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Psychological Essay: Analysis of Language-based Learning Disability

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Psychology assignment

Learning disability: Dyslexia

What is Learning Disability:

Learning disability is a disorder in the nerves of the brain which interferes with the ability to make sense of information. Though learning is a natural trait in every individual, the speed and the capacity to learn differs from individual to individual. In simple terms, someone suffering from a learning disability might find it difficult to make sense of language, reading, math, speech or in their fine mortar skills not because of mental retardation or some socio-economic problem, but because of the way in which their nerves are connected. A person suffering from a learning disability can be as intelligent as his peers or in some cases posse’s higher level of intelligence, but they will find it difficult to cope up in the area of their disability. For example, if someone is suffering from dyslexia (language-based disability), he would find it difficult to solve a math problem in with words while be able to easily solve the same problem if it was presented in numbers. As learning disability has no cure, the right support and guidance will help the person to do better.

Causes for Learning Disability:

Research has not been able to pinpoint as to what exactly causes learning disabilities but over the years, they have identified many factors which can probably cause it. One prominent cause for learning disability can be genes. If a family member may be suffering from a learning disability, there is a possibility that the child could inherit it.

Research also states that if the foetus isn’t given proper nourishment and there is abuse of drugs and alcohol, the foetus can be affected by it. Also in the stages of brain development, if the nerves are damaged or not in the place they are supposed to be, it can cause learning disability. Another factor could be contamination in the intake of water and food. If the amount of chemicals such as lead is more than the normal level, it can effect the brain and cause learning disabilities. So it is very important that the living conditions is safe and harmful toxins do not enter the body of the child. Physical injury to the brain and nervous system can also have an impact. An injury to the head can cause an disrupt the nerves which can interfere in ones learning ability.

Individuals differ in the amount of cognitive strength. Its natural. But in some cases, there is an underlying factor which is reducing the individual’s cognitive strength in the particular area and not the whole. Tutors must understand that there can be a difference among children in their ability to learn and give them the right support instead of terming them as mentally retarded. A solution must be found to tackle the individual’s problem and encourage the child to not give up.

Dyslexia (Language-based learning disability):

It is the disability where a child finds it difficult to read and comprehend problems around language. It is also known as a language-based learning disability. The level of the disability will be different among different individuals. If a child is suffering from dyslexia, the major problem they have is related to the ability to read, pronounce and speak or to make sense of words. They might be unable to keep pace with their peers as their recall, writing ability, reading, spelling will be slow or unable to make sense of.

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Researchers have not been able to identify the cause for dyslexia, but studies have shown that the reason for dyslexia can be the difference in the development of the brain of the dyslexic person and normal person. It is this deviation from the normal development which will cause dyslexia. Due to dyslexia, the child will find it difficult to identify alphabets or associate the appropriate sounds to alphabets which makes it difficult for them to read and write. A child suffering from dyslexia is not because the child is not intelligent or has a lack of interest. Its just that for things which are normal to others will be a big challenge to them. But, with the right support and special teaching methods, the dyslexic child will be able to learn better.


  • Struggles to read simple text.
  • Shows contrast in comprehension when asked to read information or listen to information.
  • Constant spelling errors.
  • Finds it challenging to recall known words.
  • Substitutes smaller words
  • Might find it difficult to write legibly.
  • If math questions are in word format, will find it difficult to solve.

To tackle dyslexia, the teachers and the parent must understand that the child is suffering from a learning disability and not the lack of intelligence. The child must be able to feel comfortable. Instead of trying to enforce the standard model, the teacher must use an approach a method which will help the dyslexic kid understand the idea in a manner in which he is able to. For example, if a child finds it difficult to read on his own, the teacher can read it out or ask a student to read it out for the child.

Name: _______________ Date: __________

Worksheet 1

I: Pick the odd one out and write in the blank.

*First one is done for you

  1. Apple, Mango, Banana, Watermelon, Capsicum (common factor is fruit)
  2. Lion, Tiger, Eagle, Wolf, Elephant (common factor is animal)
  3. India, China, Japan, Russia, Bangalore (common factor is country)
  4. Trees, Humans, Stone, Animals, Birds (common factor is living things)
  5. Car, Boat, Bike, Bicycle, Bus (common factor is land transport)

II: Fill in the blank with correct spelling

  • Which planet do we live in _____________? (Earth Erth)
  • What is the colour of the sky _____________? (BueeBlue)
  • In which season do you use an umbrella ____________? (RainyRainee)
  • Which colour is a sign of danger_____________? (RedRid)
  • Whom do you visit when you fall ill____________? (DocterDoctor)



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