Inorganic Chemistry as the Amazing Helper

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We might wonder why inorganic chemistry is important. Why we should have to study inorganic chemistry? How studying inorganic chemistry helps to improve our life? Some will say, it is boring and irrelevant. Sure, it is helpful if we are a chemist but for some, studying inorganic chemistry is just waste of time. Have you ever wondered why we use soap or detergent when washing our oily hands and even container? Well, Inorganic chemistry is more than a subject that we have to study and pass to get a diploma. It is also a way of living our everyday life in the most efficient way. Furthermore, help us to solve day-to-day problems in a scientific way.

Personally, studying inorganic chemistry made me a super problem solver. There are so many ways inorganic chemistry helps me in my day-to-day life, it would be impossible to list them all. Nevertheless, here are some examples on how inorganic chemistry helps me in my day-to-day life. Inorganic chemistry helps me effectively with personal hygiene and clothes, accessories, household and school and food related decision-making. In addition, I will discuss these in turn to show how inorganic chemistry saved me in my day-to-day life. First, personal hygiene, to this day, I am experiencing bad acne problems because of many factors like stress and puberty. I used to buy and try many products to eliminate this embarrassing acne and I wondered why these “anti-acne products” caused me more breakouts? And a week ago, it is miraculously diminishing. You want to know how? Inorganic chemistry is the answer. Inorganic chemistry teaches us that combining different chemicals sometimes might be beneficial and detrimental. Combining products with AHA like glycolic acid and BHA like salicylic acid will cause more breakouts. Moreover, inorganic chemistry saves my life being a shy person. Being a shy person do not usually want to notice by everyone.

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Thanks to inorganic chemistry that helps me to achieve that. How? Well, inorganic chemistry teaches us different wavelength like ROYGBIV. Wearing a colored-shirt with the shortest wavelength helps me to be unnoticeable. Second, accessories, being a medtech student, we usually handling chemicals in the laboratory that might react to the accessories we are wearing like rings that might ruined it. Inorganic chemistry helps me to identify whether to wear or not the accessories I am wearing. Third, in household tasks, cleaning effectively is hard when we haven’t studied inorganic chemistry. Washing an oily container is a nightmare to everyone. But inorganic chemistry saved us from this nightmare. Thus, I could go forever washing an oily containers without any fear. Another example is washing clothes, inorganic chemistry saved us from destroying our favorite shirt or uniform. Because of it, I know how to get rid of certain stains and when to use which detergent. And I will never ever wash my favorite colored clothes with bleach-containing detergent. At school, eradicating inks on my hand. As a student, I usually write and everytime I write I always have ink on my hand. Inorganic chemistry helps me to eradicate it quicker and more efficiently by using alcohol.

Lastly, food-related decision making, inorganic chemistry, indeed, helps me to save a lot of money by extending the life of the food I buy. I have learned from the egg in a bottle experiment that everything should be in equilibrium. Like in egg in a bottle, air comes in to achieve equilibrium inside the bottle. In line with this idea, air from outside the sealed food always want to go inside. Putting a banana inside a sealed container though not placed in a cool place would definitely make the food life longer. This is because it is sealed and air-containing bacteria could not go inside, thus, makes the food life longer. From this idea, it also helps me when deciding which one should i buy a food sealed one or the one which is not. Another example is cooling water quickly and efficiently. I love to drink cold-water every day. At home, because of the hot weather sometimes one liter of cold water is not enough. Putting an ice inside the freezer makes the water cool faster. For all these reasons and examples, I would definitely say that inorganic chemistry an amazing helper to improved my day-to-day life.

Every invention with the purpose of improving life of everyone fascinates me. However, the most amazing invention or creation that inorganic chemistry has touched is the “The Haber-Bosch process” by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch. Haber–Bosch process, is a process that directly synthesizing ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen by using high pressure and moderately high temperatures for a chemical reaction. This in turn can be turned and used as crop fertilizer. This invention touched by inorganic chemistry fascinates me the most because of its ability to massively increase the industrial production that in turn improve the life of everyone. How inorganic chemistry contributed to it? Well, inorganic chemistry helps everyone especially chemist to understand everything about elements, compounds and mixtures. Without inorganic chemistry, Haber and Bosch would not know how to directly react atmospheric hydrogen and nitrogen to form ammonia.

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