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Learning Disability Essays

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Critical Thinking Thesis on Learning Disabilities: Analysis of Dyslexia

Critical Thinking Thesis: Learning Disabilities, specifically dyslexia This topic interests me because I am familiar with people who suffer from learning disabilities. This made me want to explore in detail, the learning disability called dyslexia. I have a younger sibling who has not yet been definitively diagnosed with a learning disability however, specialists say that he has a 25% delay. I also have a nephew that was diagnosed with autism. This is why studying about learning challenges and disabilities interests...
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Case Study of Mild Learning Disability and Autism

Formative assessment Scenario 1 Patrick is a 28-year-old white Scottish male; he has a diagnosis of mild learning disability and Autism. Patrick has epilepsy, which is poorly controlled with Sodium Valproate (500mg twice daily), and his mood is stabilized using Citalopram (20mg daily). Patrick lives in shared accommodation, he shares with one housemate. The housemate has only recently moved into the accommodation following placement by the local authority. The house receives visiting support each day for four hours; Patrick receives...
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Psychological Essay: Analysis of Language-based Learning Disability

Psychology assignment Learning disability: Dyslexia What is Learning Disability: Learning disability is a disorder in the nerves of the brain which interferes with the ability to make sense of information. Though learning is a natural trait in every individual, the speed and the capacity to learn differs from individual to individual. In simple terms, someone suffering from a learning disability might find it difficult to make sense of language, reading, math, speech or in their fine mortar skills not because...
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The Main Types of Learning Disabilities

According to Psychology Today, “Research shows that 8 to 10% of American children under the age of 18 have some type of learning disability”. When a child tries their hardest and still struggles in an area of learning, a red flag will be waived for a learning disability. With a child having a learning disability does not categorize them as lazy or not intelligent however, their brains are simply wired differently than other kids. With processing information it will be...
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Essay on Learning Disability Nurse: Case Study of Carlos, Identified Framework of Moulster and Griffiths

Learning disability is defined as a significant lifelong difficulty in learning and understanding, practising the skills needed to cope with everyday life, and that there is evidence that these difficulties started before 18 years of age (Gates et al, 2015). This essay will discuss critically, recent theories and methods applied in order to prioritise and safely meet the health and care needs of Carlos who has fragile X syndrome and atypical autism. Using appropriate models with vast evidence-based practice to...
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Mental Retardation, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability and Other Clinical Features of Deletion and Down Syndrome

Deletion syndrome (monosomy 1p36): It is known to be one of the most widespread deletion mutations (structural mutation) and it is the most common terminal deletion syndrome observed in humans , occurs in one in every 5000 to 10000 live births , it is considered to be congenital genetic disorder caused by a genetic heterozygous deletion of the outermost band on the short arm (p) of chromosome (Heilstedt et al., 2008; Wiley ‐ Liss, 2007). Clinical features: The child with...
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The Socio-Emotional Impact of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that causes a difficulty reading, this is caused by problems identifying speech sounds and the way that they relate to letters and words. Dyslexia is also classified as a reading disability, as it affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for processing language. The cause of dyslexia is still not completely clear but anatomical and brain imagery thinks about appear differences within the way the brain of a dyslexic person develops and functions....
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Benefits of Inclusive Education for Children with Dyslexia

Children with special educational needs require their learning to be taloried to meet desired learning objectives. In addition, children who have significantly greater difficulty learning often struggle to keep up with others of the same age, due to the severity of their disability and therefore extra school support is needed. One of the most prevalent learning disabilities found within pupils is dyslexia, a disorder which impedes the development of literacy skills such as reading, writing and spelling. Since this disorder...
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Self-Acceptance as a Way Towards Confidence: Stages of Acceptance in Learning Disability

Growing up I seemed to always be accused of being lazy and stupid. I suppose this day was every other average day, Ms. Robinson, my kindergarten teacher called my parents after school to discuss my behavior issues. “Your daughter refuses to carry out my simple instructions when I ask her to silently read or to complete homework”, – I remembered hearing this as I sat next to my parents. Holding back my tears, I silently asked myself: “Why am I...
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Influence of Learning Disability on the Process of Learning: Analytical Essay

How learning is affected when having a Learning Disability From starting a fire to writing a thesis learning has always been the bridge to any goal attainment. It generates new knowledge which in turn gives us the ability to make better choices in both daily and academic life. Almost every western society promotes the importance of learning because it can be a determinant of a good job and high wage. Because of this, governments and leaders created educational institutions to...
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Information Technology and Children with Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is “a form of delayed developments in one or more development areas such as speech, language, reading, writing arithmetic or other school subjects resulting from a psychological handicap caused by a possible cerebral dysfunction and/or emotional or behavioral disturbances” (Adam and Tatnall, n.d. p.2). While the word ‘special need’ is sometimes used to connote learning disability, however, Adam and Tatnall, (2007) suggest that special need is an umbrella term that inculcates both physical and mental needs and that...
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