energy, the more kinetic energy there is, the greater the chance is for a collision that results in a reaction. More energetic particles have a higher chance of “COLLIDING SUCCESSFULLY because they will collide more often thus increasing the number of successful collisions PER SECOND, thus increasing the rate of reaction”. Concentration “As the concentration of a reactant/s increases, the rate of reaction increases”. This...
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Design And Fabrication Of Solar Oxy-Hydrogen Generator

ABSTRACT Today modern world has heavily industrialized. The pollution that caused by the increasing amount of vehicle that dominates the transport system of any country in the world. So, It gives vehicular emissions heavily caused the atmosphere. An attempt made on this project is to design and fabricate a solar oxy- hydrogen vehicle to solve the above problem. Electrolysis of water can give us hydrogen inform of oxy-hydrogen gas which can be used as an alternate fuel for any internal...
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Fabrication Of Hydrogen Fuel Engine

ABSTRACT The high fuel conception and climatic change due to the effect of petroleum products are one of the major threat that are faced by researches and meteorologist. In different country’s governments are initiating several steps in order to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, also try to implement different innovative ideas. In India government has banned usage of diesel engine due to the high level emission of carbon monoxide (CO), hydro carbon (HC), particulate matter-PM & Nitrogen oxide (NOx)....
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Investigation Of The Thermodynamics Of Hydrogen Interactions In Steel

Introduction Steel often interacts with hydrogen in a variety of ways, especially because steel is used typically in structural components. Today these applications may vary from bridges to the transportation of natural gas, making the knowledge of this interaction useful [1]. Due to its high chemical reactivity, hydrogen can diffuse into the surface of steel and then appear ionically or molecularly in its lattice. Often, the effect of hydrogen on metals can be complex or varied, as it is affected...
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Hydrogen Isotope Separation Processes At Jet

The Joint European Torus (JET) reactor located at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) is currently the world’s largest magnetically confined plasma experiment for the realisation of nuclear fusion to generate low-carbon electricity (CCFE, 2020). Fusion scientists have been striving to exceed plasma energy breakeven, and thus show that nuclear fusion is a viable means for humanity to generate almost unlimited power since the 1940s (Seife, 2008). In an era of ever-increasing environmental awareness (Delis and Iosifidi, 2019), the prospect...
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Hydrogen and Recycled Materials

The use of recycled materials and hydrogens engines can help the environment and the economy at the same time. Hydrogen engines produce less dangerous emissions than other engine technologies that are currently available to the public. Industrial processes use hydrogen for processing metal, ceramics, electronics, edible oils and other various applications. Once it is used it is then released into the atmosphere. The use of recycled materials could free up other materials to be used in building roads and other...
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The Effects Of Hydrogen Ion Concentration On The Rate Of Enzymatic Browning Reaction Of Cut Apples

Introduction In our IB biology class, we’ve learned about enzymatic reaction and we’ve done the experiment on that unit. The experiment was about the rate of enzymatic reaction of lactosemilk by using an enzyme called lactase at different temperatures. At different temperatures, the rate of reaction changed. I was interested in this topic because there were more factors, not only temperature but also hydrogen ions concentration, presence of inhibitor, and concentration of substrate, which affect the rate of an enzymatic...
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Hydrogen Economy Challenges And Opportunities

ABSTRACT Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When used as a fuel hydrogen produces clean energy and water (H2O). The Hydrogen economy is considered as a sunrise industry which would help to achieve as many goals. Such as reducing energy consumption and emissions, also stimulating economic growth. Hydrogen economy is also the long term goal of many nations, which can potentially provide energy security, and environmental and economic benefits. However, the transition from a conventional petroleum based...
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