Coffee And Chemistry

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In our busy lives we have to face lots of tiresome occasions; that we really need something to overcome and create a peaceful mind. For many, a cup of coffee is a great help that relaxes the situation. Even though everyone drinks, very few are aware about the chemistry of coffee. So it’s time to look at the chemistry of this cup!!

Most of the Western countries consider coffee as a phenolic richest source in their diet. It also has good antioxidant properties. Some may try to get rid of the habit of coffee drinking by considering it as a guilty pleasure. But now scientists have proven that regular drinking of coffee has reduce the prone to cancers in the mouth, guts, esophagus, lungs and even the cardiovascular diseases.

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Coffee contains more than 1000 of chemical compounds that are specific for various characteristics like bitter taste, brown color, aroma and etc.

The most abandon phenolic compound in coffee is Chlorogenic acid (CGA), an antioxidant agent. CGA are made by the esterification of trans cinnamic acids with hydroxyl groups of quinic acid. This CGA covers about 12% of the dry weight of green unroasted coffee beans. CGA is responsible for the Millard browning of the coffee seeds and the bitter taste. The main compounds that give the characteristic bitter taste is lactones and melanoids. These levels can be vary from the Species variation.

There are numerous healthy duties of Coffee. Drinking coffee induces the cells to double the uptake of sugar. This ability will keep the ones live from getting low sugar. Roasted coffee beans have high level of lipophilic antioxidant activities. CGA is the main component responsible for that activity. It is also act as a neuro protector specially in the brain.

Caffeine another ingredient which enhance the memory and also speed the information processing. It is said that large amount of caffeine will alter the signaling and functioning of hormones and neurotransmitters. There are some side effects including Insomnia, stomach irritation, nervousness, headache, anxiety and chest pain. However the caffeine level can be reduced by roasting the coffee seeds for long time and reducing the use of fine coffee powder. Structure 2- Caffeine

As the positives coffee also has negatives like carcinogenic nature. It is caused by the chemicals like 4-methylimidazole and acrylamide in coffee. They include in very small amounts but the considerable usage of coffee enhances the risk to cancers.


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