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The Neuroanatomy Of Phenomenal Vision

Phenomenal vision is the sight of “colors, brightness, depth, shades, and motion”, generated by light distributed on the retina (Stoerig, 2001). Undeniably, there are phenomenally unconscious visual mechanisms occurring within an individual’s retinal processes and occipital lobe activity does not correlate with visual awareness. Research...
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Simple Rules To Keep Your Vision Healthy

Introduction Human bodies are capable of doing amazing things every single day, which we often neglect. One of the most underestimated organs is the eyes. They are our window to the world yet a large number of people are not interested in how they work....
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Development Of Human Visual Function

A person undergoes many changes within their eyes during infancy that are crucial for being able to have the best possible vision. At birth, a baby’s vision is very inferior when compared to an adult. This is because most elements of the eye are very...
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The Impact Of A Sports Vision Training Programme

“Keep your eye on the Ball”- a common saying that is not often taken literally, but Vision Training has been thought to give this phrase a more meaningful purpose. Vision Training, also known as Vision Therapy has been said to be one of the most...
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Colour Vision And Contrast Sensitivity In Babies

We can see the world in colour due to receptors, known as rods and cones, which are found in our retina. They contain different pigments, which absorb certain wavelengths of light better than others. Rods do not mediate colour vision and are responsible for our...
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