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Introduction Colloids are heterogenous biphasic system in which the colloidal particles are dispersed or suspended over another substance. The colloidal particles have the size ranging from 1 to 1000 nano meters, these colloidal particles are larger than solution but not large enough to settle out. Colloidal systems can be classified into 3 types namely lyophilic colloids, lyophobic colloids and association...
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Gold was a $1,278.75 a troy ounce as the rate of dollar increased 0.1 per cent. The report on China’s economic growth was released on the last weeks where it points towards slower growth in 28 years at 6.6 per cent, and in the last quarter, the growth was 6.4 per cent. The country introduced a number of actions including...
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The Central banks' announcements and government policies influence the trade of commodities. The ECB, recently, hinted towards a rate cut which stimulated the slowing economy in the EU. The inflation expectations and growth have been downgraded over such announcements by the bank. The commodities like base metals copper underwent fluctuation during the trade war, over failing policy-related meetings and the...
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Introduction The hypothesis for this experiment is the more concentrated a given solution is, the more light is absorbed. Through the results recorded and calculated from the practical, the hypothesis will be proved or disproved. Beer’s Law states that absorbance and concentration are directly proportional. “The Beer-Lambert equation shows that if the concentration of absorber doubles, the absorbance of the...
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Base metals grew after a series of tumbling sessions with the progress in US-China trade talks. The two countries are expected to get a deal where a portion of the $250 billion US tariffs on Chinese goods may be rolled back. The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote about the productive talks between the two countries. China announced a stimulus...
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Introduction Metals are classified as lustrous and malleable electrical conductors that are located mainly on the left side of the periodic table. Many industries around the world, such as metal plating and mining companies, produce wastewater contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and copper which they dispose of into the environment (Seniūnaitė, Vaiškūnaitė, Bolutienė 2014). This is a significant...
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ABSTRACT Water is the most essential piece of the puzzle on how the human body functions and is constantly being used to maintain cell, tissue and organ functions (Laskey and Sinha, 2019). Humans loose water through breathing, digesting and sweating so it is important to remain hydrated. However, water is constantly being recycled so any contamination can be hard to...
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The application of copper in the soil medium at a level of up to 4 times higher than the MPC contributed to an increase in the activity of cellulose-destroying microorganisms to 16 relative per cent. A further increase in the level of copper pollution to 10 times higher than the MPC of Cu was accompanied by a significant suppression of...
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In 1975, the first PC was made and since then, PC’s have become much more powerful. The first PC was created by IBM. Also, that was when the first motherboard was seen. Copper is used in motherboards as copper is not very reactive and can hold heat well. Copper only reacts when it is heated and is in contact with...
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