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Medial Meniscus Injury and Medial Collateral Ligament of Knee: Analysis of Traumatic Meniscus Tears

Mr. White, a 32-year-old football player claimed that his right medial knee was painful and was unable to get off the field after being tackled during his practice 4 months ago. The next day of injury, he visited the chiropractic clinic due to pain and inability to bend or straighten his right knee fully. The aggravating factors are putting pressure over the outside of his knee and walking was increasing the pain; nature of pain was dull with occasional sharpness...
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The Physics of Sports-Related Injuries and How to Recover From Them: Analysis of ACL Tears

Abstract This paper explores the physics behind sports-related injuries and how to recover from them. There are four published articles that will be presented in this paper reporting sports-related injuries and how physics affects the severity of the injury and the best ways to recover and potentially prevent the injury. Mirksy (2010); Pelletier (2006); Cai, Wu, Zhao, Li, Wu, Ji (2018); Colvin, and Lynn (2010) have all presented reasonable arguments as to why injuries in sports such as football, baseball,...
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Factors Contributing to Increase of Achilles Tears Cases in NBA: Analytical Essay

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is among most prestigious national league competitions in the world. Basketball athletes spend most of their time dreaming of playing for the NBA. In the recent past, cases of Achilles’ tears have dimmed the dream of some of the athletes on the league to shine and make a name for themselves in the league. Achilles tears an injury affecting the lack of the lower leg (Lemme et al. 11). It is usually common in people...
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Relationship Between Tears and Emotional State

Do you know according to science, only humans tears can come out when they become emotional? There are two reasons for tears: 1) maybe he/she is too much sad; 2) maybe something went into her/his eyes (or maybe he/she lying that something went into eyes). But if you are interested in science then science can tell you if he/she lying or something went into eyes! How? let’s find out. Sadness, pain, hurt makes us cry, but why? Tears come out...
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An Overview on the Sway of Nutritional Supplements on Dry Eye Disease: Analysis of Tear Production

Abstract Dry eye disease is gaining attention in the field of health and eye care research lately. With the advent of electronic gadgets, dry eyes are becoming more prevalent and require immediate attention both in adults and children. Children from the infancy are exposed to near gadgets like mobile phones and tabs, when we consider their life span and the time that would be spent on these devices leaves us concerned and worried regarding the visual demand and misuse of...
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Osmolarity as a Measurement for Dry Eye Diagnosis: Overview of Artificial Tear Supplements

Question 1 Discuss and describe osmolarity as a measurement for dry eye diagnosis. Tears play important roles in protection and maintenance of the eye. It provides protection by preventing infection, allowing for gaseous and nutrient exchange, and lubricating the ocular surface. They also serve to maintain ocular surface tissue metabolism, provide a surface smooth enough to enhance refraction of light, and facilitate the function of blinking by providing a well-lubricated ocular surface. The layers of the tear film are the...
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Defense Mechanisms of the Human Body

The physical barriers of the skin include things such as the skin, tears, mucus, mucus membranes and also stomach acid. You have beneficial bacteria that grows on your skin, your bowel and other places in the body that’s main function is to stop bad bacteria from taking over your body. Also, the flow of urine would wash out microorganisms that may enter the urinary tract. These are the first line of defence that helps us fight or prevent infection as...
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