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Chemical Reaction Essays

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Introduction To Chemical Kinetics

Chemistry deals with the conversion of substances into new substances through the formation and breakage of chemical bond. This conversion may happen at different speed. Some reaction happens instantaneously whereas some takes millions of years to happen. Reaction rates are of great importance. The feasibility of a chemical reaction particularly a commercial chemical process often depends on the reaction rate if the process is too slow it may not be suitable for commercial exploitation. It also relates, for example, what...
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Coffee And Chemistry

In our busy lives we have to face lots of tiresome occasions; that we really need something to overcome and create a peaceful mind. For many, a cup of coffee is a great help that relaxes the situation. Even though everyone drinks, very few are aware about the chemistry of coffee. So it’s time to look at the chemistry of this cup!! Most of the Western countries consider coffee as a phenolic richest source in their diet. It also has...
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An Investigation Into Finding The Limiting Reagent In A Chemical Reaction

Introduction Stoichiometry is the section of chemistry that contains relationships between either reactants and/or products in a chemical reaction to assist in determining the required quantitative data (Nijmeh 2008, p1). Stoichiometry is used by chemists to give a detailed explanation on how much of certain materials are required in order to make a certain number of given products (Kailasa 2005, para.1). No products would be able to be made without chemical stoichiometry using balanced equations to calculate the number of...
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The History Of Chemistry

Chemistry was first found in 1661 and its first modern chemist was called Robert Boyle. Boyle worked with gases and was the first to disagree with the Greek idea of four elements in his book The Skeptical Chymist published in 1661. This theory was odd because the Greek were the first people to record their studies and come up with the idea of elements as well as early models and atoms. Boyle also stated that “All reality and change can...
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How Is Analytic Chemistry Used In The Medical Industry?

Introduction Analytical chemistry considers and employs a variety of equipment and methods in order to separate, identify and quantify matter. After the first flame tests in 1860, the importance of qualitative and quantitative analysis has been identified and major advancements have been made with many of the spectroscopic and spectrometric methods only being refined in the late 20th century. One of these methods includes the analytical technique ‘mass spectrometry’. Mass spectrometry assesses the mass-to-charge ratio of ions. Since mass spectrometry...
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The Features Of Medicinal Chemistry

The chemical building block (CBB) is a molecule which can be converted to various secondary chemicals and intermediates, and, in turn, into a broad range of different downstream uses. The organic building blocks assembly is an effective strategy to synthesize materials. Simple molecule structures such as tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is an universal and magical monomer that are widely used in the construction of high polymer materials and nonlinear optics materials. The simplicity of manufacture greatly promote their application in material industry...
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Chemistry Behind Fireworks

Have you ever wondered how fireworks actually work? Fireworks have been used for centuries as a source of entertainment, a method of communication and for religious reasons. Fireworks were invented in China. The earliest fireworks were made from hollow bamboo stalks filled with a simple chemical composition called ‘black powder’. This powder produces a small exploding reaction when ignited. In recent times, fireworks have evolved significantly in complexity in order to produce a great diversity of colours and patterns, and...
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Pharmaceutical Applications Of Chemical Kinetics

Chemical kinetics Kinetics of a chemical is a significant method in physical chemistry. The term kinetics means motion study. In chemical kinetics we study about the reaction. Temperature and concentrations are two variables that are affected by it. Formation and deformation of bonds and formation of products also describes by it. Explanation Chemical kinetics is also used to calculate many reactions that is order of chemical reaction, rate of reaction, and concentrations of components. Mechanism of chemical reactions also explain...
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Body Chemistry And Criminality

Abstract The elements of a crime are complex. Criminologists still argue whether the dominating cause is sociological, psychological, or something else. Additional blockade to progress is the fact that criminal violence is not a single status, but rather a diverse set of afflictions. The study controlled for a host of possible intervening factors, including gender, diet, illicit drug use, psychiatric medications, the season of the year, dietary processor of serotonin, alcohol and tobacco use, body mass, socioeconomic status, IQ, and...
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Chemistry In The Context Of Maths

I chose to study chemistry as part of a of a science degree with mathematics being my major area of study. Knowledge of basic maths is essential for understanding chemical processes and solving chemical problems. Stoichiometry is a great example of this as every step involves some level of maths, from balancing chemical equations to unit conversions. A strong parallel between chemistry and maths is the ability to use logic as part of the decision-making process when working through problems....
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Essay about Periodic Table

The Periodic Table and Periodic Trends Introduction Periodic trends are plans that appear within the occasional table that lay out different viewpoints of a certain component, tallying its gauge and its electronic properties. Major occasional patterns incorporate electro-negativity, ionization imperativeness, electron enjoying, atomic clear, dissolving point, metallic character, and ionic clear. Intermittent patterns, developing from the course of activity of the irregular table, allow chemists with an invaluable gadget to quickly expect an element’s properties. These designs exist since of...
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Does Temperature Affect The Rate Of Reaction?

Rationale The big issue is that I want to see if chemical reactions will happen faster if they happen at different temperatures. So, I will see if iodine solution and starch solution will react faster if they are at room temperature, at 40 degrees and if they are cold. So, I will be recreating the Iodine Test Background Research: The Iodine test is an experiment which is used to determine the existence of starch. When this chemical reaction occurs the...
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Gene Structure Types And Chemical Composition

INTRODUCTION Gene is that the elementary physical and sensible unit of heredity. Genes square measure comprised of desoxyribonucleic acid. many genes move as pointers to create particles referred to as proteins. In any case, various qualities do not code for proteins. In people, qualities fluctuate in size from some of hundred desoxyribonucleic acid bases to in more than two million bases. The Human order Project evaluated that individuals have somewhere within the vary of twenty,000 and 25,000 genes. Each individual...
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The Effect Of Concentration On Hydrochloric Acid On The Rate Of Reaction With Marble Chips

Rationale The main component of marble chips is calcium carbonate, CaCO3, which is an alkaline compound. With this property, marble chips are generally used as an acid neutralization material in many real-life applications, such as streams, lakes and soils where there is a certain level of acidity (Pol, 2020). When CaCO3 reacts with acid, for example hydrochloric acid (HCl), a salt (CaCl2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are formed: CaCO3(solid) + 2HCl(aqueous)  CaCl2(aqueous) + H2O(liquid) + CO2(gas) (Equation...
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Chemistry Investigation On Fullerenes

RATIONALE Scientists have discovered over 249 different forms of viruses in human history! For centuries, the human race has been confronted by severe viral infections causing world or nation-wide pandemics, each time claiming thousands of lives and slowing the growth of humankind. But what if, after all these years there has proved to be an answer… FULLERENES. Fullerenes are an allotrope of carbon; however, their structures differentiate from diamond and graphite which are also types of carbon. A fullerene molecule’s...
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Discovering The Limiting Reagent For A Chemical Reaction

Introduction The purpose of this investigation was to find the quantitative data for the reaction between a solution of Sodium iodide and a solution of Lead (II) nitrate. This was done by finding when the limiting reactant changed from one solution to the other. To achieve this, one of the two reactants in the experiment was chosen to maintain the same measurement throughout and the second was gradually increased. Stoichiometry is the branch of chemistry that deals with measuring the...
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Chemistry And Forensic Investigations

Forensic sciences and criminalistics have existed since ancient times, but until recently it was unknown. Throughout history, crimes have occurred in which there has always been an attempt to find the person responsible for applying justice. Many have been the crimes that have gone unpunished due to the absence of a science that was dedicated to solving them. It is when the need arises to create forensic sciences, which helps to find the culprits and provides them with the corresponding...
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Effect Of HCL Concentration On Rate Of Reaction

The original experiment qualitatively examined the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction. This experiment occurred by measuring two concentrations (0.5M and 1M) of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in both powder and solid form 10g of Calcium Carbonate affected the rate of reaction. The original experiment consisted of only one trial and two concentrations of hydrochloric acid (HCl). This led to the following research question being developed. Research question “Does increasing the concentration of 20mL Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in increments...
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Chemistry: Hemodialysis Vs. Peritoneal Dialysis

July 2015 my father was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure and heart failure; I remember thinking these illnesses were rare. I’ve come to find out that they aren’t rare at all, the sad truth is that many people all around the world suffer from kidney disease and more severely kidney failure. There are three common treatments to combat these diagnoses; kidney transplant, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. I wanted to learn more about the two treatments that my dad has...
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Investigating The Effect Of Temperature On Chemical Reaction Rate

Rationale There are chemical reactions occurring all around us and without them, even humans would not be able to live. Chemical reactions have major factors that affect the rate of the reaction; temperature is one of those major factors. For example, bread dough rises more quickly in a warm place instead of a cool one, and warm-blooded animals regulate their body temperature so it is optimal for biomechanical reactions to run. A reaction only occurs when the molecules reacting have...
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The Impact Of Chemistry On Society

Chemistry has impacted society by a broad discipline that applies to all industries such as medicinal chemistry, environmental sciences and material science and it has also aided technological advancements and fortifying natural defence and as a result helps and impacts people and the society in many ways and on a daily basis and in the ‘past two centuries the development of nuclear technology and electronics has been aided by chemistry’. (1) Medicinal chemistry industry has a large impact on society...
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The Importance Of Chemistry In Scientific Disciplines

Chemistry is concerned with the complex arrangements and substances of which all of matter is made from. How these molecules react with other molecules and energy has given us our understanding of the universe as it is known. Therefore, I believe it is correct to view chemistry as a “central science”. Chemistry’s importance can be seen throughout most scientific disciplines. I have a particular interest in engineering, which chemistry finds itself intertwined with. Engineering would not be possible without a...
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The Role Of Chemicals To Human Structure And Function

Introduction In this research, it will discuss the role of chemicals to our human structure and function. It will be about the levels of chemical organization, chemical bonding, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. This research should be able you to define the terms atom, element, molecule, and compound. It will describe the structure of an atom, compare the contrast ionic and covalent types of chemical compounds bonding. It will let you distinguish between organic and inorganic chemical compounds. It will...
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Determining Chemical Reaction Rate

Chemistry is a branch of science that describes the contents of evidence, principles, laws, hypotheses obtained through the method and scientific analysis of nature, structure, reaction, and changes in energy and material. Chemical kinetics, the branch of physical chemistry involved in understanding chemical reaction rates. Chemical kinetics is the clock of time. Chemical kinetics includes many facets of cosmology, geology, genetics, engineering, and even psychology, and therefore has far-reaching implications. Chemical kinetics principles apply to both purely physical processes and...
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The Branches Of Chemistry

Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions. You know everything in universe, whatever you can see, touch, feel or smell is matter. It is about anything containing weight and occupies space. Chairs are matter, table is matter, walls, room, fan, black board, chalk, and in fact everything that is present around us, even the air, we breathe. Analytical chemistry Involves the identification of qualitative analysis of compounds and mixtures and also...
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Physical Chemistry: Effect Of Cetylammonium Bromide Micelles On Decolouration Of Rosaniline Hydrochloride By Periodate

Abstract Rosaniline hydrochloride (RH) is a triaminotriphenyl methane dye, which is widely used as biological stain, mordant, printing, in cotton tannings, and dyeing in textile industry. The reaction obeys first order kinetics with respect to RH and IO4-. The reaction is around hundred times faster in the presence of CTAB compared to aqueous medium under identical conditions. This is due to lower dielectric constant in micellar medium in which the transition state in more stabilized. The rate of the reaction...
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Chemistry In Chemical Weapons

Abstract Chemical weapons are specialized weapons to inflict death or harm on humans. For example, blister agents will burn a person’s mucous membranes, skin and eyes. Chemical weapons were used during war as it is deadly and stealthy. During world war 1,there was a colorless chemical weapon that makes the soldiers did not noticed that they have received a fatal dose. The chemical weapons have high potential to be used not only in war but in daily life as protection...
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The Effects Of Hydrogen Ion Concentration On The Rate Of Enzymatic Browning Reaction Of Cut Apples

Introduction In our IB biology class, we’ve learned about enzymatic reaction and we’ve done the experiment on that unit. The experiment was about the rate of enzymatic reaction of lactosemilk by using an enzyme called lactase at different temperatures. At different temperatures, the rate of reaction changed. I was interested in this topic because there were more factors, not only temperature but also hydrogen ions concentration, presence of inhibitor, and concentration of substrate, which affect the rate of an enzymatic...
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Use Of Computer And Augmented Reality In Chemistry Teaching

Chemistry had been regarded as a difficult subject for students by many researchers, teachers, and science educators because of the abstract nature of many chemical concepts, teaching styles applied in the class, lack of teaching aids, and difficult symbolic language of chemistry. For a better understanding of its concepts, students need to visualize chemical structures and molecules in three dimensions. Picturing chemical structures in three dimensions has consistently been troublesome. Traditionally, we have utilized molecular models for this reason, normally...
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Sustainable Development Goals And Chemistry

Our human health and the global environment are threatened by the adverse effects of development in different field of science. Our bodies are contaminated with a large number of synthetic industrial chemicals, many of which are known to be toxic and carcinogenic while others remain untested for their health effects. They come to us from unlabeled products, chemically contaminated food, air, water. The United Nations General Assembly has addressed these challenges in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which have been...
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