The Importance Of Chemistry In Scientific Disciplines

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Chemistry is concerned with the complex arrangements and substances of which all of matter is made from. How these molecules react with other molecules and energy has given us our understanding of the universe as it is known. Therefore, I believe it is correct to view chemistry as a “central science”.

Chemistry’s importance can be seen throughout most scientific disciplines. I have a particular interest in engineering, which chemistry finds itself intertwined with. Engineering would not be possible without a precise understanding of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics deals with the relationship of energy and entropy, closely looking at heat and work. One of the foundation ideas in thermodynamics is the First law of thermodynamics which states, “the change in internal energy is equal to the difference of the heat transfer into the system and the work done by the system”. An example of this concept in everyday can be seen by looking into the energy flow in a diesel engine. When an engine uses fuel, it converts energy stored in chemical bonds into work or heat. In essence, all the fuel the engine burns, must be accounted for. An engineering while designing this would have to look at the amount of this energy converted into useful work, which could be used to power the vehicle or if it is converted into heat, which they would need to consider when choosing appropriate materials for the job. A material which is studied greatly in the field of Engineering is metal. How it weathers, reacts with other compounds and its properties are all core ideas which make an engineers job possible.

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Another discipline which relies heavily on chemical theory is Geology. Geology is the study of the history, structure and composition of the earth. Geology is, in essence fundamentally about physical and inorganic chemistry. The complex mixtures of minerals to form rocks can be further broken down to nothing more than chemicals, bonded in different arrangements. A geologist needs to know how these compounds interact with environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures or pressures and try to determine what types of chemical reaction compounds have gone through or will go through over their time on earth. An example of a chemical aspect within geology can be seen from the behaviour of dissolved compounds in waters on earth surface. Weathering processes mean that compounds such as calcium carbonate and other salts can end up in natural waters. The results can lead to some of the materials forming sedimentary rocks or some staying in the solution. Looking at how their chemicals react with the natural world can help geologists in understanding the past formations and predicting the futures.

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