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Essay on Vision Therapy: Literature Review

Over the past century, there have been many developments in Optometry that have transformed the way in which practitioners conduct examinations and diagnose patients. Although such transformations have been introduced with the objective of enhancing the practitioner’s ability to identify and rectify vision-related conditions and to provide the patient with the best possible eye care, developments such as Behavioural Optometry, also known as Vision Therapy, have become debatable amongst Optometrists and scientists with regards to its validity and effectiveness in...
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Effect of Alcohol on the Health of Eyes and Vision: Analytical Essay

It is very unlikely that alcohol in moderation causes any problems to your eyes, however, the opposite can be said for consumption in excess. High levels of alcohol consumption can have short-term and long-term effects on the eye, and consuming too much of the wrong kind of alcohol, in some cases, can cause blindness. Ophthalmologist Payal Patel, MD, stated how our diet affects our body, and a poor diet with heavy alcohol does result in higher toxin levels and reduced...
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Development of Vision in an Infants Eye in the First 12 Months: Descriptive Essay

Vision is the faculty of being able to see. The human eye allows us to have a sense of sight, enabling us to learn more about the world than we do with any other senses, hence why it is so crucial to maintain our vision by getting routine checkups. I will discuss many properties of vision development including Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, the retina, color vision and depth perception. An infant’s vision changes drastically in the first year of their...
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Critical Review of the Article “The Dimensionality of Color Vision in Carriers of Anomalous Trichromacy”

In this essay, I have chosen to review the article “The dimensionality of color vision in carriers of anomalous trichromacy (Jordan, 2010)”. The purpose of this essay is to show the differences and similarities between primary and secondary articles as well as how secondary articles are gathered and findings taken from primary articles. This article explains how some women may be carriers of the rare condition called Tetrachromacy where individuals have four working cones in the retina, rather than...
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Concepts of Bionic Eye and Vision: Analytical Essay

Introduction – Vision is maybe the key of our means. Certainly, all sections of the eye are critical for viewing a conventional picture, the most fundamental layer for illusion is the retina. The retina is a bit of neural tissue that lines within the eyeball. The vivid intensity that drops on the neural cells of the retina is changed over into a lot of electrical notion that is transferred to the visual focuses of the mind. All around the world,...
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What Causes Vision Impairment?

To most people, they may seem like normal activities –catching a sunset, seeing the beautiful waves of a beach, or watching an artistic performance. Yet, for the 285 million human beings around the world who are blind or visually impaired, the full splendor of those moments can only be imagined or described. For those individuals, a sunset would just look like an orange blur, books can only be heard, and an image can only be viewed with the center of...
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The Peculiarities Of Vision Development

There are several aspects of the optical system which contribute to normal visual development in infants, and retinal development is essential for this. Retinal factors take 4+ years to reach full adult maturity. Receptors are found in the fovea and peripheral parts of the retina. Vision rapidly improves after birth due to changes in the size, shape and density of cones found in the fovea. The outer segment length of the cones in the fovea is 16x shorter in newborns...
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The Features Of PMF Advanced Proof Vision

Introduction In this modern era, everyone has certain deficiencies in their body. These deficiencies will lead to many serious complications. These complications may be of bones, joints and of many other body parts. As you all know, eye is the most sensitive part of our body and it works excellently. You can easily differentiate different colors and shapes, sizes and even the difference of millimeter. As it works very precisely then its requirements are also very precise in their nature....
2 Pages 841 Words

Color Vision Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, Types And Treatment

What is it? Color vision deficiency, also known as color blindness, is a condition that affects an individual’s ability to differentiate between colors, specifically those of similar hues. The inability to distinguish between colors results from either a partial or total loss of color vision, depending on the type of color blindness present (National Institutes of Health [NIH], n.d.). Symptoms The most common indicator that someone has color blindness is the lack of ability to decipher between the three primary...
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The Development Of Vision Over The First 12 Months Of Life

Over the first year of life, many developments in the body occur including speech advancements, fine and gross motor movements, facial expressions and the fusion of bones. One of these advancements includes the progression of our eyesight- vision is a powerful sight that allows us to protect ourselves from the environment by reacting to stimuli; there is no doubt that as we get older, we gain more independence, such as being able to walk ourselves meaning it is essential that...
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The Development Of Infant Vision

This essay will explore the development of visual acuity and depth perception within the first year of an infant’s life. It explains the reason for the fast development of visual acuity within the first 6 months and the development of visual acuity based on how cone photoreceptors and the fovea mature to provide good resolution. OKR and VOR are also looked at for stabilising images. The development of depth perception using motion parallax and stereopsis is explained and along with...
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Why Binocular Vision Matters In Myopia Management

Optometry plays an important role in both diagnosing and managing binocular vision disorders. Binocular vision disorders have been associated with increased near-work symptoms1 and reduced academic achievement,2 while successful treatment of a binocular vision disorder has been associated with reduced adverse academic behaviours and reduced parental concern regarding academic achievement.3 A binocular vision assessment is therefore an important component of a routine optometric consultation. Additionally, practitioners also need to know the effect a patient’s binocular vision status has on myopia-management....
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Colour Vision And Contrast Sensitivity In Babies

We can see the world in colour due to receptors, known as rods and cones, which are found in our retina. They contain different pigments, which absorb certain wavelengths of light better than others. Rods do not mediate colour vision and are responsible for our ability to see in dim light as they have high photosensitivity. There are three types: blue-sensitive, green-sensitive and red-sensitive cones (short, medium and long wavelength cones with peak absorptions at 430, 530, 560nm.) When they...
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The Impact Of A Sports Vision Training Programme

“Keep your eye on the Ball”- a common saying that is not often taken literally, but Vision Training has been thought to give this phrase a more meaningful purpose. Vision Training, also known as Vision Therapy has been said to be one of the most controversial procedures in Vision Care to date. It has been used for a variety of purposes over the years from helping those with Learning Disabilities to helping correct conditions such as Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Accommodative...
3 Pages 1492 Words

Simple Rules To Keep Your Vision Healthy

Introduction Human bodies are capable of doing amazing things every single day, which we often neglect. One of the most underestimated organs is the eyes. They are our window to the world yet a large number of people are not interested in how they work. This can lead to a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about how to take proper care for them. In turn, this can have fatal consequences. If you finally have understood their importance and you want...
2 Pages 950 Words

The Neuroanatomy Of Phenomenal Vision

Phenomenal vision is the sight of “colors, brightness, depth, shades, and motion”, generated by light distributed on the retina (Stoerig, 2001). Undeniably, there are phenomenally unconscious visual mechanisms occurring within an individual’s retinal processes and occipital lobe activity does not correlate with visual awareness. Research into the study of vision and whether the phenomenal vision is mandatory to be aware of visual stimuli has extensively been researched in blindsight patients (Brogaard, 2011). Specifically, striate damage results in profound homonymous loss,...
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Effects of Alcohol on Eye Health

Alcohol is one of many psychoactive drugs with addictive potential, which has a significant impact on public health and individuals in society (Crocq, 2007). Alcohol is a modifiable lifestyle factor that has intentionally inflicted and unintentionally acquired injuries (Iranpour and Nakhaee, 2019, p. 132) that has resulted in hospitalization and is most widely used as a recreational drug in the Western world. The health of the eye is important because there is a co-dependent relationship between the eyes and the...
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Eyeglasses as One of the Greatest Inventions

The innate curiosity that humans possess have helped solve problems to a plethora of different issues for thousands of years. While curiosity will never be the sole instigator to some of the most infamous inventors in human history, it definitely played a significant factor in the critical thinking devoted to the mechanical and technological evolution that inventions need to keep a modern-day society functioning. An almost ancient creation that benefits more than half of the human race today is that...
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Development Of Human Visual Function

A person undergoes many changes within their eyes during infancy that are crucial for being able to have the best possible vision. At birth, a baby’s vision is very inferior when compared to an adult. This is because most elements of the eye are very underdeveloped and need to undergo changes as the baby ages in order to mature and function as they would in an adult. When first born the infant’s vision will be extremely vague and not contain...
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