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Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects how people read, write, and spell. It’s important to clarify that dyslexia has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. Instead, it’s about how the brain processes information related to language. In this essay, we will look into the challenges faced by individuals ...

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Critical Thinking Thesis on Learning Disabilities: Analysis of Dyslexia

Critical Thinking Thesis: Learning Disabilities, specifically dyslexia This topic interests me because I am familiar with people who suffer from learning disabilities. This made me want to explore in detail, the learning disability called dyslexia. I have a younger sibling who has not yet been definitively diagnosed with a learning disability however, specialists say that he has a 25% delay. I also have a nephew that was diagnosed with autism. This is why studying about learning challenges and disabilities interests...
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Ways And Strategies To Support The Learning Of Individuals With Dyslexia

Every teacher or educator should work hard to help all their students learn most effectively. Dyslexia Association recommends a structured literacy approach for teachers and educators when teaching children with dyslexia. Literacy approach ensure that all teaching is systematic and cumulative where dyslexic children can depends on the materials being presented in a logical orders. The teacher must continually interact and make sure all educational concepts are delivered clearly and attainably to meet the needs of every child. Very helpful...
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Social, Emotional And Behavioural Effect Of Dyslexia On An Individual

Dyslexia can lead to possible affect on social, emotional and behaviour problems. Person with dyslexia may have lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Children may become frustrated when they need to read loudly front of other children they feel they are unable perform the same level as their peers. This make for them an awkward social situation. People with dyslexia may struggle to exposed themself with many words or quickly as others understands idioms or jokes. They have difficult to...
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Review of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Literacy and Dyslexia

Introduction Developmental dyslexia is a common learning disability that influences the reading and writing proficiency of those affected. Despite nearly 10% of the population having a form of dyslexia there is no universally accepted neurological starting point. I will be reviewing materials on some of the leading theories of causes of dyslexia and how they attempt to explain the brain processes involved and if there are potential limitations. Personally, I work with dyslexic children and adults in a school setting...
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Research Paper on Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a disability that affects a child reading, spelling and/ or speaking. The difficulty varies from person to person due to inherited differences in brain development, as well as the type of teaching the person receives. Because dyslexia is neurological it affect a person’s language skill. This language processing disorder can hinders reading, writing, and sometimes even speaking. This research provides Guyanese educators with basic information about dyslexia, dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding it and serves...
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Impact of Dyslexia on Learning: Analytical Essay

Introduction According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, (LDA) learning disabilities affect more than three million people a year. Thirty-five percent of those 3 million people receive services for their specific learning disabilities. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability (SLD). About 5-10 percent of Americans have some types of symptoms of dyslexia (LDA,2019). Dyslexia is often mistaken for just a reading problem. According to Hudson et al., dyslexia is actually more of an effect on a person’s spelling and...
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Dyslexia and Its Impact on Primary School Children: Analytical Essay

In this modern era there are so many new disease and brain problem that every single one of them is literally impossible. You can know some of them for custom dissertation but knowing all of them is just not conceivable. We recommend that you should take help from our Custom Dissertation Writers UK. One of the most common and recently discovered mental disparity is DYSLEXIA. Firstly the problem is very widespread but only few know about it. What is dyslexia?...
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The Socio-Emotional Impact of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that causes a difficulty reading, this is caused by problems identifying speech sounds and the way that they relate to letters and words. Dyslexia is also classified as a reading disability, as it affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for processing language. The cause of dyslexia is still not completely clear but anatomical and brain imagery thinks about appear differences within the way the brain of a dyslexic person develops and functions....
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Benefits of Inclusive Education for Children with Dyslexia

Children with special educational needs require their learning to be taloried to meet desired learning objectives. In addition, children who have significantly greater difficulty learning often struggle to keep up with others of the same age, due to the severity of their disability and therefore extra school support is needed. One of the most prevalent learning disabilities found within pupils is dyslexia, a disorder which impedes the development of literacy skills such as reading, writing and spelling. Since this disorder...
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Dyslexia Interventions As The Way For Its Treatment

The conception of learning disabilities has been around since the twentieth century, individual learners with these difficulties are often unable to read, write or comprehend mathematical problems smoothly (The British Dyslexia Association 2007). There are several specific learning difficulties which include dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyslexia and other learning difficulties. For the purpose of this essay, the specific learning disability focused on will be dyslexia. Dyslexia was first coined by Rudolf Berlin, using it as a term to help describe reading...
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Dyslexia: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects And Overcoming

Affecting between 5 to 10 percent of people, dyslexia is a common condition characterized by a learning disability in reading (Team, 2019). Those who are dyslexic often have trouble reading at a stable pace and they have a hard time reading without stumbling over words and making mistakes (Team, 2019). In addition, they struggle also with comprehension, writing, spelling and even math (Team, 2019). But beyond just the clinical definition, dyslexia has a deeper effect on the people who have...
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Dyslexia Challenges In Education And Social Life

Is the world ready for you if you have a disability? Dyslexia is one of the learning challenges that are categorized within the disabilities. Learning challenges are not taken seriously the way it should be. In fact, it is a struggle for a dyslexic person to enroll in one of the schools. Furthermore, Diagnosing dyslexia in its early stages is quite challenging. There are enormous difficulties facing the dyslexic person and the people around him/her such as understanding the situation...
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Phenylketonuria or PKU: Mental Retardation Illness Caused by Phenylalanine Mismetabolizm

Introduction Everyone is born differently, and not everyone has the same opportunity as others. People around the world are born with disabilities and different disorders that can lead to serious conditions. When a baby is born it is mandatory in the U.S. that your health provider takes a newborn screening detecting for a disease, what if it was missed by the examination? Would something bad happen? This could cause mental disorders or slow development to the kid. That is why...
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The Main Types of Learning Disabilities

According to Psychology Today, “Research shows that 8 to 10% of American children under the age of 18 have some type of learning disability”. When a child tries their hardest and still struggles in an area of learning, a red flag will be waived for a learning disability. With a child having a learning disability does not categorize them as lazy or not intelligent however, their brains are simply wired differently than other kids. With processing information it will be...
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