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Outline: In Defense Of Chemistry

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Nowadays, many people are interested in whether chemistry should be taught at public in school. Because some people did not like to study chemistry, and school did not have enough money for students to learn it,therefore they think school should cancel chemistry classes. However, it is necessary for students to study chemistry. To begin with, chemistry explain the nature world. Furthermore, it prepares for people to get better jobs. Moreover, learning chemistry is result in better informed citizens of nature knowledge. What’s more, chemistry can help us to save our earth. Chemistry is essential for human progress,so school should spend more money on chemistry courses,including chemistry.

The world is composed of materials. And chemistry is one of the main methods and means used by human beings to understand and transform the material world. Chemistry is a natural science that studies the composition, properties, structure and changes of substances at the molecular and atomic levels, including the creation of new substances, such as ununtrium (Uut), ununpentium (Uup), ununseptium (Uus), and ununoctium (Uuo). Only by learning and applying chemistry, can we acquire the ability to manipulate the materials of our surroundings so that we can improve our quality of life. Therefore, chemistry is the key to human progress from the discovery of new substances.

Chemistry is helpful for people’s careers. Chemistry opens up career options. There are many jobs in the chemistry areas. And even if you find jobs in other areas, you still gain beneficial analytical skills by studying chemistry. Chemistry revise the food industry, retail sales, transportation, art, homemaking, and so on. If you study any subject of the science, with the goal of wearing in a science field in the future, it is necessary for you to understand chemistry. Because all of the sciences include the materials and the interactions between types of matter. Everything in the world are inseparable from chemistry, so studying chemistry can make you more competitive to get better jobs.

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Chemistry result in better informed citizens can make wiser decisions about the environment. Regard to disposing water pollution, use safe solvents can resolve harmful materials before discharge of sewage. Importantly, the world cannot develop without chemistry. Because of variability of chemistry, it allows us to understand the reason for chemical changes which are invisible to the naked eye. For instance, how water to turn into ice; how vapor to turn into cloud; why iron will rust. As a result, only by learning chemistry well, can we figure out many problems of our life and improve our living environment. Advances in chemistry enable water purification, conservation, sanitation and reuse. Technology developed by Nalco, an Ecolab company, enables companies to use less water and repurpose wastewater. Understanding chemistry improves the accuracy of life choices as well.

The major disadvantage of chemistry has transformation when materials get in touch with each other. We exploit the speciality to create useful materials–such as drugs, converting elements into energy, food, cleaners and so on. However, sometimes these elements can be started a war. Most of application chemistry is positive. And defusing war’s crisis needs chemistry. To the person who disagree with learning chemistry, many famous scientists have huge contribution in chemical areas. Such as growing food aspect, working with science and technology, and searching in the internet era. Marie Curie, discovered radium which will make ionizing radiation is produced when it decays. Because radium emits alpha and gamma rays and produces the radioactive gas radon. Radium gives off radiation that can destroy and kill cells and bacteria. Therefore, it is often used to treat cancer. In addition, the mixture of radium salt and beryllium powder can be used as a neutron source to detect oil resources, rock composition and so on. It is necessary for us to study chemistry.

Chemistry plays an important role in saving the earth. Nowadays, the problems of climate change are no time to delay. OpteonTM, a breakthrough low global warming potential refrigerant from Chemours, contributes to reduction in CO2 emissions while providing societal benefits. What’s more, Chemistry is the power behind low-carbon, renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. DuPont’s Solamet photovoltaic metallization pastes help make solar panels more energy efficient and can increase their power output by around 30 percent. From matter to earth, chemistry is very useful to us. So, we should try to learn chemistry well.

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