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The Correlation Of Coffee And Running

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Put those sneakers on and tie them twice, we’re going for a run – a run with coffee! Not an actual run with coffee for that would be dangerous, a metaphorical one of course.


At the large picture, it might seem odd to picture coffee and running in the same scene. After all, it would be quite impressive if someone could actually run and drink coffee at the same time, that is of course without spilling the coffee everywhere. Unless they are running with a backpack filled with coffee and drinking out of a straw, it would be nearly impossible for someone to actually have their coffee and run together. After all coffee is best drunk piping hot or iced cold, neither of which would be enjoyable during a run nor would they be easy.

For this exact reason the two are usually not thought of as going hand-in-hand. Typically when we are connecting the two we are referring to the connection the two cause when coffee is drunk either before or after a run. As coffee is a controversial topic, naturally there is an argument between the two sides whether or not coffee should be drunk before the run or whether or not if it should be drunk after the run. Both sides have their points which make complete sense, though let us see which side would come out superior if put to battle.


If a great length of thought were put towards the two, a common similarity would actually be seen between the two. Both coffee and running produce endorphins that keep us awake when we need it most, putting our moods at a high and uplifting our spirits. Some people find comfort in drinking a cup of coffee from a fresh brew, whereas others find solace in running just themselves against the world. The two actions help the person relax and come back to reality as they escape into their respective places, their own little bubbles if you wish. Drinking a fresh cup enhances each of our senses to make sure we savor every drop with every moment. As for running, with the wind brushing up against our cheeks, we feel a sense of freedom against the rest of the world. Although they are both very different activities, they both provide a sense of peace to those who are encountering them. Drinking coffee and/or going for a run puts one’s mind at ease as they step out of the troubles of the world, even if it just for a moment.



For avid coffee drinkers and runners, they swear that they need to have a cup of coffee before they go on their run each day. As far as they have noticed they believe that having coffee before the run will not only wake them up and give them energy for the run, but they also view the coffee as a way to run faster, being that it is a stimulant. When a person runs after having some coffee they are getting a double effect in terms of the endorphins that are running through them. Not only do you receive the endorphins that are emitted from the coffee, but one would also receive the endorphins that are caused by running, putting the runner in a better mood over all. For heavy trainers, they choose to have a cup of coffee before they set foot out on their run so they can be well alert for the tough workout that is ahead of them. Sometimes it’s good to be well aware of your surroundings when you are entering a challenging encounter, it boosts one’s self esteem knowing that they are in control of what is happening around them.

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As much as having coffee before a run may seem like a good idea with nothing against it, there are people who say otherwise. For some, they stand strongly by saying that if you are going to have coffee while running it should be restricted to after the run, not before it. The reason for this being that the coffee after the fact will help your muscles open up, loosening some of the pain that comes from running. The coffee works as a muscle recovery and helps your muscles refuel at a much calmer pace. For those of us who have run before, we know very well that after a long run your feet feel like they are on fire and you cannot move. By having coffee after a run those muscles can relax and not hurt as much the next day. Plus by having your coffee then you can just relax on the couch with your feet up, without worrying about getting up for hours at length.


When it comes to coffee you never actually could go wrong, whether you choose to do so before your daily run or after, both of which will have an effect on your run. It would be hard to decide which method is better over the other for both sides of the controversy have pros and cons to them. At one aspect having coffee before your run will be beneficial, but on the other hand it can make your run all that much more unenjoyable as well.

Since coffee is a natural diuretic it can cause you to need to run to the bathroom more frequently, which is inevitable during your run as well. With the need to constantly make a stop, your run will be far from what you actually anticipated it to be; instead of worrying about how many miles you will run today, your mind will be preoccupied with finding the next rest area to stop and relieve yourself. As if that wasn’t annoying in itself to think of, the coffee itself would cause you to become dehydrated very quickly, which can be dangerous while we are on a run.

The good thing about having coffee before a run is that all those jitters that are caused by the coffee will be put straight into your running and make you have a better run overall. The caffeine in coffee directly correlates with having a better athletic performance throughout. Just a simple dose of that coffee will have you running a better run with an overall faster time.


With all the ways your run could be made better by the intake of coffee, both before and after, you would think that the coffee is the true reason behind it all. In reality it is not the coffee that is making you have a better run, but rather the caffeine that is within the coffee. Aside from being a stimulant that improves awareness and your will to run, caffeine is known as being a performance enhancer which is specifically meant to make your performance greater. You may have thought that all this time your fast and better runs were thanks to the coffee you drank, but really the credit should be going to the caffeine that lies beneath each cup of joe, buried under all that sugar.

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